How To Successfully Run Two Blogs

If you have been following me for a while you know that I run two blogs: this one and my other blog The Happy Arkansan. Today I wanted to delve deeper into how I successfully do this each month (hint: I am not always successful at this, but you gotta get up and get back to work after any unsuccessful day, week, or month.)

How To Successfully Run Two Blogs | Running two blogs can be difficult, but click through for my advice on how to run two blogs successfully. In this post, I share my tips on creating a schedule, time-blocking, and so much more so you can be productive as you run two blogs.

1. Create A Schedule

The most important thing you need to do if you want to run two blogs is create a schedule for when you will post on which blog. Since I am working from home full-time now the schedule for my content has changed a bit, but ultimately I publish five days a week now (3x a week on The Happy Arkansan and 2x a week here.) I focused my largest post amount on The Happy Arkansan because I can cover a wider range of topics on that blog since it is a college lifestyle blog. 

Once you nail down how often you will post, it is important to try and plan as much of your content as you can. This doesn't necessarily mean to write the content, but you must at least have a working title in mind. Try to plan out a month or even two in advance.

I am a spreadsheet junkie, so I have a section of my blog spreadsheet that is dedicated to planning out content. Here I have a place for:

  • Date It Goes Live
  • Title Of The Post
  • URL (when it goes live)
  • Blog (is it for The Happy Arkansan or Amanda Cross Blog)
  • The Writing Status (Is it written, outlined, etc.)

This is a simple, but it allows me to see at a glance where I am as far as content for my blogs.

Creating a spreadsheet is great because I can be very flexible with my post schedule. I can rewrite, rearrange, and change at a moment's notice without fearing that I have messed up my pretty planner. As plans become more solid I do add them to my Erin Condren blog planner though.

2. Designate Blocks Of Time For Working On Each Blog

Sometimes you need a day where you can get really invested in a particular blog. Anything that you can do that will allow you to become more focused is something that you should try. While I have a similar voice between both Amanda Cross Blog and The Happy Arkansan, it is difficult for me to switch back and forth between them consistently every day.

So, you should designate certain blocks of time or certain days for working on each blog. I do the majority of work on The Happy Arkansan on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the majority of my work for this blog happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Weekends are free for all days.

Our brain is not meant to multi-task. People who say they are good at multi-tasking are more than likely really good at the task they are putting more of their energy towards but that's not the same thing as multi-tasking. Instead, focus wholeheartedly on one task from the start so that you aren't fooling yourself later.

3. Know How To Create Content Quickly

Creating content gets easier the more that you do it. So, you should be trying to get together as much content as you possibly can.

A few weeks ago I shared a blog post about how to be more productive as a blogger and I think that is a great read if you want some quick productivity tips.

The best advice I have though, as I stated, is to create more content. Writing is a muscle so the more you flex it, the better you will be at it.

Templates Are Your Best Friend

If you want to learn how to create content quickly, templates will be your best friend. You can create templates for things such as sending emails, how you set up certain kinds of posts, and more.

For instance, if you have something that happens weekly or monthly, instead of creating the post from scratch--create a blank copy of the outline of the post. Then, when each week or month comes around fill in the outline. You shouldn't be setting up the outline over and over, so set it up once and be done with it.

Another example, I follow the same format for all of my blog emails:

  • Story from the week
  • New blog posts from the past week
  • Inspirational Wallpapers
  • Conclusion

Instead of trying to mix it up, I embrace the simplicity of it all. I just copy last week's email and replace it with new content. This means that creating emails for the blog takes around an hour instead of 2-3 hours. Save as much time as you can!

4. See If You Can Use Any Content On Both Blogs

For the most part, I cannot use content that I create for The Happy Arkansan on Amanda Cross Blog and vice versa. However, I often use images I have created for The Happy Arkansan for Amanda Cross Blog on sites like Instagram to humanize my brand.

If there is ANY content that you can crossover, do it. No matter how small the content is, it can make a big impact on the amount of time you spend creating content for your blog.

5. Take On Guest bloggers Or Outsource

If you cannot take on the intensive schedule of doing all the work yourself, take guest blog submissions or outsource content creation. This can become expensive, but it can be necessary if you do not have time to produce content yourself.

Outsourced content doesn't have to be bad either. I pride myself in creating long-form, juicy content for all of my freelance clients. If you like what I write, we should chat about working together. Check out the page where I discuss my freelance work here.

6. Don't Focus On The Fall, Focus On Getting Back Up

Running two blogs is very difficult. Chances are, no matter how much planning you do to get everything up on time, life will happen. Even when I was just running one blog I failed to post sometimes. I have mainly been a student while running my blogs so school would get in the way (I am all about education first, y'all) so I have learned that this lesson helps me more than anything.

In a perfect world, we would follow our schedule to a T and all of our content would all go up on time. That's hard to do consistently though.

So, in that time when that doesn't happen, don't focus on the fall.

Instead: focus on re-evaluating your schedule, getting all of your blog content written and scheduled, and getting things back on track. That's the best thing you can do.


Running two blogs is definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever done. If you would like to successfully run two blogs I hope that today's tips have helped you in your endeavors.

Why do you want to run two blogs?