February Traffic & Goals Report

Yay! It's my first official month as Amanda Cross Blog and I am so excited to go over what happened in February with y'all. I am excited about this and I want to continue to share my path with y'all each month going forward. Let's chat about what went well and what went extra well in February for the blog.

February Traffic & Goals Report | Click through to see exactly what I have done in February for Amanda Cross Blog, what my goals for March are, and what I did well in February.

Post I made In February

I have made quite a few great posts in February:

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Looking back on this last month even I am impressed by the amazing content I was able to put out in this past month. The first post was technically in January (on the 30th, but I am counting it in February because close enough.)

Traffic Growth

I am excited because this month I received just under 1,500 page views. This is a small feat, but I am excited about it nonetheless. Let's see a breakdown of where my traffic came from:

Traffic Based On Sessions

The above chart is a look at my traffic and where it came from based on sessions. I want to be clear about this because sessions are usually much lower than page views so if you look at the numbers of the chart above they won't equal just shy of 1500.

I am surprised by how much traffic has come from Facebook, but not really. Facebook is a big part of my strategy right now and you can see my posting in Facebook groups as much as I possibly can with my new blog post of the week.

February Wins

So in this section I want to detail some of my favorite wins for February. These will be partnership wins, social media wins, and any other kind of win I think is beneficial to post about.

Got 100+ pinterest followers

This was a pretty big deal for me. As you all know in my post 7 Helpful Tips For Starting Your Pinterest Account, my Pinterest account was VERY new when I wrote that post about a month ago. So to end February with 100+ subscribers was a blessing. Here is to gaining another 100 in March and being on the road to creating the Pinterest account I want to create. Maybe at the end of the year I can be at 1000+!

The wheels in my head are turning to create a Pinterest challenge to help people get their first 100 followers, so I think that is something I will definitely consider.

Got 40+ Email subscribers

So luckily, I was able to bring a good amount of email subscribers from The Happy Arkansan to my list for this blog because a good portion of my subscribers on The Happy Arkansan subscribed because of my blogging content. I am very close to 50 subscribers now, but that milestone will have to be celebrated in April.

I am so thankful that I decided to collect emails from day one on Amanda Cross Blog. I just imagine all the emails I have lost over the years by not starting from the beginning with The Happy Arkansan. It's nice to know I was very clear with my email list at the beginning with Amanda Cross Blog.

Won Blog Life Breakthrough

I am so excited about this win, I won a course I had been wanting to take forever--Blog Life Breakthrough by The Art Of Better Blogging. I am still making my way through the course as I got a little sidetracked by school, but my goal is to finish the course in March.

March Goals

Since I didn't have any specific goals for February, I want to set a few for March. I like having some goals that I can follow.

  1. Have 200 Pinterest followers by the end of March.
  2. Have 70 email subscribers by the end of March.
  3. Finish Blog Life Breakthrough.
  4. Write at least four blog posts this month.
  5. Make at least 5 sales of one of my products this month.

These are very small goals, but I am dipping my feet in the water of this blog. Please come back on April 3rd when I do another check-in with y'all!