How To Use Pinterest For Bloggers

Sometimes I am at a loss for things to blog about but I get inspiration in the strangest places. Last night I went to a Twitter chat. During one question we talked about our favorite social media platforms, and I mentioned my all time favorite--Pinterest. Because 140 characters isn't enough to explain my love for Pinterest--I decided to make a post!

How To Use Pinterest For Bloggers

How To Use Pinterest For Bloggers

The main reason that I love Pinterest is because it's such a low maintenance platform. I feel like the shelf-life of a pin is pretty infinite. There are pins that I have made a year ago that do just as well as pins I have pinned last night. I really appreciate that and I wanted to give bloggers some tips on creating a Pinterest that benefits them and their blog with little to no maintenance on your end.

Have a Pin It button on your blog

The biggest and easiest step you can do is have a Pin It button on your blog. They are easy to install. You can get someone to make and install really fancy pin it buttons, or you can use the pin it button that Pinterest provides. Follow this link for a treasure trove of Pinterest helpers from Pinterest such as how to make Pinterest board widgets and  how to add the pin it button to your website! The reason I say this is that you never know when inspiration strikes while reading your blog for someone to pin your post. They may want to pin your post, but not have a Pin It button added to their browser. Make it easy for them to share your post to catch all those people who might want to share it, but aren't 100% sure how.

Have a "business" Pinterest and confirm your website

These two things are simple, but provide a plethora of helpful information once you do them. Switching to a business account is super simple and it's also easy to start a brand new account for your business. Check out this handy how to here. Once you set up your business account though you have access to a wide array of analytical data that is definitely the bees knees. To confirm your website you can use these methods.

Group Boards Are Friends, Not Food

Okay so a bit of a Finding Nemo reference for fun. Seriously though, I love group boards. They are so fun to collaborate on and your pins can be seen by a variety of people they weren't shared with before. I definitely say try to find group boards more organically, but if you can't find any, or you want to join more PinGroupie has a directory of a ton of group boards that you can manipulate to find the perfect group board for you. Various blogging networks that you are a part of may have a group board you can pin to as well. 

Rearrange and change

Sometimes you need to rearrange the way that your pin boards are set up. It helps to find things easier, helps you pin things easier, and just helps the visual appeal of your boards. Recently I rearranged my boards by really taking a look at my food board. I realized I had a bunch of items floating in one category and I wanted to divide them up a bit. So I turned my board food into a board for breakfast foods, lunch/dinner foods, and sweet treats! I also renamed a board titled 21 to a more general title "drinks" so I could pin drinks of all kinds. Rearranging and changing your boards just helps make them more user friendly so it's easy to come to your boards and browse around for a while.

Have a reason for Pinterest

I would like to say that your readers and potential readers need a reason to follow your Pinterest that is different from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just reading your blog. What can your readers find on your Pinterest that makes it different from following all the other networks. Don't just come on Pinterest, share your posts, then leave. Invest some time into Pinterest. There are so many great ideas you can get from Pinterest so spend some time making Pinterest different. The biggest piece of advice I have for this section is having something that is Pinterest exclusive. I made a ton of monogram backgrounds using my favorite app Monogram app. I shared them on Pinterest and linked every single one back to my blog The Happy Arkansan. A lot of these monogram backgrounds aren't shared on my actual blog, but I made sure to link them back. These backgrounds also get a lot of attention on Pinterest and since they all link back to my blog that proves as a good helper for my website visits.

Don't be afraid to pin all your posts

So many people get worried that you might clog up your friends Pinterest feeds by sharing a post everyday, multiple times a day, but share as much as you want. As I stated earlier the shelf life of a Pin is much bigger than you think. Last month I had a pin go mini-viral and send over 1,000 page views to my site. This is a post I made a year ago where I did a round up of adorable animals I found on Pinterest on my blog. At the time the post seemed like just a way to brighten my day, but it turned into something magical a year later.

Download a Pinterest app

Pinning on the go is such an easy way to make your boards shine. Have the app available so if you get bored at an event, at the doctor's office, etc you can whip out your phone and pin some items on your boards. This just makes it easier for you to connect with pinners on the go and add more to your Pinterest during those off moments during the day. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips on Pinterest for Bloggers. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about using Pinterest for your blog and I will be sure to answer them if I can help out!