Generous Content Creators Link-Up #2

Happy Friday!

Welcome to the second week of the Generous Content Creator Link-Up! I had so much fun checking out all of your links, commenting, and reading new stuff from amazing bloggers so now it's time for week 2! I cannot wait to see the amazing content that y'all share with me this week on the Generous Content Creators Link-Up.

Generous Content Creators Link-Up #2 | This weekly link-up  on Amanda Cross Blog  allows you to connect with  other bloggers and biz owners each Friday to share  your favorite blog posts of the week so that you can meet new friends,  promote your content,  and find other generous content creators.


The rules to this link-up are simple:

  • Share up to 2 posts to the link-up. This can be a blog post, lead magnet, etc.
  • Only share content that is safe for work. If you are caught sharing NSFW content your link will be deleted and your URL will be banned from future link-ups.
  • Go visit other links. Link-ups work best when you take some time after you link up to visit other people's links. Don't forget to take some time after you link-up to visit what other people are doing.

If you want to spread the word for this event, feel free to share the link-up by using any of the share buttons to the side. I would really appreciate you sharing this link up with your friends as I build up this link-up.

START: June 2nd, AT 8 AM CST

END: June 7th, AT 11:55 PM CST


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