How To Use Interact To Quickly Grow Your List

Note: I want to thank Interact for providing this platform for me to use and write a review on. All opinions are my own.

Today on the blog we are talking about quizzes, but not just any type of quiz (sorry if you thought we were going back to the Quizilla days!) Today we are talking about quizzes that will rapidly grow your email list. Crazy right, I thought so too, but the lovely people at Interact recently reached out to my blog and gave me access to their platform so I knew I had to review this process for y'all.

How To Grow Your Email List With Quizzes | Interact has SO MANY amazing tools to help you connect with your audience and grow your email list. Click through for my post all about how to use Interact  quizzes, giveaways, and more to quickly grow your email list.

Have you ever taken one of those awesome Buzzfeed quizzes? You know, the one that tells you what song from the mid-2000s you are or what vacation spot you should travel to next? You can create those for your brand, but not only that, you can grow your email list with it! Buzzfeed doesn't usually go this route, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't.

I have slowly been implementing this on my two blogs for the last few weeks and I have been amazed by what Interact has done for my blog. In fact, within the first day of having an Interact quiz on my blog The Happy Arkansan I was able to capture 11 leads. That's eleven new emails that I didn't have on my blog before. Crazy, right?

So, how does it all work?

  1. You create a quiz of 6-12 questions (you can create quizzes that are longer, but you don't want your quiz to take a long time, because the longer it takes, the harder it will be to keep people interested.)
  2. You promote the quiz and let people know what's happening and how the quiz works.
  3. They take the quiz, and right before the results get shown, there is a place for them to enter their information. The Interact platform has space for people to enter their email (required), first name, last name, company name, zip code, and phone number. You should only ask for what you actually use though so I only ask for their first name and email address.
  4. You get the lead, they get their results, access to the call to action you set, and they are automatically hooked up to whatever email sequence you set for them.

Pretty simple right? It does take some time because you have to think about the quiz that you want to create. Interact makes it easy though with tons of awesome resources on the site that we will discuss later.

Types of quizzes

Interact is a really amazing platform because they have tons of different quiz options that allow you to create beautiful quizzes easily. Here are the different types of quizzes you can make with Interact:

The Three Different Types Of Quizzes You Can Make With Interact

The Three Different Types Of Quizzes You Can Make With Interact

Assessment Quizzes

Assessment quizzes are great for testing your readers knowledge on a topic. Interact gives the example of "How much do you actually know about the world cup?" I could see this being great for your blog posts as well to determine if your readers have actually been reading what you are saying on the blog and to make sure they are taking away the main points you are trying to make.

For my other blog The Happy Arkansan I recently made an assessment quiz called "How Much Do You Know About Sorority Recruitment?" I got a quiz completion within an hour of putting this quiz on Pinterest. People want to test their knowledge of different topics, y'all.

An example of an assessment quiz I used for The Happy Arkansan.

An example of an assessment quiz I used for The Happy Arkansan.

Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes are great and they are the type of quiz I have used most as I was testing out this awesome platform. I have created three different personality quizzes for The Happy Arkansan and Amanda Cross Blog combined:

  • How Should You Get Your Organization's Name Out There? On The Happy Arkansan
  • What Quote Do You Need In Your Life Right Now? On The Happy Arkansan
  • What Lead Magnet Should You Create? On Amanda Cross Blog

You can take the What Lead Magnet Should You Create quiz here.

An example of a personality quiz

An example of a personality quiz

Scored (Tallied) Quizzes

This is similar to the assessment quiz, but it puts you into a category of sorts. They give an example of "What is your marketing IQ?" So a Scored quiz differs from an assessment quiz because in a scored quiz each answer is associated with a number that you set. These numbers can be positive or negative whole numbers.

So for instance, if you have a 10 question quiz and a participant can score at most 100 points on each question and at least 0 points on each question then you have a score range of 0-700 that you need to divide among how many ever results that you want. So if you have 4 results then it would be good for you to to set up your results in this way:

  • 0-175
  • 176-351
  • 352-527
  • 528-700

Or something similar to that so your answers are somewhat even across the four categories.

I was listening to a podcast that Josh one of the founders of Interact was on the other day and he mentioned that these quizzes are great for segmenting your audience and I agree. For example if you want to write more posts about email marketing in the future you can create a quiz titled, "What is your email marketing IQ?" and then get people on your list by promoting the lead magnet. Then once you have enough data you can start tailoring your email marketing posts (or even content you send quiz takers automatically) by what their email marketing score was.

How to Place & Promote your quiz

I have produced a couple of different quizzes and I put them in a variety of places. You can create quizzes in a couple of different ways.

As a stand alone lead magnet

You can easily create stand alone lead magnets with a quiz. I have a couple of those going on. For Amanda Cross Blog I created a quiz titled, "What Lead Magnet Should You Create" which I linked earlier in this blog post. For The Happy Arkansan I created a quiz titled "What Quote Do You Need In Your Life Right Now?" as a lead magnet to attract college students who are stressed out from midterms exams and just general college life.

These two quizzes are hosted on a separate page that I have on Amanda Cross Blog and The Happy Arkansan. I can then make Pinterest images for those pages and link directly to the page where I give some brief instructions about how the quiz works and what to expect from it. I feel the need to let readers know that it will ask them for their email address beforehand, mainly because I don't want them to be upset with me that it asks, because I warned them beforehand.

As a part of any blog posts you have on your site

An Interact Quiz Within A Blog Post

As you can see on the image here I have a blog post on The Happy Arkansan where I talked about how to get your organization's name out in the public. As a part of that blog post I made a quiz titled "How Should You Get Your Organization's Name Out There" that could be taken in order to get a PDF featuring 10 Extra Ways To Get Your Organization Noticed. If you liked the post where I discussed the five ways, you would obviously be excited to take the quiz so you could get the extra ways that I had to offer my readers. Each result in the quiz was an item that we talked about in the blog that day.

This is a personality type quiz, but it could also be a cool way to test your readers knowledge of what you shared in the blog post, think of it like a pop quiz. You could also test their general knowledge of the topic, not just stuff that you talked about in the post. If you had a post about Pinterest marketing you could also include a quiz to see how much your readers know about Pinterest.

Other awesome Interact tools

Interact has a lot of other great features that are great for content creators. Check out these other awesome tools they have on the site:

list building giveaways

With Interact you can create quick and easy list building giveaways where the focus of the giveaway is on collecting email addresses. They have easy to use forms that you can embed on different pages in your site. Then once they are live you can collect all those great emails. Plus they have a social media component after they have entered their email address that allows you to get access to your subscribers audience through social sharing.

I really adore how the giveaways feature is set up on Interact and I think that you will too!

facebook live polls

Interact also has a great tool that helps you set up Facebook Live Polls. You know those reaction polls where the likes mean one thing and hearts mean another. They create beautiful live polls that can be added to your Facebook Live Stream as either the full stream or part of the screen. I haven't played around with this feature yet but it's something I definitely want to use in the future.

Videos About Interact

I made a TON of videos about Interact for y'all. Some of the content overlaps a little bit, but for the most part they cover various parts of the quiz building, giveaway making, and live polling process as well as covering questions about things like pricing and seeing some other live examples that they have up.

An Overview Of Interact's Features

In this video I take you through the quizzes, giveaways, and live poll sections for an overview of some of the amazing list building and community building features that Interact has on their site so you can see them up close and personal.

A Look At My Interact Quizzes

In this video I take you behind the scenes of my actual quizzes so that you can see how they look when they are made and some of the cool things you can do with the platform.

Interact Pricing And Resources

In this video I walk you through Interact's pricing plans, Interact's Live Examples section, Interact's Customer Successes section, and Interact's blog. Learning more about these resources and digging through them will really help you determine if Interact is the right investment for you.

I sincerely hope that y'all found ALL of these awesome tutorials helpful. I worked hard to cover the various elements of their platform with you in these videos and I hope that you loved getting to see some behind the scenes of Interact because I know that I love interacting (see what I did there? 😉) with a platform before I commit to a free trial or the program itself so I am so excited to share how easy it is to work with Interact with y'all today!

Final Thoughts

Overall I am in love with Interact as a platform and I think that you will be too. It's easy to use and it creates amazing and interactive quizzes. Again I want to thank Interact for being so gracious and letting me use their platform. It's a wonderful tool to have on my side as I build my little corner of the internet.