Selling Your Brand on Instagram

So readers, I have an Instagram shopping addiction. I don't know about you, but it's just so easy to find awesome new stores on Instagram. I realize now that my Instafeed is just a long list of stores with a few personal pictures from friends mixed in now and again. I have found so many amazing stores on Instagram. So what draws me in to a store, what makes me want to buy something from that store if they showcase their products on Instagram?

Selling Your Brand On Instagram

Liking my pictures or following me

I love when a brand follows my page or likes a picture I have posted on Instagram. It makes me a million times likely to go follow them or like them back and check out their products on the store they have listed. Here are some pro-tips though on interacting with people to bring them in.

  • Don't link drop: Don't post on someones page for them to go follow you, especially if they are talking about another store in a picture. It's tacky and will make me a million times more likely to not follow your business.
  • Don't comment unnecessarily: I have seen so many stores leave one word comments on my pictures. That doesn't make me want to check out your products. STAHP.
  • Don't follow me and then unfollow me when I follow you: This is bad, and will give me a sour taste about your company. Only follow fans you are geniunely interested in having. If you see a person you think will love your products geniunely follow them and like their pictures--let them know you are there and you are alive. Don't just follow a million fans to boost your numbers, be selective. 
  • If you need help deciding which people to follow look through tags you like. See who is posting under those tags and see if they might fit the demographic you want. This requires that you know about your audience, or at the very least what you want your audience to be. Once you find those people who exemplify your brand--follow them!

Post a ton of pictures

Keep posting your favorite pictures, customer pictures, and experiences with your brand. No one wants to follow an account that posts every three or four weeks. You have to be dedicated to posting and at least post a few days a week. Update your readers on new projects, share parts of your life, and make sure your fans feel connected to you in some way with each picture.

Use hashtags

Just like you can find people by searching hashtags, future fans can find you by searching hashtags. Make sure to use plenty of hashtags to get your point across but not too many. Have a nice text to hashtag ratio. Hashtags are important because it helps open up your Instagram feed to more people.

Use The Explore Tab to your advantage

You know that tab right next the camera and by your home button? It's very important--use it to your advantage. Instagram recently got a big update that made the explore feature better for you and your brand. The Explore feature no longer features the most liked posts, but the the ones that cater to things you have liked in the past or people you follow. So if you like photos with certain tags it will give you more of those pictures and you might discover someone who needs to know that your products exist!

Show your discounts, giveaways, and promotions

Make your products and page useful. Why should someone continue to follow your page after they have come across it? Maybe you have a great discount that you offer and talk about or a fun giveaway that you are taking part of.

  • Round Robin Giveaways: I have been seeing Round Robbin giveaways everywhere lately! Basically you get together with a ton of people and each person has a part of the giveaway hosted on their page. People enter your giveaway and then you tell them where the next giveaway is. It is such a great giveaway process and it really does get a lot of attention for those involved.

Show your personality

Don't let your Instagram account become a robot. I should want to follow your account and learn more about you, I shouldn't just see your account and get bored with it. Make sure people see your personality in your account and that you are not just some random robot there to be robot-y.

Be careful with client information

I have seen this happen to one Instagram account I follow. The account post a lot of pictures of products they make. They try to cover up addresses of clients, but they don't always do a very good job. I don't think I would ever feel comfortable buying from that company even though their products are cute because I wouldn't want my information all over Instagram.

If you are a business (or a blog) I hope this has helped you a lot. I have become an avid lover of Instagram this summer so I want to showcase somethings I have seen.