How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies, but I think that even bloggers who are super new want to learn tips and tricks to making money on their blog. Today I am going to share some tips and tricks to making money from your blog that you can amplify them yourself with a go-getter attitude. These are things that people make lots of money from daily so you if you are not implementing one of these these techniques, I hope I gave you an idea to start!

How to Make Money Blogging

Affiliate/Ad Sales

Not going to lie to you, this is not the best way to get money for your blog, but it is an easy way to get some income. Here are a couple of tips on this

Google Ads

I am not a huge fan of Google Ads, but Google AdSense is a great way to make some income if you have a steady stream of pageviews monthly. It takes a while to cash out because of the $100 cash out minimum,  but if you can gain a good amount of clicks and views this will be a great income that you don't have to keep up with.

Other Ad Networks

Places like BlogHer also help you sell ads from companies that are high quality and pay well. Google Adsense is great for beginners in the ad sales department, but once you up your page views consider checking out other ad networks.

Affiliate Ads

Most companies have an affiliate program. If you shop at a place a lot and you always share their products in posts, why not make money from it? You can usually link straight to a product with the help of their affiliate software. Check out Share-A-Sale or scroll to the bottom of your favorite shops page as they usually share their affiliate program information there.

Sell Ads On Your Website

Do you have a steady stream of page views and a nice social media following? You should consider opening your site up for advertisements from businesses and other bloggers.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a great way to make money for your blog and work with fun brands. There are tons of ways to find out about sponsored posts and the best way is to join a network.

Blogging Networks

 Various blogging networks usually have great ways to make money. I always encourage a few different blogging networks

Her Campus Blogger Network: If you are a young woman and a blogger HCBN is perfect for you. HCBN also has some great sponsored post opportunities from places such as Vera Bradley, Luvo Learn, and more!

Local/Regional Networks: It is super important to join up with local and regional blogging networks. They often have a ton of really awesome sponsored posts opportunities, and better yet these opportunities are local to you. Not to mention the great part of connecting with bloggers in your area. As an example I am a part of Arkansas Women Bloggers.

Influencer Networks

 Second, it is important to join influencer networks because they can provide a wealth of awesome opportunities for you at great prices! Here are some ideas:


Linqia (This is pay-per-click which can be fun, but it does become difficult after a while because you are not guaranteed any amount of money from the campaigns. You only earn the amount of clicks you bring in.)

Social Fabric

Acorn Influence

Social Media Campaigns

 This year I have really taken a delve into social media campaigns. Through some of the places above I was able to utilize my social media platforms to work with some really awesome brands like Toyota, U by Kotex, and Brita. It's basically pretty awesome. You can make a significant amount of money working on social media campaigns. Through those 3 campaigns I made $260 all for a few Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts.

Selling Your Own E-Products or Products

In this day and age one of the best ways to make money with your blog is selling your very own products! Want to create an e-book, e-course, or sell prints to your followers? You can make a lot of money through this and the sky is the limit with what you can do with this. Here are some extra resources on selling your own products

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Extra Resources: Here are some great resources for monetizing your blog:

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