6 Ways To Find Content To Pin

When you are first starting your Pinterest journey, one of the first things you need to do is load up on all of the pins. I love BoardBooster, and one of it’s best features is the fact that you can loop pins, but you can only really loop pins once you have a good amount of content flowing through your Pinterest account. So, while we wait on the time where we can officially start looping our pins and growing our account on auto-pilot, let’s pin some stuff! Today’s post is going to teach you all about the 6 places that I look for pins.

6 Ways To Find Content To Pin On Pinterest | Pinterest is a powerful tool for all bloggers to use. Click through for more information on how to find content to pin.

1. Use The Smart Feed

The smart feed is your friend, y’all. It knows you, it knows what you love, and it can provide that content for you. The Smart Feed only works when you do, though. We all want to be loved, so we follow lots of people as soon as they follow us, but more than likely that will mess up your Smart Feed. 

Last week we talked about the importance of relevant boards and the Smart Feed is another reason having relevant boards is important. Not only does the Smart Feed pull content from people you follow, but it also shows you pins that it thinks will be relevant based on your public boards. So, if you have a bunch of irrelevant boards on Pinterest, you will have a bunch of irrelevant pins in your Smart Feed.

A lot of the pins that I pin to my own boards are from the Smart Feed, I spend a significant amount of my time pinning just scrolling through my Smart Feed. If you have a well-managed account you can spend a lot less time worrying about content to pin because your feed will provide you with a plethora of content.

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2. Use The Related Pins On Any Pin You LOVE

Did you find a pin that you just ADORE? After you get through pinning that pin, scroll a little further until you get to the related pins section. You can scroll so much in the related pins part that it feels like an extra Pinterest feed tailored to your new favorite pin. So, if you find a super juicy and amazing pin, go see what Pinterest suggests as your next step.

I don’t spend too much time in the related pins section because honestly I think Pinterest really needs to up it’s related pins game, but it can be interesting to scroll for a minute or so just to see if you can find anything interesting. I am not 100% sure how Pinterest finds related pins (sometimes I think it’s image based but then other times I think it is description based) but some of the related pins do seem to be a bit off. Related pins are a hit or miss, but you can find some interesting things that may never cross your actual Pinterest feed by looking at the related pins.

BONUS: Check Out The Pinterest Account Of The Pin You LOVE

If the site you are browsing with the amazing content uses rich pins, you can usually find their Pinterest profile pretty easy as it’s usually linked to the pin you LOVE.  Go to their brand board and pin more of their blogs and then just go through their entire Pinterest profile and look for content that you want to pin from that as well. Use what they are curating, because obviously they have great taste!

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3. Go Through Any Group Boards You Are A Part Of

If you are a member of any group boards you should be going through the boards to repin content that catches your eye anyways. Repinning from group boards is just common courtesy, and for some boards it is a rule that you should be repinning a few pins for every pin you make to the board because this increases the boards popularity and success.

I usually go through my group boards every week or so to just go on a pin spree from them, your group board members probably have a lot of awesome posts they are trying to share that will be amazing. 

I personally have two group boards I am collecting contributors for if you would like to be invited. Shoot me an email to be invited to either The Happy College Club (for college bloggers) or The Happy Blogger Club (for bloggers who talk about social media, blogging, and biz.) If you are interested in joining any other types of group boards I really encourage PinGroupie or BoardBooster’s Group Boards To Join feature.

4. Go Through Any Facebook Threads You Are A Part Of

Do you market in Facebook groups? If you do, then you have a PLETHORA of content to pin, and this content is probably pretty new too if they are marketing it in daily Facebook group threads. That means you more than likely haven’t pinned it yet, which is the best kind of content to pin because you should probably be looping older pins with a program like BoardBooster instead of repinning stuff like that on your own.

So, when you get the chance, go through all of those daily threads you have joined in during the last week and pin some of your favorite content from those boards. You will appreciate just how easy it was to find new content to pin this way.

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5. Pin Random Content From Your Favorite Blogs and Pinterest Accounts

Do you have a list of your favorite bloggers? Make a nice list of your favorite bloggers and when you are running low on content, go check out some of their recent blogs and some of their recent pins of other people’s content. Pin some of their content as well as some of the pins they are pinning from other people. Don’t repin EVERYTHING they pin, but a few pins here and there won't hurt, and Pinterest has a notification system that is so wacky right now that they probably won’t even notice that you pinned a bunch of their content.

When I am running low I love to go check out my FAVE college and blogging bloggers to see what they are pinning and what they are loving. I will take a few moments to go through their boards and find the content that works for my boards.

6. Don’t Forget Your Own Content

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to pin your actual content. When you are pinning your content, are you spending enough time pinning your content everywhere that it’s relevant? Before I started taking Pinterest seriously I would only post my blog in about 1-2 places, but now I pin to every single relevant board and this has really helped me increase my pins as well as increase eyes on my blog The Happy Arkansan.

I have a brand board and on some boards I am a member of my BoardBooster source board is just my brand board so those pins are constantly reaching the audiences I care about in the larger Pinterest community.

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(P.S. This strategy helped my 9x my click rate in one year!)

Final thoughts:

Pinterest has really grown my brand and a large part of that is because I find great and relevant content to share with my readers. You don't have to solely be focused on growing your account, so take your time and use these places so you can fill up your boards with amazing content.