40 Holiday Blog Post Ideas

I know what you are thinking, Amanda, are you out of your mind? Holiday post ideas already? Well:

  1. I am trying to post this a month or so ahead of the holiday season for SEO purposes.
  2. September is a great planning month for holiday content.

After September, holidays will be flying at you left and right. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year--it's going to happen before you know it. So sit back, relax, and read these post ideas.

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Note: As always an X is a stand-in for a number of your choosing. A blank space is a stand-in for something you can fill-in. I give you ideas on how to fill in that blank next to the blank.

40 Holiday Blog Post Ideas | The holidays are right around the corner, which means that you should be planning holiday content right now.  Read this post for 40 holiday post ideas that will help you rock Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas posting.

Holiday Traffic & Holiday Sales

So, before I get through this post, I want to tell you something about the content within.

All of these posts are geared toward capitalizing on holiday traffic, but not all of them are geared toward holiday sales.

As a blogger you need to make a decision on how you will optimize your site this holiday season. Are you just trying to get more traffic to your site for the end of the year, are you trying to build up your platform and make affiliate sales, or are you trying to do a mixture of both?

Any idea I think can be monetized will be marked with an asterisk (*) but that doesn't mean that other post ideas can't be monetized with some hard work.

When it comes to monetization, there are two main ways you can think of it:

  1. Affiliate Links: One of the most obvious ways to monetize your blog is by sharing affiliate links throughout your content. Go to sites like ShareASale or Amazon Associates to find products to link and then share them throughout the posts.
  2. Sponsored Content: We just wrapped up a full month of chatting about sponsored content on Amanda Cross Blog, see that series here. See how you can incorporate a brand into these content ideas to partner up with some really awesome companies and make some money that way.

Also, don't be afraid to do a mix of both of these ways. You can feel free to add affiliate links to your sponsored content as long as you are disclosing both.

5 General Holiday Post Ideas

1. How To Stay Fit During The Holidays*

The last three months of the year for many people are basically a food fest. So many different holidays and you eat so much food be it candy or turkey for all of them. Your readers will love a post on how to stay fit throughout all the holiday mess.

2. How To Prepare For The Holiday Season As A Blogger*

This post idea is a meta because I am sharing 80+ ideas with you so you can prepare for the holiday season. Share a post on how you prepare for all the gift guides you produce, how you take advantage of Black Friday sales as an affiliate, or anything in between.

3. How To Be More Productive At Work (Even During The Holiday Season)*

Productivity can go down at the end of the year as we are all so excited about spending time with our family. Share a post on your blog about how you keep your productivity up even during the holiday season.

4. The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Up After Holiday Parties*

Holiday parties are awesome, keeping your house from looking like a wreck is not. Teach your readers how to clean up after all their guests so that they have a beautiful home that is always ready for surprise visitors.

5. How To Get Through The Holidays Without Going Broke*

The holiday's aren't cheap. It's months of constant spending whether you are buying Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, or Christmas gifts. Share a blog with your readers about how to do it all without going broke in the process.

10 Halloween post Ideas

1. X ________ (Haunted Houses, Corn Mazes, etc.) You Can Go To In _______ (City, State)

People love to go to haunted houses and cool corn mazes in October. Bigger cities often have multiple to choose from. Create a roundup of all your favorites, even better if you can add personal pictures of your time at some or all of the places!

2. The X Best Scary Movies You Need To See This October*

October is synonymous wit scary movies. Create a list of:

  • Retro scary movies that everyone should see OR
  • Scary movies coming out this October that everyone needs to see in theaters.

3. X Halloween Costumes For ______ (Babies, Toddlers, Teenagers, etc.)*

You can really milk this idea and share all sorts of Halloween costume ideas for different age groups, different genders in those age groups, and so much more. You could also create a mega list featuring costume ideas for different types of people all in one post.

4. How To Teach Your ______ (Children, Teenagers, College Students) Halloween Safety

Halloween safety morphs and changes depending on the age group that you are talking about. You could create a safety guide for various groups or create an ultimate safety guide featuring advice for all age ranges. This would work extremely well if you are in the parenting niche.

5. The X Best Halloween Costumes At _____ (Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.)*

Another way to share Halloween costume ideas would be to break them down by store. This would be a great place to add in your affiliate links!

6. X Easy Halloween Beauty Looks*

On Halloween, you can often see people in a lot of makeup. Whether you want to share Halloween inspired makeup that teachers can wear, or just 6 easy vampire themed beauty looks the possibilities are endless with this idea.

7. X Things You Need To Know Before You Go To A Halloween Party As A _____ (Teenager, Adult, etc.)

Another safety post, but from the party goers perspective and not the parent perspective. Going to your first Halloween party as a teenager, a college student, or even an adult can be strange. Let your readers know your personal safety tips for parties. Specifically let them know some for Halloween because senses are often heightened on Halloween because of all the masks and scary stuff popping up.

8. X Halloween Carnivals To Go To In _____ (City, State)

Do you have Trunk or Treats where you are, or even fall festivals? People love those because they seem to be a much safer way to trick or treat than going door-to-door. Share some of your favorite Trunk or Treat, carnivals, or festivals for people to go to in your city or state so they know where the cool places to go are.

9. X Halloween Treat Ideas For Trick or Treaters*

Yes you can be basic and give out simple candy, or you can give out candy in the shape of cool things and treat bags. Share some cool ideas for Halloween Treats that go beyond just handing out one piece of candy to Trick or Treaters.

10. How To Check The Safety Of Your Kid's Halloween Candy

Ever since the 90s or so, it's always been a parent's worst nightmare to get tainted candy. While incidents like razor blades in candy are few and far between they still scare parents a lot. Share some of your best tips for checking all the candy that you get for Halloween.

80+ Holiday Blog post Ideas E-Book

I came up with SO many more holiday blog post ideas. If I had kept every single one in this post, it would have been upwards of 5,000+ words. So I decided to break it down a bit.

If you purchase the e-book you will get:

  • 5 General Holiday Post Ideas
  • 20 Halloween Post Ideas
  • 20 Thanksgiving Post Ideas
  • 25 Christmas Post Ideas
  • 15 New Year's Post Ideas (none of which have been seen here)
  • A Facebook group to chat about all things holiday posts with me.

...and the best part? You get all of this for just $5! So if you like this post, get the entire set, plus a lot of support for just one $5 payment.

10 Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Post Ideas

1. X Kitchen Supplies You need In Your Home Before Thanksgiving*

We often feel like we are prepared for a house full of guests, until we are not. Create a checklist of all the supplies you need in your home and kitchen to support a Thanksgiving gathering. You may even want to offer a really nice PDF copy as an email incentive to get more people on your email list.

2. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Entertaining Guide*

Share a big guide on everything from what to serve to how to keep your guests entertained while they wait for dinner. Really get comprehensive with this one so that you can show your readers everything they need to know about how to pull off an excellent Thanksgiving.

3. X Easy Dishes You Can make For Friendsgiving*

Friendsgiving is fun, but you don't want to put a TON of effort into it, especially if you are a college student or young adult just celebrating with your friends for a couple of hours. Or maybe you just suck at cooking so you need all the easy recipes so you don't screw up the dish you volunteered to bring. Either way, a list of easy dishes you can make for Friendsgiving would be great.

4. X Things To Serve At Thanksgiving Besides Turkey (& Easy Recipes For Serving Them)*

Not everyone is a turkey lover (my family and I very rarely serve turkey, we eat ham instead.) So share a couple of main meat or even vegetarian/vegan options that you can serve as the main dish besides turkey. Then provide an easy recipe for cooking that dish so your readers have a little something to start with.

5. Thanksgiving _____ (Sides, Main Dish, Dessert) Roundup

Roundup posts are the bees knees. If you have a lot of friends in the cooking space ask them for their best Thanksgiving recipes in a category like side dishes or desserts. Then write a little blog post sharing all of those dish ideas with your readers. Share links to the blog posts you mention, of course!

6. How To Cook Thanksgiving Dinner In A Small Kitchen*

Small kitchens are the worst during Thanksgiving, especially if you want to feed a lot of people. What do you do if you don't have that much counter or oven space? Write a blog post about how to cook when you don't have much space to do so.

7. How To Celebrate Thanksgiving In A Small Apartment/Home*

Like the small kitchen post, share how to celebrate with a small home. It's hard to invite as many people as you want when your apartment is tiny. Share how to maximize space and get as many people as possible into your home without making them uncomfortable.

8. X Thanksgiving Tablescapes You Need To See*

Everyone loves a little motivation and a little inspiration. Share some pictures of really well done tablescapes as well as some tips on how to achieve Pinterest worthy table settings so your readers know how to accomplish what you are showing off.

9. X ______ (Children, Adults, Bloggers, Mothers, etc.) Share What They Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving is about more than just the food. Create a collaboration post where some of your favorite bloggers, readers, etc. share what they are thankful for. Everyone loves to see what other people are thankful for so this is a great blog post idea.

10. X Ways To Show Your Gratitude In November

Thanksgiving is about showing your thanks and sharing that with other people. Showcase ways that your audience can give back to their community through doing things like volunteering their time and feeding the hungry.

15 Christmas Post Ideas

1. X Christmas Gifts Under _____ ($10, $25, $50, etc.)*

Every blue moon people like to splurge on Christmas gifts, but the large majority of gifts are on a budget. Create gift guides for people on a budget so that they can maximize their money and you can even use affiliate links and earn some money on their purchases.

2. X Christmas Gifts For Your _____ (Co-workers, Boss, Mother, Father, etc.)*

Some people are REALLY difficult to shop for. Share some gift guides tailored to specific people like co-workers and fathers so that your readers have some ideas on what to get the tough people in their lives.

3. X Christmas Movies You Need To Watch Right Now*

I think that we are all secretly waiting for ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas to start during the holidays. Create a list of your favorite Christmas movies to share with your reader's so they can get a head start on watching all the movies. My personal favorite is A Charlie Brown Christmas, but you can feel free to share whatever movies you want.

4. How To Teach Your Children About The Different December Holidays

There are SO many holidays in December besides Christmas. I thought about including them, but then I realized I don't know much about those holidays because I have always celebrated Christmas. If you know more about holidays like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa you can create a blog post teaching your readers how to incorporate various December holidays besides Christmas because they each have a story to tell.

5. X Good Deeds You Can Do In December

There are so many good deeds that you can do in December. Teach your readers about all the opportunities there are to give back in December. One of my personal favorites is Operation Christmas Child!

6. X Christmas desserts You Can Leave For Santa*

Leaving cookies for Santa is fun, but there are so many other options for what to leave him. Share some other recipe ideas for your readers featuring other desserts that Santa might like.

7. What To Do If One Of Your Kids Finds Out The Truth About Santa

Quick story time: My sister told me the truth about Santa and I cried. She found out from someone at school and basically the same day she came home and crushed my dreams as well. My mom said I cried for a long time thanks to this.

If you have been through a similar situation with your kids share your advice with other parents on how to deal with one kid finding out the truth about Santa, especially if they didn't immediately ruin the dream of the other kid and you were able to do some damage control.

8. X Cute Christmas Wishlist Templates*

Children love sending letters to Santa. Parents will enjoy a few printables they can easily use to create cute letters to Santa and Christmas wishlists for their family and friends. Create these templates and your are bound to get some takers and users of these templates.

9. X Things You Can Do With Your Kids During Winter Holiday*

The winter holiday is fun, but it's also looong. At least during the summer it's warm enough for kids to go out and play (kids still do that, right?!) Make a list of ideas that parents can use to keep their children entertained during winter break.

10. X Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your Family Today

People love traditions. You and your family probably have some interesting ones already lined up, but new families are always looking for traditions to start with their family. Share some of your favorite traditions in a list to inspire others.

11. X Easy Christmas Crafts To Make Your house More Like Home*

Christmas crafts are the best crafts in my opinion. Share some cool ideas that people can put up around the house to inspire them and make their house more like a home. Sips of hot chocolate in between each craft is definitely encouraged.

12. How To Determine How Much You Should Spend On The People In Your Life For Christmas

Money, money, money, money. Christmas eats up a lot of money. How do you decide whether you are spending too much on a member of your family or your friends? I am not sure about that one. Write a blog post with how you determine this and share it with your readers!

13. X Ways To Quickly Budget For Christmas In A Pinch

We are procrastinators at heart. Sometimes we don't save as much for Christmas as we should and before we know it, it is November or December and we need to get our Christmas cash out. Share some tips with your readers on how to quickly save and budget for Christmas even if they procrastinated the whole thing.

14. What To Do if You Don't Want To Cook For The Holidays

Cooking is probably the worst part about celebrating Christmas. You can't just open presents in your jammies all day, you have to put together a big Christmas menu and celebrate with a dinner. Sometimes, you don't want to do that, but how do you avoid it? Share some tips with your readers about doing things like getting a catered dinner or doing a Christmas potluck.

15. X Ways To Save On Holiday Travel*

One of the busiest times of year for travel is during the holiday season, specifically Christmas. People want to be at home with their parents, grandparents, and extended family so they travel a lot. Share your best tips for saving on holiday travel whether you travel by bus, plane, train, or automobile.


Okay, so we covered A LOT today. I am honestly so surprised that I was able to pull this off. Today we covered 40 holiday blog post ideas that will get you through the last few months of the year. Planning content like this can really give you a much needed boost of traffic at the end of the year, and make some pretty decent commissions for your blog.

Don't forget, for just $5 you can sign up for my e-book of 80+ holiday post ideas which features all of these ideas, and then some. Plus, when you sign up you will be invited to an awesome Facebook group where we can discuss holiday marketing and grow together.

Have you started planning your holiday content yet?

How To Create Sponsored Posts Your Readers Will Actually Love

This month we have delved deep into understanding how to make money as a blogger through sponsored content. I think the last missing piece of our sponsored content puzzle is understanding how to create content that our audience will actually enjoy. You can find all the sponsored post opportunities, work for money, balance multiple posts, and disclose, but that means nothing if you aren't creating content your readers actually love. So today, let's delve deeper and create that juicy content our readers love even if the content is branded.

This month on the blog we have chatted about all things sponsored content. Check out the other posts in this series:

  1. 6 Places To Find Sponsored Post Opportunities

  2. 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Work For Free

  3. How To Balance Multiple Sponsorship Opportunities

  4. Why Disclosing Your Partnerships Is The Bees Knees

  5. How To Create Sponsored Posts Your Readers Will Actually Love (this post)

How To Create Sponsored Posts Your Readers Will Actually Love | When you want to make money as a blogger, one of the most important things you have to do is create content that your readers will enjoy. Click through to learn how you can uplevel your sponsored content, so it is as good as your regular content.

1. Understand The Products Your Readers Already Love

When deciding which companies you want to work with as a blogger, you want to first consider the brands that your reader already knows and loves.

Companies are consistently coming up with new products to sell to your readers so even if they love the brand, they may not be up to date with the brands latest products. Therefore your content will be beneficial in keeping that brand top of mind with an already interested audience.

How do you find out which companies your readers love? Well, there are a couple of ways:

Affiliate Income Sales

If you are a blogger who has delved deep into affiliate marketing, do you have any brands that do exceptionally well? If so, consider adding those brands to your list of brands to pitch. This is a great partnership because you will have a proven track record with the brand because of affiliate sales.

Social Media

Next there are a couple of ways that you can find out this information through social media:

See Who Your Readers Follow

We all have those readers who really are the epitome of our followers. If you have a couple of readers that really interact well with your blog and are perfect readers--check out their social media pages to see the brands that they follow and what they love.

Ask Them What Brands They Are Into Lately

If you want to be more indirect, ask your audience about the brands they are into lately. For example, if you are interested in fashion share the following question with your audience.

I am interested in expanding my wardrobe. What boutiques have you been shopping with lately?

In this example I do talk specifically about boutiques because they are often easier to get a hold of. You may also want to narrow down the type of clothing to dresses or blouses, depending on what you are looking for in your collaboration.

Survey Your Audience

Last, but certainly not least, survey your audience. If you send out weekly emails then share a brief survey in one of your emails that asks about the brands they love in various areas related to your blog such as fashion, beauty, etc. Then you can think about how you can pitch those brands.

2. Understand What Products They Would Potentially Love

To be honest, your brand doesn't have to have great brand recognition with your audience to do well with them.

For instance, say your readers love Victoria's Secret. That's a cool brand, but if you are a smaller blog, pitching Victoria's Secret may be next to impossible. So, figure out exactly what your readers love about Victoria's Secret. Is it the undies? Is it the perfume and lotion? Is it all the adorable PINK swag?

Get a deeper understanding of what they love about the brand, then pitch similar brands. For example, if your audience is really into the PINK workout gear, you can create a great partnership with a lesser known workout gear brand. This brand will likely be easier to pitch, and your readers will get great content about workout gear they never knew they needed.

At the end of the day, it's not always about brands they know and love. Finding their new favorite brand may be just as likely to excite them.

3. Think About How You Can Intertwine Your Readers Problems With Branded Products

Your branded content should never be a LOOK AT THIS BRAND post if you can help it. I have tried those post, they don't tend to go over to well with your audience.

What does go over well, is tapping into your readers problems and figuring out how you can intertwine the brand with that.

For example, on my blog The Happy Arkansan I recently shared a post called 5 Ways To Be More Confident In College With AcneFree. In this post I partnered up with the company AcneFree to share their products with my readers. I didn't delve straight into this and I didn't make this is a straight up commercial for AcneFree. First, I shared a couple of actual hacks for being more confident in college. My last hack, of course, was to take care of your skin. This segued perfectly into me actually talking about AcneFree and my experience using the product.

Your blogs shouldn't be a straight up ad. Give your readers something to cling on to besides just go buy this product, and the content will really stand out.

4. Create A Clear Story That Showcases The Brand And Reader Problems

Obviously, you are getting paid for something. So a good portion of your article needs to be devoted to actually discussing the brand.

This is when your mega story crafting abilities need to come into play. Your readers need a little something, but so does the brand.

An example that I really love for this is by Erica of Coming Up Roses. She creates amazing content for her readers even when the content is branded. A piece she did a few months back called Gallery Walls 101: How To Master A Gallery Wall With Shutterfly really showcases this. This post was obviously a collaboration with Shutterfly and it shared Shutterfly as a great place to purchase canvases for your gallery wall but it was also amazingly helpful. Gallery walls are so in and this post really broke down the entire process of creating a gallery wall from start to finish.

You can tell that she put a TON of effort into this post. Her readers will know think about Shutterfly if they want to purchase a canvas, create a gallery wall, or anything that has to do with photos.

When you can create a clear story that meshes the brand with your reader's problems (in Erica's case, creating beautiful gallery walls) you can create an excellent partnership.

5. Don't Skimp On Your Content Creation

Last, but certainly not least, don't skimp on your content creation.

It's so easy to just slap something up on your blog because you want to make that dollar dollar bill, but that's not acceptable at the end of the day

Your readers will notice a dip in your content, and so will brands.

So, instead, take your time, and deliver a stellar product for the companies that you are working for. Not only for them, though, but for your readers. Just because you are getting paid for something, doesn't mean you should sell out your readers for a couple hundred bucks. Take pride in the content that you are sharing and share content that makes a meaningful difference for your readers.

All the content that you put on your blog says something about you as a person. Yes, money is fun, but you should be trying to provide content that is more than just a money grab.


I hope that this series has taught you so much about making money from your blog through sponsored content. Sponsored posts can be a great way to make money with your blog, but you have to be willing to try and create content that makes a difference.

What content will you produce for your readers today?

How To Successfully Run Two Blogs

If you have been following me for a while you know that I run two blogs: this one and my other blog The Happy Arkansan. Today I wanted to delve deeper into how I successfully do this each month (hint: I am not always successful at this, but you gotta get up and get back to work after any unsuccessful day, week, or month.)

How To Successfully Run Two Blogs | Running two blogs can be difficult, but click through for my advice on how to run two blogs successfully. In this post, I share my tips on creating a schedule, time-blocking, and so much more so you can be productive as you run two blogs.

1. Create A Schedule

The most important thing you need to do if you want to run two blogs is create a schedule for when you will post on which blog. Since I am working from home full-time now the schedule for my content has changed a bit, but ultimately I publish five days a week now (3x a week on The Happy Arkansan and 2x a week here.) I focused my largest post amount on The Happy Arkansan because I can cover a wider range of topics on that blog since it is a college lifestyle blog. 

Once you nail down how often you will post, it is important to try and plan as much of your content as you can. This doesn't necessarily mean to write the content, but you must at least have a working title in mind. Try to plan out a month or even two in advance.

I am a spreadsheet junkie, so I have a section of my blog spreadsheet that is dedicated to planning out content. Here I have a place for:

  • Date It Goes Live
  • Title Of The Post
  • URL (when it goes live)
  • Blog (is it for The Happy Arkansan or Amanda Cross Blog)
  • The Writing Status (Is it written, outlined, etc.)

This is a simple, but it allows me to see at a glance where I am as far as content for my blogs.

Creating a spreadsheet is great because I can be very flexible with my post schedule. I can rewrite, rearrange, and change at a moment's notice without fearing that I have messed up my pretty planner. As plans become more solid I do add them to my Erin Condren blog planner though.

2. Designate Blocks Of Time For Working On Each Blog

Sometimes you need a day where you can get really invested in a particular blog. Anything that you can do that will allow you to become more focused is something that you should try. While I have a similar voice between both Amanda Cross Blog and The Happy Arkansan, it is difficult for me to switch back and forth between them consistently every day.

So, you should designate certain blocks of time or certain days for working on each blog. I do the majority of work on The Happy Arkansan on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the majority of my work for this blog happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Weekends are free for all days.

Our brain is not meant to multi-task. People who say they are good at multi-tasking are more than likely really good at the task they are putting more of their energy towards but that's not the same thing as multi-tasking. Instead, focus wholeheartedly on one task from the start so that you aren't fooling yourself later.

3. Know How To Create Content Quickly

Creating content gets easier the more that you do it. So, you should be trying to get together as much content as you possibly can.

A few weeks ago I shared a blog post about how to be more productive as a blogger and I think that is a great read if you want some quick productivity tips.

The best advice I have though, as I stated, is to create more content. Writing is a muscle so the more you flex it, the better you will be at it.

Templates Are Your Best Friend

If you want to learn how to create content quickly, templates will be your best friend. You can create templates for things such as sending emails, how you set up certain kinds of posts, and more.

For instance, if you have something that happens weekly or monthly, instead of creating the post from scratch--create a blank copy of the outline of the post. Then, when each week or month comes around fill in the outline. You shouldn't be setting up the outline over and over, so set it up once and be done with it.

Another example, I follow the same format for all of my blog emails:

  • Story from the week
  • New blog posts from the past week
  • Inspirational Wallpapers
  • Conclusion

Instead of trying to mix it up, I embrace the simplicity of it all. I just copy last week's email and replace it with new content. This means that creating emails for the blog takes around an hour instead of 2-3 hours. Save as much time as you can!

4. See If You Can Use Any Content On Both Blogs

For the most part, I cannot use content that I create for The Happy Arkansan on Amanda Cross Blog and vice versa. However, I often use images I have created for The Happy Arkansan for Amanda Cross Blog on sites like Instagram to humanize my brand.

If there is ANY content that you can crossover, do it. No matter how small the content is, it can make a big impact on the amount of time you spend creating content for your blog.

5. Take On Guest bloggers Or Outsource

If you cannot take on the intensive schedule of doing all the work yourself, take guest blog submissions or outsource content creation. This can become expensive, but it can be necessary if you do not have time to produce content yourself.

Outsourced content doesn't have to be bad either. I pride myself in creating long-form, juicy content for all of my freelance clients. If you like what I write, we should chat about working together. Check out the page where I discuss my freelance work here.

6. Don't Focus On The Fall, Focus On Getting Back Up

Running two blogs is very difficult. Chances are, no matter how much planning you do to get everything up on time, life will happen. Even when I was just running one blog I failed to post sometimes. I have mainly been a student while running my blogs so school would get in the way (I am all about education first, y'all) so I have learned that this lesson helps me more than anything.

In a perfect world, we would follow our schedule to a T and all of our content would all go up on time. That's hard to do consistently though.

So, in that time when that doesn't happen, don't focus on the fall.

Instead: focus on re-evaluating your schedule, getting all of your blog content written and scheduled, and getting things back on track. That's the best thing you can do.


Running two blogs is definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever done. If you would like to successfully run two blogs I hope that today's tips have helped you in your endeavors.

Why do you want to run two blogs?