How To Blog In College

Since I have started my blog almost 3 years ago I have always been in college. I have learned to balance this more and more overtime, but I am not going to lie and say I have always had myself together. Truth is, at one point, my blogging schedule was a hot mess. I mean, sometimes it still is a hot mess, case in point last week when I missed Thursday and Friday. I am not the authority on all things blogging, but I'd love to share with ya'll some tips on getting your blog somewhat off the ground while juggling courses.

How To Blog In College

Take advantage of weekend times

My weekends as a college blogger are so very important. Even if I don't have everything figured out to a tee I still use my weekends wisely. I may write an introduction to a post I know I will have coming up or I might edit/take some photos. You don't have to have the whole post written, but an outline of what you want to say doesn't hurt.

If weekends don't work for you take advantage of any time. Do you have an hour between classes? Eat food and take some time to write out potential blogging topics, outline a post, or come up with pieces of a potential blog post. A note on a scrap piece of a paper may turn into your most popular post to date when written out. The biggest mistake you can make is letting a good blog topic slip between your fingers because you didn't write it down. 

Use your life to write your blog

: This post was inspired by a question I got the other day about how I manage to balance and have such a good audience so far. I thought about that question and I thought it'd probably be a great blog topic when I was running short on what to write about today.

As I have previously stated write things down. If you see a topic in your mind that could be a good topic start thinking of how you could use it or spin it so that you can post about it on your blog. Always keep a notepad in your bag or purse that you can use to take blogging notes on any observations you might make while living life. Don't live just to blog about it, but all the best blog topics are usually personal.

Join a blogger network

I absolutely love blogging networks. The friends you make in your blogging network can be so so so helpful. For instance, when I went on vacation this summer my bloggy friends helped by guest blogging on the website. They also give me so much encouragement and give me ideas on how to expand my blog and make it better. A few days in the blogger network I most frequent and I could already tell it was a great investment. 

A blogger network I really encourage is Her Campus Blogger Network. It's absolutely amazing for young women who are blogging because the group is filled with young women, and a lot of them are currently in college. They have a lot of knowledge all around and they are so very helpful.

I also encourage you to join a network that has women from your state or in your area in it. I am a part of a network for my state and while our blog topics are extremely different it's still a great opportunity to grow connections in your state not just the country.

Manage your social media

You can blog all day and get absolutely nowhere if you don't promote it. Label all your posts with hashtags on whatever blogging platform you use--that's the first step to getting your stuff out there. After you do that promote promote promote. I always go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest everyday for each post. It's like a round robin event honestly. You have to promote until you have built up that audience that will just keep coming back, and even after that promote some more because there are always readers to be gotten.

Start working on your social media platforms as soon as possible and use your own personal platforms to advertise too. You may not want to post about everything you post on your own social media network, but it's good to make a few posts every now and again to keep your friends and family updated with what you are doing on your blog.

One of my favorite tools for blogging are group Pinterest boards. I have gained so many readers through group Pinterest boards. If you can get a Pinterest board with lots of followers you potentially have so many awesome people seeing your post that wouldn't otherwise see it. It's pretty amazing what a pin to a group board can do for your blog.

Realize things don't happen overnight

Blogging is a crazy thing. You won't become successful overnight at this and a lot of blogs take years to finally get some traction. If you are not seeing success right away don't worry. Keep posting and keep promoting and eventually your blog will take off if you keep up good blogging practices and you have a positive attitude. This is your space and someone will appreciate your insight on things. 

When I first started blogging I was seeing so little payoff, but every blue moon I would get a message of good job or a like on a post when I was on Tumblr and that really kept me going. I can only imagine if I had given in the towel so soon. I owe so much to my blog and I couldn't imagine my life without it. It's given me so many opportunities like being published in a book at 21, blogging for my national sorority, having written for awesome companies like The Prospect; The Smart Girls Group; Her Campus; and countless guest posts on bloggy friends blogs. It has given me friendships and confidence to do more in life. It's not going to come easy, but once it gets there you will know it and it will be great.