The Happy Guide To Contacting Brands

Today post is all about contacting brands and how blogs can go about doing so. When you really want to work with a company contacting that company might be the easiest thing to do. You could get an email from that company, but you never know when that might actually happening. Sometimes taking a little initiative for yourself would be the best thing to do. Here are my tips for successfully contacting companies and doing collaborations.

The Happy Guide To Contacting Brands

Know what you want to collaborate on

Sometimes sending super vague emails about collaborations will get your email in the not-read pile. I have probably been the victim of this because I don't always give a ton of detail on the first go around which is my fault. Make sure you know what you are looking for. Do you want giveaway sponsors? Product reviews? It's important to know this before you contact a company.

What do you have to offer

Okay so when you look at social media numbers and blog numbers it can sometimes feel like you don't have that much to offer--but you have a world to offer. Look at the performance of your blog, how many comments you are getting, and gauge your community. Do you have a pretty loyal following? Even the smallest following can be beneficial to a company if you have a really loyal group. Don't think about numbers so much as what you can do with those numbers. Also if you are really excited or confident about a blog partnership, no one can tell you otherwise.

Get a professional email

Okay it's time for email 101. Get a professional email for your blog. If you are contacting companies with you might not get that many responses. A professional email? The easiest bet is If you have an email account through your domain name use that one for sure. My current email is 

Send a professional email with lots of details

Be specific when sending your email. Open with a compliment about what you like about their products and make sure you introduce yourself and your blog. Let them know what you want and include blog stats. Point them to a page on your blog that talks about partnerships and advertisement. Above all else, don't forget to point them to your blog. If they are confused about your blog address they may not consider finding out themselves. Remember you are contacting them, so you don't want to inconvenience them by making them look up all your blog information. Hand feed this information to them.

Be quick about responses

Even if it takes them a few days to respond, be quick about answering questions and responding. Companies are busy, and so are you, but try to be on your toes when it comes to responding. Answer any further questions they may have about your blog, your followers, and just provide excellent customer service all around.

Work out details

There are certain things you should probably bring up if you are new to doing collaborations. Nothing like figuring out they want you to ship the items when you assumed that they would. Be sure to get all your questions answered too because you don't want any side of the contract to be blindsided.

Here are a few tips on brand collaborations in general

Start small

Small brands actually do more collaborations and are easier to contact that big corporations--especially if your blog is smaller. Start small and work your way up. If you can start with people you know. Do you know any awesome people starting up a business who might be interested in tapping into your readership? They are a great place to start when you are going about contacting brands. It's easier to work with someone you already know.

After work with companies you have ordered from

If you have previously ordered from a small business contact them. You already know their products are awesome, you have ordered from them! Contact the companies you have placed orders with in the past and see if they'd be willing to be a part of a collaboration with you.

Keep In Contact With Contacts

You never know when a contact can turn into an awesome multi-collaborator. Make sure you keep up with your blog contacts and check in from time to time. Keep all your blog contacts up to date with all the awesome stuff you are doing and keep interacting with their brands on social media. Share a post, comment, and just keep them in your mind. The more you keep them in mind, the more they keep you in mind.

Have Fun

Make sure all your collaborations are fun for you. Your readers will be able to tell if the collaborations aren't fun for you or you don't care much about them. Be genuinely interested in all the products that end up on your blog so that you are doing the most awesome collaborations on your blog.

I hope this advice has helped any blogger interested in doing collaborations with brands.