VIDEO: 5 Things I Did In 2016 To Radically Expand My Blog

Today on YouTube I shared a video all about the five things I did in 2016 to radically expand my blog. I hope you enjoy this video and that you get something out of the accompanying text!

The Video

1. I invested in courses to grow my blog

In 2015 I started the big process of investing in courses and I continued that trend in 2016. Taking great courses that I did research on and asked around about was a big part of my strategy. It is very important that you look at the results of other people who have taken the courses. What have they accomplished from the courses they took? Let other people guide your decisions a bit, look past the testimonials of their brightest students. What have the average students done to expand their growth? I have a great post from a few weeks ago about how to make successful blog course investments in case you need a refresher.

One course that I actually highly recommend is Melyssa Griffin's Pinfinite Growth course. I have gotten great results from taking this particular course, and of all the courses I have invested in, it is the one I think is most worth the money invested (keep ind mind I am taking two pretty intense courses right now so this opinion may change this time next year because the courses I am currently in are pretty freaking amazing.

2. I Wrote quality content

I talked about the importance of quality content about a year or so ago with this post called, Quality Content Versus Quantity Content. As I stated in the video, your version of quality content may be widely different from my version of quality content, but better content really does help your blog get seen better for multiple reasons:

  1. People want to share it more because it is valuable to them.
  2. You want to share it more because it feels valuable to you.

When I was posting 5 uninspiring articles a week I wasn't getting anywhere with my brand. I was constantly writing, but what was the purpose of that writing? I didn't feel confident sharing my work across the internet. It was taking up space on my website and it wasn't giving me any return on investment. When I started sharing work I was proud of, this become a whole different narrative.

3. I invested in a rebrand

This is another topic I have talked about at length on the blog, but getting The Happy Arkansan rebranded into what you see here today was one of the best thing I did in 2016. I hired an Arkansas designer named Bri to do my rebrand, and working with her on that project was such a blessing. She knew exactly what I needed and my design looks amazing. Check out her site here.

If you want to learn more about the process behind hiring a web designer, I encourage you to check out the post Rebrand 101: The Purpose Of Hiring A Website Designer as well as my article called Why I Switched To Sqaurespace if you are interested in making the switch.

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Video: 5 Things I Did To Radically Expand My Blog | Do you want to grow your blog? Click through to watch (& read) about the five things I did in 2017 to radically expand my blog.

4. I Took Pinterest Seriously

The next thing I did in 2016 that radically expanded my blog was taking Pinterest seriously. A big chunk of my year was dedicated to acting on the stuff that I learned in Pinfinite Growth and using it to grow my blog, so obviously I was taking Pinterest hella seriously. If you haven't reached into Pinterest to grow your brand, what are you waiting for? You should definitely be on the Pinterest bandwagon because it really does help grow your brand. Pinterest, in fact, is my biggest referrer right now.

In the video above my goal for this year on Pinterest was 3,500 but I filmed this a few weeks ago and right now I am at about 3,840 on Pinterest. My Pinterest is growing faster than I thought it would, and I love any day where I go on Pinterest and I see that it's growing.

I owe a big part of this growth to BoardBooster. BoardBooster is a fairly cheap way to really capitalize on Pinterest growth so if you don't already automate some of your Pinterest growth using BoardBooster I really encourage it. Plans start at just $5 a month!

Next month I have a whole list of great Pinterest stuff planned for The Happy Arkansan so if you are struggling with Pinterest I can't wait to show you some of my techniques. Is there a particular question you have about using Pinterest that you want an answer to next month? Be sure to leave a question down below in the comments!

5. I started planning for the new year early

It's never too early to start planning ahead. I started planning for the new year in early December and I can't wait to show y'all what I have planned in the New Year. Here are some of my bigger overarching goals.


I want to consistently put out the following each week;

  1. A post on Monday pertaining to college or career.
  2. A video on Wednesday (and maybe a coordinating blog post if I feel that the video deserves one.
  3. A post on Friday about blogging, social media, etc.
  4. A newsletter to my list on Friday sharing some information and talking about that week's happenings.


I will have three main ways of monetizing this year:

  1. Sponsored posts: I want to start doing more sponsored posts, this will always be in addition to the content I have going up on Monday/Friday. It will probably go live on Wednesday if it is a blog post.
  2. Freelance Writing: I am looking to support myself as a writer so I am working to secure freelance writing jobs for 2017.
  3. Mini-trainings: I plan to put out 1-2 mini-trainings per month and selling them for about $10. If you want to find out more about my most recent mini-training click this link.

If you want to hire me for any of these services check out my hire me page.

Focus on SEO

I have been seeing an uptick in SEO searches, especially because of my article How To Create Irresistible Sorority Social Media Profiles which is really working on Google and Pinterest right now. I have been looking into random resources to up the SEO level of my blog and I recently resubmitted my site to Google so it could remap my site. I am SO excited about investing in SEO in 2017.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for watching The Happy Arkansan on YouTube all this past year. I can't wait for a new year of awesome video content, it's coming your way super soon! See you on YouTube in the New Year, and one more time after this on the blog before January!