How To Use Past Blog Posts To Get Ideas For New Blog Posts

Using your older content to create new content is really important for the livelihood and continuation of your blog. There are only so many content ideas out there, and oftentimes you can create more in-depth content from older posts. Today I am going to give you some ideas on how you can use your past blog posts to create and brainstorm new ideas.

How To Use Past Blog Posts To Get Ideas For New Blog Posts

Expand on List Articles

Recently I brainstormed 10 new blog post ideas from one list article. How did I do this? I simply took each header of this article and found and brainstormed one topic idea based on the header. I am sure I may have been able to expand this even further, but simply starting with one point is good. List articles are not that in depth. They are quite robust, but each point really just gets at the surface of the points you are trying to make. By going through some older list articles you can really break them down even further and create some great on brand content for your blog. 

Remember, when brainstorming, your new ideas don't have to correlate exactly to list items. Just think about something the person who reads that list item might also be concerned about. List posts are extremely popular on blogs, so you are probably sitting on hundreds of untapped blog post ideas. You could turn these more in-depth posts into a series and really be able to provide your blog readers some great information.

Read The Comments

Your readers have a ton of questions that they have probably raised in an old comment. While you may have briefly answered their question in a comment, it's great to go into more detail and really create a big post all about their question. If this is a recent question you can even send them a quick email with your blog post because that really creates some great dialogue and hopefully you are able to help them with your new blog post.

The great point about reading old comments and responding to them in blog post form is that you have probably grown an awful lot since you first got the comment. As humans we grow day after day and year after year. Coming at your old comments with a brand new perspective on your area of interest will be very beneficial to your readers. Share your new knowledge with your readers by using an old comment to write new content.

See What's Doing Well On Google Analytics/Pinterest

You can learn a lot about your audience by checking on Google Analytics and Pinterest statistics. It is very easy to see what pages are getting the most views on Pinterest and Google Analytics. The pages that are getting the most views are obviously what people want to read about right now. You can use that information to write more in depth posts about the topics covered in those blog posts. What is your most viewed article right now? Check out that article to see if there are any holes in that article that you can more easily fill today than you could when you originally wrote the article.

If you see that one post is doing extremely well, you can write a second part to that article and then link your new post within the older article. If you can create a newer article that is relevant to posts that are doing well that will only help your blog page numbers grow even more. You can also link the older post within the new article so no matter where they enter the post cycle, you can get them to go to your past or present articles.

Update An Older Article

I have so many older posts that I wrote about college when i was a freshman/sophomore. Updating those articles for me know is really important because I have grown a lot since I wrote those articles. Since I originally wrote those articles I graduated college, started and got half-way through my Masters, and I have just grown an awful lot. I wrote some of those articles when I was 19 years old, and now that I am 23 I have grown so much. Going back through and updating those articles can be as simple as adding a bit of information to those old articles or I could create a whole new post. It really depends on what I feel is more appropriate for the growth that I have experienced. 

Expand On Quotes From Older Articles

The last way that you can use past blog posts to get ideas is to expand on a quote that you wrote in a past article. The other day I was viewing a sorority life posts and I had a great quote about the mutual matching process of formal recruitment. My plan at some point this summer is to go back to that quote and really beef it up and create a whole new blog post all around that quote. 

You have written a lot of great advice on your blog and I am certain that you have a lot of great quotes that you can use for inspiration. Familiarize yourself with some of those awesome older posts so you can see all of the great quotes that you have said in the past. Get inspired by your past work. Then you can use that inspiration to write new blog posts.

Final Thoughts

You are sitting on a gold mine of new content ideas and you don't even know it. Over the months or years you have written some amazing content, and that content just isn't seen enough today. Go back through your old content, and get inspired. Look at what you have left open, or how you have grown over the last few months/years. You have so much more knowledge know and your readers need to know that new knowledge.