How To Be Awesome At Marketing In Facebook Groups

Facebook pages are basically dead. Well, not really, but they are getting pretty close. It's next to impossible to make a great connection on a Facebook page, but a Facebook group? That's a whole other beast entirely! Today's post is going to teach you five basic things you can do to become better at marketing in Facebook groups (and you might be surprised that the marketing takes up very little space in this equation.

How To be awesome at marketing in Facebook groups | Facebook  Groups are a great way to communicate with and find new blog readers. Click through to learn more about Facebook group marketing and how to be awesome at it.

Facebook Group Marketing Tip #1: Follow All The Rules

Okay, I am going to start simply, you can't market unless you know the ins and outs of each group BEFORE you post. Unless you are running the show, you are stepping into the audience of someone else's group. You cannot just do what you want and expect that everything will be peachy.

Not following the rules is a sure fire way to get REMOVED and BLOCKED from a group.

You NEED to understand how each group that you are a part of functions before you get to work. Most will work similarly, but check just to be sure. In order to do this:

  • Read the group description: This is a great first place to look when you want to learn about the basic feel of the group and some basic rules. 
  • Read the pinned post. The pinned post is usually filled with great information about the latest happenings in the group, some ground rules, or at the very least where to find the ground rules. Read that pinned post and take it to heart.
  • Read the files section. Usually in groups there are longer versions of the group rules located in a files section. Get familiar with those resources.
  • Read The Daily Threads: Even if you are 100% comfortable with all the information you have read, you never know when those were updated. One of the best things you can do is read the prompt before you drop a link or answer a question. The prompt features the most up to date information about how the threads are to be used, so don't forget to check the information out.

Reputation online gets around--so you don't want to be known as the person who doesn't follow the rules. Oftentimes, bad news travels faster than good news. So be sure to keep up with all of the networks you market in so that you aren't getting a negative reputation for not following the rules.

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Facebook Group Marketing Tip #2: Track what you post and only post what you can return

If you are in many groups like I am, it can be hard to keep it all straight. I have a fool proof way for you to keep up with everything when it comes to Facebook Groups.

Make a google document

Each morning when you go into Facebook groups to market, keep up with a Google Document while you are at it. For each link you drop, be sure to copy and paste the link to the thread into your Google Document, then go back when you have some time that day according to the group rules. You need to track:

  • Group Name
  • Thread Link
  • Rules of Each Thread
  • Date You Linked Your Content
  • Completed (Yes or No) 

Click Here For A Done-For-You Google Document To Keep Your Facebook Group Threads Straight

If you click the link above you can access a Google Drive Sheet where all of this is completely done for you. To get this onto your drive just go to:


This will add this great resource to your own Google Drive account and make it editable for you and your blog/business. Then you can keep up with all of the threads and when you have completed them throughout the day. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

This is such a simple way to keep up with all the threads that you are participating in on a daily basis. When you are posting in a lot of different groups, your Facebook notifications can go slightly crazy. 

Have you ever participated in a link thread with hundreds of commenters? Stuff gets INSANE!

So instead, copy and paste the link when you first drop your link, and then use the Google Document to make your way back when you are ready to complete the thread.

Link sharing takes commitment

Remember, you are not link dropping, you are link sharing. If you can't share the love, wait until you are at a time in your week when you can share the love. You can always participate in a thread in a few days or the next time it happens, but you want to make sure you have time to devote to these threads.

  • Take time to comment thoughtfully on each post you click. Make a nice lengthy comment, and give them some compliments while you are at it. Tell them exactly what you loved about the post. What was your favorite part? They want to know all the details, so let them know!
  • Share the post on social. You probably need some stuff to fill up your queue anyway, so why not fill it with great content from the groups you are in.
  • Let them know you shared the love. Make a quick comment on their post letting them know you commented and shared or what you did to get their work noticed. Maybe they will return the favor!

Your comment should be longer than your blog link

I know it sounds like I am joking, and honestly, I wish I was. Some people comment on your blog simply to get backlinks to their own content. They will post "nice job!" and then have the nerve to link to their own blog. When I see this I want to scream internally. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO LINK SHARE.

First of all, if you do a comment the right way, there should be a link to your blog attached to your name. This is such a better way to link to your blog. Your signature should be your name, not your name and a link.

Secondly, this doesn't make me want to click on your link, it makes me want to delete your comment. When I get extremely short comments across my social platforms, honestly, most of the time I just want to delete them (and sometimes, I actually do!). Don't just write "nice job!" on a million blog post. Instead, take the time to write ten stellar comments on blog posts you absolutely LOVE. Blog comments are so few and far between that if you take the time to actually write a nice and detailed comment that person will fall in love with you (and maybe even fall in love with your blog too!)

Facebook Group Marketing Tip #3: Give More Than You Sell

When you are sharing your work in Facebook groups, you want to make sure you aren't just constantly spamming your information on the wall and in threads. People need to know who you are before they feel comfortable clicking over to your website. Yes, eventually you want to put up a blog post or link to a product you sell, but that takes time. 

What if they have a question and you have a blog post that answers it perfectly?

Don't just drop your link in the comments. Give your link some pizzaz by sharing a paragraph of FREE value before you link them over to a post on your website. Even if you have the BEST post about this subject, you don't want to be pushy. Make sure you are giving them something so they have a reason to trust your advice and click on your link. Why should they believe that this link contains all they need to know about the topic at hand?

Spend a few moments answering questions with no responses

If you have a little downtime or you are currently watching a show, take some time to go through Facebook groups and look specifically for questions with no responses (especially if they are a few hours old.) They may have gotten pushed down the wall by other content over time. Engage with that content and let that person know you hear them, give them some stellar advice, and get their post seen by other people again.

Facebook Group Marketing Tip #4: Use Group Posts To Gain Ideas For Posts

One quick thing you can do right now is use other people's groups to gain ideas for posts. Are you wanting to write a post about Instagram, but you aren't sure what angle to use? Plop into a blogging group to see what questions people are asking about Instagram. The biggest thing: don't forget to share that information with the group during a promo day.

Depending on how far in advance you write your content, you could even comment on the post once your new post about their question is live. Say something like, "This question inspired me to write a post recently! I think you should do XYZ (insert helpful AF advice here), if you want more information I explained this process in the post (insert awesome AF link here.)"

If you can find some great things to write about from Facebook groups, don't sit on that information. Share it within that Facebook group and talk it up. In the next section we are going to learn all about how to do that.

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Facebook Group Marketing Tip #5: When you Share, take up space

The biggest thing you need to do is take up space. Don't just take up space to take up space though. Do something informational and inspirational. Think of this as informative manspreading in your Facebook groups of choice. Of course you want to make sure that anything you do follows the rules, don't break the rules to get some attention. Below are four ways to take up space in an informative way.

Ask an engaging question

Use your call-to-actions, y'all! If you don't tell people what you want them to do with the information, they may be likely to skip over it, or just read the content without interacting with it. It's important that you get them to interact with your post in some form or fashion. Not only because it means they read your post, but interaction on your post means other people will see it. A thread on Facebook with a bunch of comments is going to take up more space than a thread with a bunch of likes. Here are a few examples of engaging questions:

  • Say YES if XYZ situation has happened to you.
  • Drop a heart emoji if you needed to hear this message today.
  • What is one thing you did in your business this week that got you closer to your dreams?
  • What is one thing you wish you knew about XYZ (blogging, college, high school, social media, etc.)?
  • If you had $1,000 to spend on XYZ (clothing, books, online courses, school supplies, etc) what would you buy?

Have an amazing picture with your post

If you want to take up space, add a picture with your post! Make the picture amazing and eye catching. When it comes to promoting, sometimes you are promoting on HUGE threads. You want to make sure that your post stands out. Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words and I think this is so truthful when it comes to promoting in Facebook groups. Whether you just add a favorite stock photo or a photo that you took, using this method will really help your entire post stand out.

Choose the right thing to share for the group audience

I share a lot of posts here week after week. I am a member of a lot of blog and business centered groups and therefore when I post in those groups I use my Friday content. If I am posting in a group geared more towards students I post my Monday content. It's all about finding out who you are speaking to in a group. Examine the group for a bit before you determine which post will actually get the most traction.

Give readers a taste of the content before the click on it

Share a little bit of your blog post or the reasoning behind your blog post as you are linking it. Don't just drop a picture and a link. Why on earth would anyone actually click on it? You have gotta let them know. Give them an excerpt of the blog post that you think is really clever or share a little story about just why this thing even matters.

Facebook Group Marketing Tip #6: Include a content upgrade

The content upgrade doesn't have to be fancy, but including a content upgrade on posts you plan to promote anywhere can really help. Content upgrades can be really time consuming so I suggest you make a more general content upgrade that you can share on every posts when you don't feel like creating a specific content upgrade. I suggest creating one great general opt-in for each category on your site and then always having that as a option for an opt-in. It's great to have really specific opt-ins, but sometimes creating those really specific opt-ins are difficult. You want to pull people from the arena of a Facebook group to your email list, because when they are there you can nurture them and watch them grow as loyal blog readers from there.

Here are some content upgrade ideas:

  • A free resource library
  • A list or kit featuring your favorite tools
  • A checklist of the steps mentioned in your blog post
  • An ebook of a past blog post that makes sense to the current one
  • A video series
  • A workbook where readers can practice what you were just discussing in your blog post.

There are literally so many amazing ideas out there for what to include as a content upgrade. The important thing is that you always try to include one because it really helps you take advantage of the traffic that you get through Facebook groups. Take time to make an awesome opt-in and people will love you for it.

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Facebook Group Marketing Bonus Tip: Don't Stick to Just Blogging Groups

One thing you may be doing that is really holding your content back is sticking to just groups about blogging in your marketing strategy. If you are a mom blogger, your ideal audience may be hanging out in blogging Facebook groups, but there is a stronger chance they are hanging out in groups about being a mother. There are SO MANY Facebook groups out there, so find ones that relate to the topics you blog about and post in those groups.

For example, I post about sorority life frequently on here, so when I have a post about sorority life, I may share it in various blog related Facebook groups, but more than likely I am sharing that content in sorority specific Facebook groups. Do a search today for Facebook groups related to the topics you talk about, join them, and share your content on the walls and in threads when it feels helpful and appropriate.

Final Thoughts

I hope y'all enjoyed this blog post where I discuss how to be awesome at marketing in Facebook groups. So much of my Facebook traffic now comes through Facebook groups and I know that if y'all show up, answer questions, share the amazing work you do, and so much more you can create a great presence on Facebook with groups.

What are your favorite Facebook groups to market in?