31 Affiliate Marketing Post Ideas

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money as a blogger, but how do you create content that gets clicks and purchases on your affiliate links. Today I am sharing some affiliate marketing post ideas for niches like fashion, beauty, photography, and more. Use these ideas so that you can create affiliate marketing content that converts.

Before we start: X is a stand in for a number and a _____ is usually a stand in for the affiliate you are promoting (if it's not, I will provide further instructions so it makes sense).

31 Affiliate Marketing Post Ideas | Do you want to make more money as an affiliate marketer, but you don't know what to write about? Click through because I am showing affiliates for fashion, beauty, books, courses and more affiliate post ideas.

Fashion Affiliates

How To Wear _______ (Affiliates dress, shoes, pants, etc) X Ways

In this post, share one piece of clothing from an affiliate website you use three ways. Posts like these are great because it shows the versatility in the product and drives home the point that this is a needed item of clothing.

_____ Clothing Haul

People love hauls! This could even be in the form of a video (especially if it is a try-on haul) so that people can see the product on a model they trust. If you don't want to purchase all the clothes, you may even be able to contact the company to get clothes for review purposes.

Interview With The Owners Of _____

If your readers love a bit of a story behind your fashion content, contact the company and see if you can send a few questions over via email. Include their responses along with some pictures of you in their clothing. This post idea is great because it:

  • Humanizes the brand you are an affiliate for.
  • Attracts fans of that brand to your site.
  • Could likely be shared by the brand.

This works best if you are an affiliate for a small clothing company.

X _____ Pieces You Need This Season/X Pieces You Need This Season

When seasons start changing, people want fresh ideas of how to change up their wardrobe. Offer that by sharing a round-up of a couple of pieces people need from one specific brand or across the many brands you are an affiliate for.

How To Style _____ For ______ (think a special occasion like date night, weddings, graduation, etc.)

When special occasions come up, people are always scrambling on what to wear. During wedding seasons, offer wedding styles; during graduation season, offer graduation styles; keep up with holidays and special occasions because people are always looking for what to wear to certain events.

Course Affiliates

The X Best Lessons _____ Course Taught Me

People want to invest in courses, but they aren't sure if it will be worth the dollar bills it takes to purchase the course. Create a review about the course and feature 3 or so of the biggest lessons that you learned (being vague enough about the lessons so that you don't step on their intellectual property of course!)

How To Get The Most Out Of _____ Course

Another reason that a person may not purchase a course is because they are overwhelmed. If you can create a road map for them about getting through the course with ease, they may be more likely to take the course.

X Courses You Need To Invest In Right Now

If you have purchased a bunch of courses, you may want to create a round-up of some of your favorite courses. You can even give this a theme such as:

  • X Courses Beginning Freelance Writers Need To Invest In Right Now
  • X Courses E-Book Creators Will Love
  • X Courses For The Photographer In You

Anything that reaches out to a certain niche of people will make them more likely to click on it and more likely to convert. Obviously, only create niche articles if they relate to what you post on your blog.

Frequently Asked Questions About ______

You can probably find a handful of questions about the courses that you have taken just by looking in Facebook groups, blogs that the course creator has written about the course, and asking your audience what their questions are. Round up all those questions and answer them in your own way.

How ______ Helped Me _______ (grow my blog, become a happier person, whatever the course did for you) In X _________ (days, months, years, etc.)

At the end of the day, people want cold hard facts. Bring out the receipts and show them the impact that this course has had on your blog, business, or life. If you have a particularly valuable story to tell, people want to read it because it shows them something tangible versus a general "this course was great!" review.

Book Affiliates

X Books That All _____ (students, bloggers, writers, etc) Should Read

People love book recommendations. If you can offer book recommendations for various groups as they pertain to your blog, you will draw their attention in and they will be likely to purchase the books.

X Books That Helped Me Through My ______ (divorce, unemployment, childhood, etc.)

This is another recommendation post, but with a twist. In this case you are sharing some of the books that helped you through a hard time in your life. People going through a similar phase may want to check out the same self-help books that you are recommending.

X Books That I Loved This ______ (month, year, etc.)

In this recommendation roundup you are sharing the books that you have finished reading and loved the most. People love end of the year wrap-ups, and they also just love to hear what you are reading on a monthly basis.

X Books That I Am Excited To Read In _____ (month, year, etc.)

If your audience likes to keep up with new books you may want to share books that you are excited to purchase when they come out the next month or next year. You can usually pre-order books so even leading them to a pre-order page could land you some commissions.

My Opinion On  _______ (insert author's) Book Catalog

If people want to get into an author, they may not know where to start. If you have an author where you have read every book they have written (or a good portion of them) you could create an affiliate post on your site where you give a synopsis of each of the books as well as your opinion on it.

31 Affiliate Marketing Post Ideas

Travel Affiliates

How I Use _____ To Get The Cheapest ____ (Flights, Hotel Rooms, Rental Cars, etc)

Cheap travel is the bee's knees for so many people. If you can show them how you get cheap flights, hotel rooms, etc. using an app or website they will likely click on your content and see what you have to say about the program.

X Things You Need To Have In Your Carry On Bag

Traveling is difficult and it seems that we always forget something in our carry-on. Use this idea to create a round-up of some of the products that you always have with you when you travel.

Battle Of The Travel _____ (Backpacks, Carry-Ons, Suitcases)

Investing in a suitcase or backpack for travel is the worst because you aren't sure which is good versus just looking good online (or even in-store). If people can find a review from a blogger they trust, it can be helpful for them. Round up some pieces you already use or look for a number of pieces on a site like Amazon or Target to review for your readers.

My Go-To Travel Outfit

If you don't mind bringing a bit of fashion into your travel blog, share your go-to travel outfit with your readers. We all have an outfit that makes us feel comfortable when we travel, so share your outfit and links to shop it.

X Things To Do In _____ (City, State, Country)

Travel guides are all the rage. It may be difficult to monetize this, but it is possible. See if you can find some local affiliate programs or contact the company directly to see if they would be willing to set up an affiliate program so you can feature them in your travel guide.

Beauty Affiliates

My X Favorite ____ (Lipsticks, Blushes, Foundations)

We often have a TON of different favorites as far as makeup is concerned. Roundup some of your favorites in a category and showcase them all on your blog. Don't be afraid to do a swatch tests and tell your readers why you love the products so much.

Recreating ______ (Famous Celebrities) Makeup

Recreating looks is so fun! If you get inspired my celebrity looks often, consider recreating their looks with cheaper products or just the random products you are an affiliate for. Using the celebrity's name will definitely get the attention of the fans who love that celebrity and potentially get your post seen by more people. Take advantage of their schedule by releasing your content around the time of new television show, movie, music, and other release dates they have.

X Makeup Bag Essentials From _____

People are nosy, and they are also starting their makeup collections--this post gets both of those audiences. Capture the attention of your fans who want to know what you keep in your makeup bag and the potential fans who are wanting to know what products they should buy for their makeup collection by writing up a post featuring products you think all make-up bags should have.

_____ (Lipsticks, Blushes, Foundations, etc) At X Different Price Points

Have you ever seen an episode of Buzzfeed's Worth It? On the show they go to three different restaurants (a cheap one, a moderately priced one, and an expensive one) they taste the food and then they declare the restaurant that they think is the most worth it at it's price point. If you have access to a bunch of different lipsticks, blushes, etc you can try the same concept on your blog.

My Go-To ______ (date night, wedding, every day, etc) Look

We all have the one look that we create over and over for date nights or weddings. Use that routine to create a picture or video tutorial showing your routine and how you use the products in that routine.

Photography Affiliates

My X Favorite Lenses For  My _____ (Canon, Nikon, etc)

Beginner photogs are usually at a loss for which lenses to purchase (trust me, this beginner photog knows this!) Creating a list of some of your favorite lenses is bound to get some views and purchases, especially if you let your readers know why you love the lenses you share so much as well as photos you have taken with the lenses.

How I Edit My Pictures With _____

People are always looks for new editing techniques. Many picture editors like Adobe Creative Cloud, PicMonkey, etc. have affiliate programs you can join. Teach your audience how you use the programs, and they will likely want to join along.

x Photography Books/Courses You Should Purchase

People love learning and books/courses are a great way to learn. If you have read a few books about photography or have taken some courses, share those with your audience so they can get better at photography just like you have.

Homegoods Affiliates

X _____ (Pillows, Lamps, Art Pieces, etc.) That Will Make Your House A Home

People want to decorate their home, but there are so many pieces that it can be difficult to look at all the pieces. Find some of your favorite pillows, lamps, and more to share in a listicle with your readers. This will give them a nice list of products to sift through, without having to look at all the pillows on the internet and being indecisive.

The X Coolest ______ (Art Pieces, Coffee Table Books, Candles) You Can Get From _____ (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.)

You would be surprised what you can find on sites like Amazon or Target. Come up with a list of some of the coolest products you have found or some of the highest rated and let your readers know where they can find the products.

X Things Every New Homeowner Needs

New home owners are scared. They want to make sure they are 100% prepared to move into their new abode, and that is where you come in. Let your readers know a list of things you wish you had brought to your house when you moved in as well as the link to purchase them so they are extra prepared.


Affiliate posts don't have to be boring. I hope that I gave you some awesome ideas on the type of affiliate posts you should create so that you can start bringing dollars into your blog through affiliate marketing.