12 Quick Social Media Tips For Bloggers

Social media is a huge part of a blogger's world. We are always updating our statuses across various platforms. Today I wanted to offer some quick tips across various social media platforms. Today we are covering the most used: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

12 Quick Social Media Tips For Bloggers | Click through for twelve quick tips for some of your favorite social media platforms that will help you get more reach as a blogger. #socialmedia

3 Facebook Tips

1. Share Your Posts To Other Pages

A little known secret to reaching way more people with your Facebook posts is to share your own Facebook post. I love to share my Facebook posts to my personal wall as well as the walls of relevant Facebook groups that I am in. It's a quick way to boost the amount of people inside and outside of your page's circle who see your post.

2. Invite Relevant Friends & Family To Like Your Page

Another cool thing you can do to boost your Page's likes is to invite people to like your page. Every few months I would invite friends to like your page as you accept new friends on your personal profile. Make sure that they are relevant to your niche so that they actually have a reason to interact with your page. You want their purpose to be more than just a way to pad your Facebook page's numbers.

3. Get The Facebook Pixel On Your Website (Even If You Don't Plan To Run Ads Just Yet)

If you want to run ads at any point for your blog (even if you aren't ready to yet), I highly encourage you to install the Facebook Pixel on your website. With the Pixel you will be able to better target your Facebook ads later to people who have interacted with your site. This helps you get the most bang for your buck advertising wise on Facebook.

3 Twitter Tips

1. Join Relevant Twitter Chats To Meet New People

One great way to meet new people is through Twitter chats. If you can find (or create) a chat that is relevant to your brand, you can make a huge difference and meet a bunch of new people on Twitter all in one night. This is a great way to increase your followers and showcase your expertise about a subject.

2. Use Twitter's Advanced Search Features To Find Your Tribe

A lot of people don't know just how intense you can get when it comes to search on Twitter. You can access Twitter's Advanced Search Feature by clicking here. Using this search feature, as seen by the screenshot below, you can access so many more things. You can search for a lot of these things using the regular search bar, but I like to use this because it gets my brain thinking about all the ways I could target people on Twitter to find new followers.

Twitter Advanced Search

3. Use Trending Hashtags (But Don't Exploit Them)

Trending hashtags can be a great way to get noticed on Twitter. You have to be careful with this though. Usually when I do this I am on my personal Twitter, but when you use what's trending it can really make some noise. You don't want to exploit the hashtag though, so that means actually sharing a tweet that has something to do with the hashtag you are using.

3 Instagram Tips

1. Vary Up Your Hashtags

When you use the same hashtags over and over, Instagram sees that as strange. I would personally come up with a few different groups of hashtags you can use frequently. Swap out these hashtags every few pictures, and never get stagnant to Instagram. Also, you may want to leave a few spaces in your hashtags to share hashtags specifically catered to an image. I use text replacement on my iPhone to easily store my hashtag lists.

2. Participate In Hashtags (Especially Right After You Post)

The best time to use hashtags is right after you post. As soon as you post a picture, go through your hashtag list and reciprocrate by liking and commenting on other people's posts who are using the same hashtag. They will likely also be on Instagram and also comment and like your pictures back.

3. Tag People On Your Instagram Shots

You can tag up to 20 people in one Instagram shot and this can prove very beneficial for you. Here are some ideas of things to tag:

  • Brands in your photo
  • The place you were at for your photo
  • Repost Instagram accounts
  • Tourism accounts for the places you were at in your shot

This will increase your chance of being found by the brand and increase your chance of being reposted to different audiences.

3 Pinterest Tips

1. Do Not Add Unnecessary Spaces To Board Titles

I see this all the time, but you SHOULD NOT add decorative and unnecessary spaces to your board titles. Pinterest is a search engine and it should be treated as such. You want to make sure your boards show up in search recommendations so that means that you should cut out any unnecessary spaces in your board titles.

So if you wanted to create a board about organization you should title the board:

Organization NOT O R G A N I Z A T I O N

These decorative spaces cut your reach because Pinterest users are going to be searching for boards about organization, not O R G A N I Z A T I O N.

2. Always Utilize Board Descriptions (Even If Pinterest Doesn't Make You)

Pinterest doesn't really make a big deal out of utilizing board descriptions, but that's because most of their audience doesn't use the site for business purposes. Utilizing the board descriptions can give your potential audience a better reason to follow your boards so if you haven't done so already go back and update those board descriptions.

3. Try Out Hashtags On Pinterest

Hashtags are actually growing in popularity on Pinterest. There isn't a ton of data out there about Pinterest and hashtag usage just yet because it is so new, but it's worth a shot. Pinterest has actually been making hashtags pretty bold and blue at the moment, which may change in the future as they begin to understand the analytics of hashtags on Pinterest so I would get in on Pinterest hashtags right now while Pinterest is still testing them.


Social media can make a huge difference in your business. I hope these quick tips for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest were helpful for you as you begin to build your social media strategy.

What is your quick tip for these social platforms?