100+ Blog Post Ideas

Today on the blog we are going to talk about ideas for bloggers. I have a number of categories that I am sharing blog post ideas for, and I hope that you find this post useful as you plan your content calendar for 2017. I have 17 ideas for multiple categories, Seventeen for 2017 of course!

If you are looking for great blogging ideas, I have got you covered, y'all! Being overwhelmed with blog post ideas is no way to spend 2017, so hopefully, these ideas will help keep you sane in 2017.

100+ Blog Post Ideas | Are you at a loss for what to blog about? Click through for 100+ blog post ideas that are perfect for fashion, beauty, blogging, college, career, and food bloggers.

Note: In this article, X stands for a number of some sort that you can fill in and a ____ stands for some item that you can fill in. For the ____ I usually give a few examples so you have some ideas, but these article ideas can be used over and over depending on how you fill in the blank and the X.

17 Blog Post Ideas For College Bloggers

  1. How To Set Smart College Goals
  2. X Ways To Study For A ______ Test (Math, Science, Sociology, Psychology, etc.)
  3. How To Deal With A Difficult Professor
  4. How To Get The Most Out of Career Services In College
  5. What To Pack For College
  6. What To Leave Behind When You Pack For College
  7. How To Set Boundaries With Your Roommates In College
  8. How To Pay For College
  9. How To Apply For College Scholarships
  10. X Scholarships To Apply For This _____ (Week, Month)
  11. X Apps Every College Student Needs On Their Phone
  12. What To Do When You Get Sick In College
  13. How To Buy College Textbooks (Without Spending All Your Money)
  14. X Things To Know If You Want To Live Off-Campus
  15. How To Stay Healthy In College (Mentally and/or Physically)
  16. How To Survive _____ (Midterms, Finals, Move-In, Move-Out, etc.)
  17. The X Best Pieces Of College Advice I Ever Received

17 blog post Ideas for fashion bloggers

  1. How To Style A _____ X Ways (Cardigan, Skirt, Pair of Jeans, etc.)
  2. X Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now
  3. How To Take Fashion Photos Without A Blogging Boyfriend
  4. Fashion Subscription Service Review (Dia & Co., Stitchfix, Wantable, etc.)
  5. How To Find Your Personal Style On A Budget
  6. How To Make A Capsule Wardrobe
  7. X ______ You Need To Purchase Today (Overalls, Graphic Tees, Sweaters, Jeans, etc.)
  8. X Fashion Hashtags You Should Be Following On Instagram
  9. X Trends You Need To Try This _____ (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
  10. X ______ Style Essentials (Preppy, Boho, Classic, etc.)
  11. The X Best Pieces Of Fashion Advice I Ever Received
  12. How To Dress Up ______ For Work (Yoga Pants, Sweaters, Overalls, Tennis Shoes, etc.)
  13. My X Favorite Stores To Get Fashionable Clothes
  14. How To Wear _____ Everyday (Sequins, Tassels, Patterns, White, etc.)
  15. A ______ Inspired Look (Celebrity, Book, City, College, etc)
  16. X Tools All Newbie Fashion Bloggers Need
  17. X Ways To Make Money With A Fashion Blog

17 blog post Ideas for food bloggers

  1. X Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free ______ Dishes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack)
  2. How To Shop For Food On A Small Budget
  3. Food Subscription Reviews (HelloFresh, Love With Food, Blue Apron, Nature Box, etc.)
  4. X Things All New Chefs Need In Their Kitchen
  5. The X Best Pieces Of Cooking Advice I Ever Received
  6. How To Cook The Perfect ______ (Spaghetti, Rice, Stir-Fry, Cookies, Cake)
  7. Kitchen Gadget Product Reviews
  8. _______ (Pizza, Smoothies, Sliders, etc.) X Ways (Think of those Tasty videos where they share multiple recipes for one thing. Example here.)
  9. X Spices You Need In Your Kitchen
  10. X Perfect Recipes For ______ (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Date Night, etc.)
  11. X Restaurants To Try In _____ (City, State, Region)
  12. X Things You Can Do With ______ (Vegetable, Spice, Fruit, etc.)
  13. X Food Bloggers You Should Follow ASAP
  14. X Drinks You Need To Make Today
  15. X Ways To Market Your Food Blog
  16. How To Take The Perfect Pictures For Your Food Blog
  17. How To Make X Popular Take Out Dishes At Home

17 blog post Ideas for blogging bloggers

  1. How To Use _____ To Drive Traffic To Your Site (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  2. X Blog Post Ideas (so meta.)
  3. X Ways To Monetize Your Blog
  4. How To Define Your Ideal Audience
  5. X Tools To Use For Your Blog To ____ (Grow Your List, Drive Traffic To Your Site, etc.)
  6. How To Make Eye Catching Graphics For Your Blog
  7. Where To Find Stock Photos For Your Blog
  8. X Sites All Newbie Bloggers Should Know About
  9. X Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging
  10. X Ways To Grow Your Email List
  11. How I _____ (doubled, tripled, etc.) My Page Views In ___ (1 month, 1 year, etc.)
  12. X Ways To Gain Followers On ______ (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  13. Case Study: How _____ (Successful brand or person) Uses ____ (Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) To Grow Their Blog or Brand
  14. How I Made $X In ____ (month, quarter, year)
  15. The X Best Pieces Of Blogging Advice I Ever Received
  16. X Things To Think About Before You Hire A _____ (Virtual Assistant, Writer, Graphic Designer, etc.)
  17. X Myths About ______ Debunked (Blogging, Social Media, Marketing, etc.)

17 Blog post Ideas for career bloggers

  1. X Résumé Tips For Your Next Job Interview
  2. How To Ace A _____ Interview (Phone, In Person, Skype, etc.)
  3. How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter
  4. X Places To Look For Jobs
  5. How To Look For A New Job If You Are Currently Employed
  6. X Ways To Impress Your New Boss
  7. How To Decorate Your New Office
  8. The X Best Pieces Of Career Advice I Ever Received
  9. X Office Supplies You Need To Purchase Today
  10. A Day In The Life Of A/An _______ (Blogger, Lawyer, Professor, etc.)
  11. An Interview With A/An ________ (Author, Editor, Doctor, etc.)
  12. X Things You Need To Know About _______ (Social Media Assistants, Writers, Artists, etc.)
  13. How To Use LinkedIn To Further Your ____ (Job Search/Talent Search; depending on the type of career blogger you are)
  14. X Things I Wish I Could Have Told Yourself During The Job Search Process
  15. How To Network During A Career Fair
  16. What To Put On Your Business Cards (And Where To Get Them)
  17. How To Stand Out Above The Job Competition

17 blog post Ideas for beauty bloggers

  1. X Products I Loved This _____ (Week, Month, Year)
  2. X Products I Didn't Love This _______ (Week, Month, Year)
  3. Product Reviews (Think about single products, subscription boxes, etc)
  4. How To Keep Your Skin Soft In The ______ (Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall)
  5. How To Pick The Right Foundation For Your Skin
  6. My Favorite _____ (Foundations, Eye Shadows, Palettes, Blushes, etc)
  7. X Products Every Beginner Makeup Enthusiast Needs
  8. The Perfect Makeup Tutorial For _____ (Everyday, Date Night, the Office, Job Interviews, etc.)
  9. _____ Inspired Makeup (think Celebrities, TV Shows, Movies, etc)
  10. X Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now
  11. X DIY Beauty Products You Should Make Today
  12. X Products These Beauty Bloggers Swear By (Do a roundup using the products your beauty blogging friends LOVE!)
  13. How To Style _____ Hair (Curly, long, straight, thin, etc.)
  14. Testing The X Best _____ (Hair, Skin, Makeup) Products On _____ (Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, etc.)
  15. Testing X Weird Beauty Products On ______ (Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, etc.)
  16. Testing X Drugstore Beauty Dupes
  17. What To Do If You Mess Up Your _____ (Eyebrows, Perm, Highlights, Mascara, Lipstick, etc.)

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Final thoughts

2017 is quickly approaching and I hope that this list of blog post ideas gave you some great insight on amazing content that you can put out in 2017. If you decide to use any of these topics on your own blog I'd love to know which ones you decide to use.

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