Getting Sponsored: How To Make Brands Come To You!

I am all about pitching brands to make collaborations happen, but it feels good to feel wanted. Today on the blog I am going to share a couple of ways to create an online presence so that brands want to contact YOU, not the other way around.

When brands contact you, it feels like the ball is in your court. You can feel comfortable to ask for the sponsored post rate that you want without feeling guilty. Don't sit around and wait, obviously, be proactive! But, you can do these simple things that will make more brands want to come to you.

Getting Sponsored: How To Make Brands Come To You | How do you get brands to notice your existence? This is a question that many bloggers ask. Today I am going to share a few simple ways that you can grab a brands attention through SEO, networking, and being an open book.

1. Work On Your SEO

Search engine optimization is key for getting people to your website. Even Pinterest feels and acts like a search engine with how much work you can put into optimizing things like board names and the keywords you put in your descriptions.

When people want to look for something, they go to Google or they hop over to Pinterest. Companies do the same thing when they want to find new and interesting people to pitch their sponsored post ideas to.

So, you need to make sure that you are clear about who you are, what you do, and who you help. Then, once you have that down, you need to focus on how to say that with search engine optimization.

Over the summer I did a huge four post series all about search engine optimization that I feel you will find helpful. Check out all of them down below:

2. Put Your Email Address Everywhere On Social Media

It's hard for people to contact you if they can't find your email address.

For many big companies, a direct message just isn't going to cut it. They need to be able to chat with you over email so they can send you links, attachments, and just have a paper trail. Social media is great, but it's not the most professional place to discuss payments, contracts, and post ideas.

So, you need to have a way for brands to contact you when they want to.

Many bloggers don't want to put down their email address because they feel it will lead to spam or unwanted emails, but some brands are not going to go the extra mile to DM you and find your contact information from there.

You could be consistently missing out on brands all because you don't have a way from them to contact you.

This is an easy fix that you can implement today so what are you waiting for?!

3. Create A Work With Me/Contact Page On Your Site

In my opinion a contact or work with me page is an essential part of your site.

On my blog The Happy Arkansan I have both a Contact and a Work With Me page.

I think they both serve different purposes.

  • My Contact page is for general inquires. I get most of my contacts from that page and it serves as kind of a general way for a variety of people to contact me.
  • My Work With Me page is geared towards brands and them having a way to see my rates, see other brands I have worked with, see my stats, and see some of the pictures I have produced.

Essentially, I treat my Work With Me page as a media kit that companies can look at and I can update every couple of weeks as I work with new brands and create new photo shoots.

When you have these pages on your blog, you can entice people who might be interested in learning more about your services. You also make it easier for them to contact you.

4. Create Great Content For Your Readers Involving Other Brands

You don't have to have a collaboration to discuss brands.

You obviously want to be careful of this because you don't want to end up stopping a future collaboration because you talked about a competitor brand in the last couple months, but when brands start seeing the type of content you can create, they will feel more inclined to sponsor you.

So, think about what you already have at your house. What brands do you love? Think up a story that you could tell that may involve that brand, and share that story with your readers.

Brands nowadays are looking for more than just a product review. As a small blogger, a product review won't be in your wheelhouse more than likely because it's hard to get people to click on just a product review unless you have a huge audience.

So, you need to hone your storytelling capabilities. I used to think I was awful at this, but after having multiple sponsorships under my belt, I have come to realize that it is a skill you can learn and get better at daily.

Here are a few examples of how you could take your favorite products and make something brand worthy out of it.

  • Your Favorite Lipstick: Write up a blog post, featuring that lipstick, talking about the power of makeup (specifically lipstick) and how you feel when you put on your favorite lipstick brand. To monetize this post, you can include some affiliate links to some of your favorite lipsticks so that your readers can get their makeup on!
  • Your Favorite Drink: How can you transform your favorite drink? Well, recipe posts are pretty popular on Pinterest. You could use that drink to create a few different party perfect punch recipes. Then along with that post you can share some advice on how to create the perfect party drink. You can monetize this post through affiliate links for the drink you used, the ingredients, and even what you served the punch in for the pictures.
  • Your Favorite Yoga Mat: Share your favorite yoga poses for stress relief or something of that nature. People love to see new things to add to their workout routine, and it could be a great way to mention your favorite yoga mat and of course monetize the post by adding an affiliate link for the yoga mat throughout your post.

When you create this content, brands see that, and they are intrigued by what you could potentially do for them.

Even better, these posts could land you actual sponsorships with your favorite brands. If the posts do well, you have some affiliate income to back it up, and social shares to boot you could definitely pitch these companies with your ideas for future content featuring them and get paid money for it. Brands want to see results, and if you can prove that their products have resonated with your readers before, they are likely to want to work on an actual collaboration in the future.

5. Network With Other bloggers

I have been able to connect with so many brands because my blog friends have connected me to them. Brands are often looking for other bloggers to connect with on sponsored content so they may ask the people they are working with if they know of any bloggers who might be interested in a sponsored post as well. You want your name to be top of mind to other bloggers.

You do this through networking and connecting with other bloggers in your niche.

When you make those connections and those bloggers see you creating great content, they are likely to refer you to the brands they are working with.

So, are you in a bubble or have you made connections with other bloggers? Either way, keep connecting, keep learning, and keep growing your inner circle of blogging buddies.


So, there you have it! Today we discussed five ways that you can make brands come to you. This is so important because it gives you the home field advantage. You can create collaborations on your terms, not the other way around. 

What will you do today to start getting noticed by brands?