How to Explain Blogging to Your Family/Friends

Welcome to Day 3 of my blogging information series! As I stated in my blog on day 1 I had a hard time telling my family and friends about my blog. I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to share with them, and I wasn't sure how to even bring it up. I waited until my blog was super established before I began to mention my blogs.

Blogging is a hard thing to explain to people. You are basically telling people there is a group of people on the internet interested in hearing my random mumbles of information--so I update them on my thoughts multiple times a week. So how do you explain blogging in a way that is a little less strange?

How To Explain Blogging To Your Family/Friends | One of the hardest parts for me of being a blogger was finding a way to explain the fact that I was a blogger to my family and friends. Once I did though everyone accepted that as a part of my identity and  have excitedly helped me along the way. Click through for my tips on explaining blogging to your family and friends.

Realize not everyone will get it

Especially if you are trying to explain this concept to people who don't truly understand the internet--it may seem like the strangest thing ever. Don't try to convince everyone, because some people just won't get it. If you try to please everyone with your decision to blog you will never be happy.

Explain it as more than just a journal

Most people equate their blogs to being like a journal--instead talk about it more as a business. You run a website with content that people read because they like your viewpoint on things. You do a lot of things: you write, edit, sell, advertise, collaborate, and a whole slew of other things.

Incorporate your friends/family into your blog

Give them a chance to get used to the concept--don't expect them to be 100% excited for you right away. Blogging is a new concept for many people, and people are still jumping on the bandwagon every day. Share your post with your family/friends and let them see what you do with your blog.

Ask them if they have questions

Let them ask their questions and explain to them using all the terms that you can. Even if you answer the same questions about your blog all the time, answer them again. This is so that they can get a better grip on what blogging is and how it relates to your life.

Share and it will eventually become a part of you

It may seem like a hard task to do, but after I just started sharing my content with my friends and family it just became an extension of me. Now I can openly talk about blogging with my friends and family and I can show them all the cool things I am able to do because of blogging. I no longer have to hide this major part of my life.

Letting your friends and family know about your blogging can be a huge step to blogging. In the end it will allow you to expand your blog and keep you from having to lead a separate life. Blogging can be a huge time commitment, so it helps when everyone in your life is behind you--not just your blogging friends!