40+ Bloggers Discuss How They Stay Productive As A Blogger

Productivity is important to bloggers, especially for bloggers with other jobs and obligations. Blogging needs to be done systematically and I talked with 40+ bloggers about how they stayed productive while working from home or even doing this as a side project. I found so much insight in what these bloggers said and I hope you do too.

40+ Bloggers Discuss How To Stay Productive While Blogging | Are you having trouble with productivity as a blogger? Click through to learn how 40+ bloggers stay productive and keep putting out amazing and creative content.

When I want to stay productive while blogging my favorite technique is definitely using the Pomodoro Technique. This technique allows me to have a lot of focus while also giving me time to take a break to check social media or check my email. It really allows me to have great balance between getting work done and having a few minutes to play on my phone or have fun outside of writing content.

Another thing I love is using a planner. I use a mixture of a Google Spreadsheet and the Blog + Life Planner by Wonderlass. I love writing things down so that I can keep up with them and know exactly what I need to write and when I need to write it by. Careful planning also allows me to kick writer's block to the curb for the most part because I brainstorm content long before I write content.

Now that I have told you my personal ways that I am productive as a blogger, let's turn our attention to 40+ amazing bloggers as they tell us how they stay productive.

40+ Bloggers Discuss How They Stay Productive While Blogging

40+ Bloggers Discuss How They Stay Productive While Blogging

At the beginning of every month, I have a planning and brainstorming session where I list the projects I want to work on that month. Then I can refer back to it whenever I have time to work on my blog, and I don't waste time trying to figure out what to do.

I also have grace with myself when I go a couple weeks without a blog post. I'm not a full-time blogger, and that means sometimes my other priorities outweigh my blog. I don't let the stress of being away make me feel like a failure at blogging. Keeping the stress and negativity away ensures my blog will still be fun when I get back to it.

Katie Barton

I live and breathe by planners and calendars. I have a Google Calendar that is only for blogging, where I can plan a whole month's worth of content in one easy place I can access anywhere. And it's easier to pull up when I am writing posts because it's just another tab to have. Google Keep is also turning into a great resource for organizing and storing ideas, and I can use that anywhere as well as long as I have my phone with me. Lastly, Dropbox is magnificent again because I can access my files I need anywhere, whether I need a stock photo for a Twitter post or a designed image for an Instagram post, it's accessible with Dropbox.

Michelle Anneliese

Some days it's extremely hard. I do my best and most work when my energy is the highest so, that's really early in the morning or really, really late at night when everyone else is asleep.

Keeshaun Derima

With doing something on the internet, arguably the biggest and most useful distraction ever created, it's definitely difficult sometimes to stay focused. I find that taking a few hours out of every weekend when I don't post really helps me set up the framework for all the content I plan to post for the next week or two. Notebooks are my absolute must when staying focused. I always buy cute notebooks and write down all my blogging "to-dos" when laying out my content for the week so I know exactly what I need to do. This really helps eliminate any confusion during the week when trying to think through what needs to get done in order to get everything up on time.

Eva Phan

I have set hours to work just as if it is a real job. I also keep a detailed to-do list, so I know what to work on next and don't get lost skimming social media all day. When I realized I've gotten off track, I go back to my list and start at the top!

Jessica Craddock

Productivity is something that I've learned. It's definitely not something that I just woke up with one day. Through trial and error, I've been able to find that I'm the most productive when I have a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly plan. For example, right now I'm sitting with my planner beside me outlining the three biggest tasks that I need to get done today. Having this visual reference and plan in mind, I'm able to be productive and I'm able to move forward with my business.


I am an old school advocate about keeping a calendar to stay on track with my podcasts and blog posts. I also have a separate social media calendar to help me focus on my social media presence and branding.

Melody Tune

This is the question of the century. I'm honestly working on this. However, I love the idea of batching tasks. For example, having specific days dedicated to writing, editing, creating graphics, scheduling, optimizing, and promoting. Ideally, that is what I would do. My real life is a bit more chaotic, though, lol.

Tiffany Hathorn

I stay productive as a blogger by staying hungry and trying to be simple. I want my word out there as much as possible. At the same time, I try to remember that, quite simply, it's all about good content. Oh, and staying at it for years. I am hitting the 3 year mark this month and I just now feel like it's starting to take off.

Brian DePersis

I'm involved in twitter chats and constantly researching. As a newbie, I believe if I research and learn as much as I can (especially on days I don't blog) it'll be beneficial. Learning is an important part in productivity!


40+ Bloggers Discuss How They Stay Productive While Blogging

Productivity isn't about getting more done, it's about getting the right things done. I think a lot of bloggers struggle with feeling overwhelmed. There's so much advice out there, and so many different things you could be doing.
 The key to success is knowing that you can't and shouldn't try to do it all. You need to prioritize and stay focused on a single goal. Yep, that's right, just one. People who are successful at this don't spread themselves too thin. They master one social media platform at a time. They know their top goal and pursue it relentlessly, even though that means giving up other things.
 So, if you want to be a more productive blogger, get really clear on your number one goal. Break that goal down into action steps. Schedule those action steps in to your calendar, and follow your plan. Don't let anything distract you from that path and you'll be amazed at how far you get.

Emily McGee

To stay productive I try and follow a very strict schedule. I have time set aside for writing, social media promotion, and all the other tasks I need to get done. Checking in with other bloggers helps a lot as they help me stay on top of my game!

Tera Freeman

As a blogger I stay productive by using my planner to keep track of what posts I'm going to upload each week. I also love checking out other blog posts to inspire me and keep me up to date with the blogging community.

Andrea Luna

Time management is key and fortunately something that comes naturally to me. Because I'm always writing and reading content, I usually have a running list of ideas and a folder full of drafts. For me, this translates into productivity because I'm motivated to write a blog post that I'm excited about, know will be helpful, and/or have a lot of information to include in.


Honestly it can be hard. However, I think the best way to make yourself productive is to put it in your schedule as if it is a job or a task. Setting aside that time makes you sit down and really do it, not put it aside until you feel like it. Some days I'm inspired to blog and it's super easy, but some days I need that extra push.

Alyssa Larsen

As someone who isn't Type-A, this is so hard for me. I have a planner that I use for my blog, but am always on and off with it. I think what mostly keeps me productive is my will to learn, expand, and motivate myself which essentially comes from my passion for blogging. If I'm not passionate, I have no reason to be productive.

Sami Mast

To do lists, passion, and sheer stubbornness!


I am completely obsessed with my blog. It's hard to stay productive with anything else some days!


I intentionally schedule time to blog and put it in my calendar as non-negotiable. I don't get a lot of free time (I have two small kiddos at home), so scheduling it helps me stay focused.


Personal Development is key to anything that I do! Listening to a podcast, motivational video like tony Robbins, or a Facebook live gets me pumped and gets my mind going. So I can get more inspiration and get my blog writing flowing!

Crissa Smith

I sit at a desk all day so blogging, and all of the components that come with it, are my only creative outlet. Before I started blogging, I found myself constantly bored and unaffected and it was a feeling I didn't enjoy. The passion that blogging has brought into my life is enough to keep me motivated and productive.

Sheree Brand

I have goals that I want to reach with my blog and that keeps me going when I want to give up. It's also a personal outlet. If something is bothering me or eating at me, I can write about it and then people engage and let me know that it's not just me. Feels good to know I'm not just crazy at times. Being a mother blogging to mothers, I could never run out of material to talk about.


I do my best to try to write every day and keep a list of topics to share. For me, I write about my work as a makeup artist a lot, so making sure that I am working consistently on projects I can share right away (sometimes doing portfolio building just for that) versus projects that have to stay under wraps for months until they are published helps. I also find making a schedule for when you will post, and then trying to get several posts ahead helps in case you get busy!


I see my blog as an online magazine, and I have 10 other writers contributing articles regularly as well as guest posts from other experts. I keep an active blog calendar. The frequency of posting keeps me on my toes since I work well under a deadline.

Jennifer Quisenberry

Coffee! I have my planner that I keep with me to organize each day. I have about 20 tabs open on my internet browser for things I need to do each day and then I arrange them in order of importance so I never forget what needs to get done. I also keep post-it notes handy for last-minute notes or ideas. When I'm on the go, I've been known to text myself ideas for posts.

Caroline Vencil

I stay productive by setting a schedule for myself. If it's not in my planner, I'm probably not doing it. 


By keeping organised. I have a diary where I plan out content for each month and then list tasks for each week. I also keep track of social media stats and figures. I prefer to work in hard copy rather than use a virtual calendar as I am a visual person and find that having everything there in front of me helps keep me on track.

Alyssa Knee

I will admit, I haven't always been perfect about blogging on a regular basis. Over the holidays though I bought a planner that I fell completely in love with, and now I've found that writing things in a planner has helped me stay motivated. (And all those cute planner stickers!) The only other thing that makes blogging easier for me is writing the article the moment I get the idea, because that's usually when the words flow most easily.

Rubi Mancilla

It can definitely be hard to stay productive as many other things demand our time like school or work but I try to keep a schedule. I make sure I have a day set to take photos, which for me is usually on Sundays. Then I like to make sure I have my posts ready by the day I take my photos so I can edit them and publish my post the next day. In order to do this I have to set another day to work on the post so as long as I set certain days/times to do certain things, I stay productive!

Milan Merlo

Scheduling content weeks out helps me stay on top of engaging an audience without needing to be developing content all the time.


Blogging is a lot of work! and balancing this with a full- time job, school and a social life can sometimes be overwhelming. To stay productive as a blogger and still balance life, I dedicate most of my Saturdays to blogging. This is a carved out time where I can just focus on everything blog related that needs to get done. I write, edit and schedule my blog post and social media. I also try to reply to blog comments and emails. this helps me get everything done in one go and allow me to focus on other aspects of my life during the week.


I stay productive by always reminding myself to do what I love! If your blog aesthetic isn't something you're truly passionate about, change it to something you absolutely adore. Loving what you do is the best way to stay at it!

Kerry Ingram

Google Drive! From my new editorial calendar (can't believe I went 3 years without one), payments, post ideas, contacts, etc. Google Drive is perfect since I can access it anywhere.

Rebecca Pytell

I have an editorial calendar that I try to stick to. I usually plan my posts about a month in advance! It can be tough to keep up with, but having deadlines for myself holds me accountable.


I create schedules for posting and marketing on a monthly basis.

Tatiana Fernald

I stay productive as a blogger by planning ahead and sticking to a schedule. I try to stick to a certain number of posts each week and plan them out a few weeks in advance.


The key to staying productive is simply to continuously create. Even if you write something that isn't publishing-worthy everyday, it still puts words on the screen. Anything that gets your creative mind working is a success.

Laurel Neitling

I carve out time in the mornings and at night every day. I work out in the morning and give myself an hour to comment on blogs, reply on Instagram, get some ideas out. At night, I answer emails and work on blog posts! I make sure to plan post ideas a month in advance and Instagram posts a week in advance.


By being and staying passionate, and making good use of my Bullet Journal.


Commitment. And passion for what I do. Without a doubt, I love writing, sharing and most of all, helping other through my page. For that reason and many more, I add commitment and constancy. Either schedule time each day or every other day, whether it is 20 minutes or a full on day, I make way to do what I am truly crazy about, which is my page. It is hard work since in my case, I study and work part time, life is very busy, yet as always, if you really want to make something work, you have got to go for it.


I stay productive as a blogger by making a blogging calendar. I hold myself accountable to writing at least two posts a week. However, while doing this I also take breaks from blogging so I can regroup, reflect on recent past experiences that I can post on the blog, and just coming up with new blogging ideas in general. Becoming a productive blogger is more than blogging every single day or posting to your social media every single day, it's also about taking care of yourself and allowing yourself to experience life so that you can inspire others as a blogger.


Consistency is key! I try to post something every day. Whether it's on a specific social media platform or an actual blog post, I try to post at least once a day. I also try to engage with my readers, because they ultimately are the ones I'm dedicating my time to and I always like to get to know them more on a personal level.

Bryanna Bach

A variety of subjects. It keeps me motivated as I easily get bored talking solely about food or travel (for example).


As a blogger I stay productive by getting rid of all of my distractions, sitting down, and typing out whatever is on my mind. Later, I go through and edit what I wrote, and take out whatever is unneeded. Also, turning on some background music surprisingly helps!

Alex Rosh

I made a binder that holds a month calendar, a notepad, and notes. I plan out the posts I'm going to post throughout the month and the next few months to come. I constantly have this binder with me to write down any possible post ideas and/or course ideas, freebies, or newsletter ideas. I also make a to-do list at the end of the night so I remember what I need to do the next day and that allows my brain to "shut off" before going to sleep!


I hope you found this list as helpful as I did. Productivity is so important if you want to continue to create great content in a timely manner.

What are your best productivity tips?