Affiliate Marketing & You: Monetizing Your Blog

As my blog grows bigger and better finding ways to monetize in a non-threatening way to my blog is very important to me. By monetizing the blog I am able to take the money earned and put it toward the blog, toward giveaways so I can have more non-sponsored giveaways, and use that money to buy items for posts. Monetizing the blog brings better and more diverse content for my readers. The biggest thing in monetizing, for me though, is doing it in a way that doesn't interrupt the flow of the blog. Monetizing in a way that is easy to handle and not overbearing is my most important goal. I wanted to give you all some insight into my thought process and maybe even some tips on how to go about monetizing your blog.

Affiliate Marketing & You: Monetizing Your Blog

Beyond Google Adsense

I recently started running Google Adsense on my blog again after taking a short hiatus. I wasn't sure if I'd like to continue running Google ads on the blog because I can't control what ads show up truly. It depends on a lot of items like what Google would like to push and even the websites readers have visited in the past. I am doing a trial run of Google AdSense since I still had money on my account from the last time I ran Google AdSense. The only problem I have with AdSense is the $100 cash out minimum. It makes it really difficult to monetize my blog and get a return and I am very impatient.

I love affiliate marketing sales because I know exactly what goes on my blog and where. I can chose the exact ad I want and where that ad will show up on my page. I have complete control over where and how my ad will look based upon the banners and options the company has set up.

Affiliate marketing comes in all shapes and sizes

: One thing I love about affiliate marketing is there are a lot of different ways affiliate marketing can work. I have affiliate marketing on the blog that is based on commission, but I also have pay per click ads too. For instance each time you click a Google Ad on the site I get paid for generating that click. Sometimes it's a small amount but it can also be upwards of $1 a click. For all of my 9th & Elm post I get .20 cents per click which is a good amount if you can generate lots of clicks. I also have tons of affiliate links based on commission such as my A-List Greek links. I get 15% of each sale I generate each month which is a great trade-off.

Get paid to talk about brands you love

: One of the biggest things I try to do when I become an affiliate is actually love the products. You feel much better talking about the products, showing off the products, and integrating those products into your life if you love them. A lot of my followers have a similar taste to me in clothing and accessories as far as I can tell so when I become an affiliate I try to show off items I know they will love like monogrammed items, pretty jewelry, and more. So many brands have affiliate programs so it makes it easy to find a store you love and become an affiliate for them. I encourage you to see if your favorite stores have affiliate programs before you reach out to new stores.

With hard work comes $$$$

Affiliate marketing is not easy. It's selling. Selling is not easy. You have to convince others that clicking a link and checking out a site is something they want to do, you have to post about the products at a pretty consistent rate. You have to be on all the time or your affiliate marketing skills won't be as affective. To help with that I suggest doing a bit of social media scheduling and to take one or two posts a week (depending on how often you post) to devote to discussing affiliate stories. Tell a story, feature the products in an outfit of the day, it doesn't have to be as stagnant or harsh as you think. You can have lots of fun posting about your products, especially if you love them.

Research makes perfect

Make sure you are comfortable with the requirements of your program and that you are clear on what you can and can't do. There are resources and contacts that can usually help and guide you if you have problems in some of these areas. It's important to also know information like after you make a certain amount from a company you have to file taxes (for example if I made $600 or more from A-List Greek Designs in a year, I would be required to file that on my taxes.) There are things such as that, that you need to be aware of before you start monetizing your blog and social media platforms. Be aware of the costs that are associated with that monetization.