How To Create A Blogging Email Address (& Why It's Important)

Blogging is difficult, and I hate to add one more expense, but you really need a blogging email address. Blogging email addresses are cheaper than you think per year and they add a wealth of value to your brand. Here is your guide to blogging email addresses and why you need one.

How To Create A Blogging Email Address | Do you have an email address for your blog? Having a blogging email address can be very beneficial for you as you try to make yourself an expert in your field. Click through to find out more.

We are starting today by answering a simple question: Why do I need a blogging email address?

They Are Branded

Branding is everything in today’s day and age, even when it comes to email accounts. Having a branded email address does a lot for your blog and allows the focus of your correspondence to be on your brand. When I am emailing from an over an account things just become more official.

Branded emails are also a million times easier to remember. Chances are they already know your blog URL so they just have to add whatever you decided to put with it. My blog email is so it is super easy to remember because I make sure my name and URL are at the forefront of my brand. 

Here are some ideas for blog email addresses:


Remember to keep it simple

This is a blogging email address for a domain you own. There is no competition for email addresses here, because you are the only one who can make an address. Therefore, you need to keep it simple, girl. Don't add any unnecessary characters to your email address. For example, a lot of the times my email addresses will start with Amandajpcr because Amanda is a hella common name, but my blog email address will always say Amanda, because I don't have to compete with anyone in this space.

It Gives You Credibility

As I stated earlier, things just become more official when you have an email address to call your own. Instead of emailing a random Gmail user, your are emailing The Happy Arkansan or whatever you decide to email. It makes emailing with that person a little more tangible.

Credibility is so important when it comes to understanding who an email rightfully belongs to. Anyone on earth can make an email account that is, but it takes a special person with more access to my brand to be able to make one that says

Have you, as a blogger, ever gotten an email from a company where they use an email address? Don’t you feel a little sketched out, like maybe this person doesn’t represent the company they claim to represent. Brands and other bloggers may potentially perceive your brand that way if you aren’t using a proper email address.

How Do You Get A Branded Email Address

There are many ways to get a branded email address. I have used email address that have come with my hosting packages and domain names in the past. For example NameCheap and BlueHost both have email services that I have used in the past.

Right now though, I use G Suite and it is the most amazing email service I have ever received, because it is a Google account. G Suite is perfect because I get all of the Google Apps (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Blogger, etc) included in my plan for just $5 a month (or $50 yearly which is an AMAZING deal). This means that I can use a Google Mail account, but the account is branded with all of my business information. I get the best of both worlds. My email is branded but I also get to take advantage of all that Google has to offer.

I also love G Suite because you get a TON of storage in your Google Cloud by using the service. In fact, you get 30GBs of storage. This is a great amount of storage and it basically guarantees that you won't run out, even if you use the hell out of all the services they offer. I really appreciate Squarespace for letting me know that this service exists.

If you don’t want to pay $5 a month though mail through your domain or hosting provider will probably be much cheaper. I am spoiled by G Suite though so I will more than likely continue to invest in G Suite yearly.

Don’t Make Yourself Hard To Contact

One mistake a lot of people make when they get their blogging email address is making themselves hard to contact. You should have an easily accessible link to your email address in multiple places on your blog. I have a contact link in my header, and I have many social links blocks on Squarespace that include my contact information. Also, on most of my social media networks I also have my email address easily accessible. This may up the amount of spam that you could get in your email, but it can also up the amount of sponsored post offers and networking offers you get.

Don't hide your email once you get it, because then what is the point of that? You are more than likely paying some amount of money for your email address, so make sure people can use it to contact you.

Final thoughts

Getting a blogging email address is a great next step to becoming a great blogger and a recognizable brand. If you have been on the fence about getting a blog email address, you should definitely do it.

Do you have a blog email address or are you considering it?