How To: Lead A Group Giveaway

My three year blog anniversary is right around the corner. I am getting together an awesome giveaway for all my readers and I can't wait to share with ya'll what I am giving away. I did a pretty kick awesome job with this giveaway if I do say so myself. This is the second group giveaway I have planned and executed and I am excited to share with ya'll how to lead a group giveaway!

How To Lead A Group Giveaway

Give yourself lots of time

I try to start planning a group giveaway at LEAST a month in advance--if not longer. The more time you have to gather information, send out emails, and gather responses the better. When working on a group giveaway you are depending on the answer speed of a ton of different people--so it's very important that you take the time and give those you are emailing a lot of time as well. You never know what might happen along the journey to getting all of your items together so make sure you have time to get an awesome group giveaway together.

Start with companies and bloggers you know, but also reach out

It's important to start by asking bloggers and companies you have known or purchased from before you venture out to companies you haven't worked with before. I am doing a nice mixture with this giveaway, but I am definitely sticking more to companies I have worked with before either with giveaways or people I have personally bought form (sometimes both) I also reached out to companies I have personally been loving on social media to see if they would like to join the giveaway too.


You are the point person for everyone in the group giveaway. Without you, everyone has no idea what is happening. You have to communicate with everyone in order for your group giveaway to be successful. Send emails, respond to emails promptly, and be everyone's go to person. During this time you have to be very customer service oriented. It may take them a day to answer an email, but always try to be the person who responds promptly to all emails--you are asking them to take part in your group giveaway after all.

Be accommodating

This is your giveaway, you can change how things are run to fit the audience you are wanting to participate in your giveaway. Not everyone will fit the mold you may have originally wanted in your giveaway, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be included in your amazing giveaway. If you see that a lot of people need an accommodation, maybe the guidelines you originally set were a lot too rigid and they didn't fit the reality you will face. Change it up and tweak it so that it fits the companies you want to work with.

Don't get discouraged

Sometimes you will get rejected--not everyone will be able to afford entries into your group giveaway and that is okay. You may see 100 rejections before you see 1 acceptance and that is okay. Keep contacting companies you have worked with and bloggers you have worked with and then move on to ones you have wanted to work with. You never know when you are going to run across some awesome acceptances to your giveaway!

I hope these tips have helped you on your journey to having awesome group giveaways. Join me next week as we celebrate my blog anniversary with an amazing group giveaway! I am so obsessed with the prizes that I kinda want to win myself.