15+ Tips For Crushing Your First Social Fabric Post

Next week I am posting my 3rd Social Fabric post on my other blog The Happy Arkansan in about two months. It's unbelievable to me because for the longest time I just couldn't crack the system. I thought that they never had posts I could apply to, and when they did it felt like I never got them. These past few months, though, I have picked up quite a few jobs on Social Fabric.

I love working with Social Fabric because you get introduced to a number of different brands, they are strict about no-follow which is SO helpful because in the blogger world so many people try to make you break FTC rules, and they are just an all-around pleasure to work with. Plus, usually, they have solid pay, for me at least because at the moment I charge around $150-$175 per sponsored post.

Today's blog post will be in three categories, crushing your application, crushing your sponsored post, and miscellaneous tips. Before I get started with that though, I want to cover, what exactly is Social Fabric?

15+ Tips For Crushing Your First Social Fabric Post | Social Fabric is a GREAT way to make money as a blogger and I wanted to share some of my best tips for landing and crushing sponsored posts with Social Fabric. I have only made a few hundred dollars on this platform, but these are the tips that I have learned over my time getting shoppertunities through the platform. 

What is Social Fabric?

Really quick, what even is Social Fabric? Social Fabric is a community of bloggers (influencers) who are able to work with awesome companies to produce high-quality content. On Social Fabric you can work with brands like:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Post Foods
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Pfizer
  • Nestle
  • Bayer
  • Barilla
  • Kellog's
  • 3M

Just to name a few! This is a great way to get on a companies radar, make some decent cash, and get paid to blog (which you are already doing anyway!)

So, now that we have covered what Social Fabric is, let's move on to the next step, crushing your Social Fabric shoppertunity applications applications!

Crushing Your Application

The application for any Social Fabric job is key. This is what brands look at to check out your blog AND make sure that you have a solid plan that they can put their money behind.

1. Have Samples Of Your Work

Last week we talked about how to create beautiful blog photos. Go use that advice to write a blog post with great photography. The post you submit to them doesn't have to be sponsored, it just has to showcase your big, beautiful photos and your amazing storytelling/writing.

You want to pick the best sample possible for your work, so submit a link that was posted in the last few months that you are proud of. This will help you get more Social Fabric sponsored posts.

Once you have your first Social Fabric post under your belt, I would use that as your link if it's a great post.

2. Relate Your Pitch Back To Your Blog

I ALWAYS relate my pitch back to my readers. My readers are mostly millennial women and often they are in college. So, when I am pitching a company, I always relate my pitch back to my audience and blog.

For example, here is the pitch I submitted for my post with Hopster:

I would love to share a post on "How To Save Money While Shopping In College." So many college students go to stores, buy a bunch of random things they don't need, and pay way too much for it. In this post, I would share my tips on solving this issue. I would share my tips on comparison shopping, creating lists for food, the awesomeness of wish lists for things you want to buy but shouldn't purchase right away, and more. One of the main things I will be chatting about with this post will obviously be rebate apps, and specifically, I will only be talking about Hopster and how I use it to save money while shopping.

If you can showcase exactly what you will do and how you will do it, you will create a great blog post pitch that will wow your Social Fabric team.

Know Your Audience

Even though that post is a sponsored post, it has 100+ repins and counting on Pinterest. Based on past content I have done surrounding saving money in college, I know that my audience would be interested in this app if I approached it in that way. So, create content that your audience is used to and loves. You don't want to create any content that would be too far out of the norm.

3. Only Apply For Shops If You Can Access The Store

This is crucial! For many shops you have to take in-store photos of the products on a shelf. This helps your readers visualize where the product is located so they can go in-store and buy the products they need.

Not all posts require in-store photos. The post I did with AcneFree and Hopster did not, but the content I am posting next week required an in-store photo.

Do not lie just to apply to more shops. Depending on where you are, you just may not be able to apply to as many shops. Based on my location, I can only apply to jobs at Walmart, Walgreens, and Dollar General because I don't have a ton of stores in my immediate area. 

You don't want to have to drive a ton out of your way just to get photos for a sponsored post that pays around $175-$200 usually. So, just stick to what you can get to.

4. Be Succinct, but Be powerful

Your application does not have to drag on and on. As you can see, my above pitch for the post I would create was only about a paragraph long. You don't need to create a pages long draft for each company you pitch. You can create something simple as long as it says what you need it to say and it's powerful. That's all that matters.

5. Apply For Multiple Rounds

Do not apply for just one round if you can help it. I always try to apply to as many rounds as I can. You will only get one round anyway, and it's just one application for all of the rounds. There is no reason not to tick as many round boxes as you can. You can only get picked for a round if your name is in the applicant pool!

6. Spelling/grammar Check Is Key

This is a simple statement, but this is so true for your application (and your sponsored post too!) I encourage you to check out my favorite spelling and grammar checker Grammarly so that you can get access to the absolute best spell checker. You can add the extension and it can help you check your spelling/grammar right in your application.

Crushing Your Sponsored Post

Okay, so you finally have a Social Fabric sponsored post approval, how do you crush your post? These next five tips will share advice on how to do just that.

1. Thoroughly Read Your Instructions Before you Say Yes

Your instructions are KEY to getting to know the specifics of your post and they are LONG. Especially when you get your first sponsored post, it seems like a giant wall of text. Your instructions are broken into a couple of categories:

Campaign Specific Requirements

These are the instructions that only apply to your campaign. They will share things like:

  • Campaign post starters
  • Campaign contacts (your campaign leader and manager!)
  • The campaign hashtag and retailers
  • Products you need to buy
  • Due dates
  • Client Messaging

This can get pretty specific depending on your client. Clients need you to be as specific as possible because they don't want to mislead your readers who are their potential customers.

Standard Campaign Requirements

These campaign requirements don't change all that much. They will probably be the exact same no matter what campaign you do. After you read them the first time, you probably won't have to keep reading as heavily, but I would still skim them to make sure that nothing has changed between campaigns.

Terms & Agreements

All the legal stuff that you need to read through as you are agreeing to a contract. It may not seem like it as you are clicking a button, but you are signing a very important contract when you accept a shop. You can decline the shop once you get it, but you need to be aware of everything if you will be accepting the shop. If you don't meet your expectations for the shop, that could jeopardize your payment and your relationship with Collective Bias and Social Fabric.


Finally, they discuss payment terms such as what your prepayment is (for all the shopping), what your final payment looks like, and finally what campaign code you should look for to denote any payments for that campaign.

2. Look Back Through Your Application & Set Up Your Photo Shoot

Now that you have accepted your instructions, it's time to get planning! You were picked based on your pitch, so now you need to follow through.

Plan the content that you will share plus any photo shoots that you need to do to help tell your story. You are required to share lifestyle shots of your products (and some can include you, but they don't have to.) Your photos need to help you tell your story though, so careful planning is key.

3. Take Multiple In-Store Photos If You Can

Make sure that you take multiple in-store photos. They don't have to zoom in on the product at all, they need to be wide-angle shots. That's because the purpose of the in-store photo is to break down the barriers for your readers and show them exactly where the product is located in your store. Take as many shots as you can, because there is nothing worse than having to go back to the store just to take an in-store photo because the photo was blurry or bad.

4. Take Your Storytelling Seriously

The folks at Social Fabric know that storytelling is key. In order to get people to click on and share your story, you MUST have a great story. So, your storytelling needs to be on point when you create a Social Fabric post. Don't just share the product, stick to your pitch, and create a product experience.

5. Follow Your Checklist To A T

Last, but certainly not least. Use your checklists in your instructions and your task checklist as a whole to a T. If you miss any part of your checklists, you may have to re-do parts or all of your content! You don't want to have to do that.

So far, my CLs have been so gracious, but if you don't do things in a timely manner (and report in a timely manner) that could (again) jeopardize your relationship with Collective Bias and Social Fabric and you don't want to do that.

They are very clear with their instructions so just take your time and get it done right the first time.

Miscellaneous Tips

Here are some random tips that will help you succeed on Social Fabric. I wasn't sure where to put these, but I wanted to share them nonetheless.

1. Keep Checking Back For Shoppertunities

When you are first starting out, it can be difficult. But, Social Fabric adds new shoppertunities ALL THE TIME. Most shops are added Tuesday-Thursday in my experience, but they are added sporadically throughout the week. 

Also, be sure that you are checking the entire list by pressing show more. I am not sure if it's just my account, but the newest shops aren't always at the top and sometimes they are buried throughout. New shops will usually have a NEW tag on them, though, that helps you locate ones you haven't seen before.

2. Set Up Your Bank As Early As possible (And Keep It Updated!)

Before you can apply for any shop you must add your bank details, but once you do this, make sure you keep it up to date! Your bank details are very important for Social Fabric because that is how you get paid!

You get two payments with Social Fabric:

  1. Prepayment: This is a reimbursement for all the shopping you need to do in order to test the products and showcase the products in your post.
  2. Final payment: This is your final payment for the post itself.

So, if your bank is not set up correctly, you can't receive any of those payments.

3. Don't be Discouraged If You Don't Make The First Round

I have very seldom made the first round of any program I was in. It only happened with my Hopster post and there were only two rounds to begin with for that post. Just because you were passed up for the first or even second round, it doesn't mean that you won't get picked at all!

4. Take The Shoppertunities SoFabU Course

It took me forever to finally do this, but take the SoFabU course on Shoppertunities. Taking the course took me only an hour or two, and it is a question that is asked on SO many applications. This course gives you a big rundown on the entire shoppertunity structure, and it's so important that you take the time. It's a great overview course and it will help your application because those deciding who gets shops will know you know all about shoppertunities.

5. Be A Part of The Community

Last, but certainly not least, be a part of the community. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Interacting with posts from other community members on their blogs and on social media when you see them.
  • Interacting with your CL and CM as it relates to campaign business.
  • Joining Social Fabric groups on the website.

and so much more. The SoFab community can be so fab so make sure you are reaching out to others in the community, looking at the type of Social Fabric content they are sharing, and making connections.


So, I had a lot to say. I am by no means an expert at this. I have only made a few hundred dollars on this platform, and I am sure my advice will change as I get more accustomed to it.

I like Social Fabric because they give you a ton of creative freedom when it comes to your posts for them. So, get pitching! I hope today's blog post was super helpful as you begin your journey with Social Fabric!

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