10 Interesting Ways To Share Your Content Online

People get so stuck in their ways when it comes to the "proper" way to share content online but there are SO many ways to package and share your content online besides a straightforward one off blog post. Some of these ideas revolve around your blog, but others are expansive and think a little bit bigger. Let's share our content in unique and interesting way, shall we?!

10 Interesting Ways To Share Content Online | Sharing content online can come in more ways than sharing a one-off blog post. Click through to learn about 10 ways to share content online that go a little further than your normal  blog post. From sharing blog posts in a series to creating a Facebook  Group post this blog post shares many ideas.

1. Sharing Content In A Series

Sharing a single blog post is fine, but it's not the best way to create hype and keep people coming to your blog week after week. If you can create a blog post series that keeps giving back to your readers that can be an interesting way to keep people coming back.

Create a cohesive theme for your month. Here are awesome series ideas:

  1. Power Your Pinterest: A series featuring all the steps you need to take to create a cohesive Pinterest account that people in your niche love.
  2. Bringing Beauty To Your Bedroom: A series on how to deep clean your bedroom, keep it organized, and add touches of beauty and decor throughout your bedroom.
  3. Rock Your Finals: A series of blog posts dedicated to helping college students organize their lives, study effectively, and get excited about crushing finals week.

Example: Melyssa Griffin has used series a lot on her blog. For example in her #InfoProductBiz series she walked her readers through all the steps necessary to creating an information product business. She touched on things like creating and preparing the info product, priming and growing your audience/building trust with your audience, creating your sales page and getting your product up for sale, and then finally launching and marketing your info product. This took her readers step by step through the entire process so they knew exactly what to do. Check out that series here in case you want to see those posts in detail.

2. Sharing Content All At Once In Magazine Fashion

I call this the Beyonce Lemonade affect. Drop your content on your audience like an awesome AF Yonce album and get them excited about your content each month. The inspiration behind me adding this on to the list were the lovely people at Convertkit and their Tradecraft magazines that happen every single month. Every month ConvertKit drops an "issue" on their blog.

They also use this technique to grow their email address as you can get all of the blog posts sent to you as one big PDF or you can choose to get the emails sent to you once every three days in your inbox over the course of 30 days. There are many ways that you might decide to read their content and they are great at using it to grow their email list and grow their account.

Convertkit drops SO much knowledge in these issues and the audience seems to be excited about the issues too because I don't think that ConvertKit would continue to share content that way if it wasn't helping them grow their account.

Check out their latest issue Signed, Sealed, & Delivered: Email Marketing Basics. They have also released an issue every single month this year so if you get done with April's issue there is a lot more content to uncover.

So, I know what you are thinking: is this a viable path for my blog to take? That is a lot of content and they have a full team of folks helping them craft their content. Obviously they do have a lot of advantages, but you don't have to create the exact same path that they do. Your "magazine" doesn't have to be as hefty as their magazine is. If you can think up a series, you can think up something like this. Essentially their way of blogging is just a series that you put out all in one day with the added techniques of using it to grow their email list.

3. Sharing Content In A Video/Video Series

Adding video to your brand helps you if you are not a particularly great writer or you don't want to spend much time writing content. Creating a video will help you if your audience is particularly visual when it comes to understanding content and allows you to get in front of your audience in a unique way. A lot of bloggers are using the power of video over writing content to share their message and you can too.

For example: 

Lindsey Hazel of Hazel Haven uses video a lot by sharing tutorials to products she likes. Lindsey's whole message is teaching creative business owners how to use the tools to simplify their life so it makes complete sense that she would use video a lot in her brand whether it's through videos, livestreaming in her Facebook group, her 1-on-1 done with you services, etc. Here is an example where she uses video to teach her audience how to use the tool SmarterQueue.

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4. Sharing Content In An Online Course

So many people create awesome online courses and it's easier than you might think. There are so many ways to create online courses but people get so wrapped up in thinking that the course has to be blogging related. It doesn't have to be y'all.

I recently read this AMAZING post by Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur titled, 30 Proven, Profitable Course Topics in Fringe, Weird Niches You’ve Never Heard Of. This post is SO amazing if you think that you can only create a successful e-course if you talk about blogging/business. She features SO many cool courses in her post on things such as living in a tiny house, audition hacking, and being a fashion designer.

You don't have to be technically savvy to create a course either. You can create a course with simple video equipment or even create a text based course. The lovely Elna Cain has a great example of this type of text based course with her awesome course on freelance writing, WriteTo1K. Video is awesome, but you can just as easily create a text based course and sell it for a lot of money.

5. Sharing Content In A Microblog on Social Media

You can use social media to create mini-blog posts. Microblogging is a great way to really reach out to your audience and create a closer bond with them. By sharing content that is a little longer than just a few small sentences you would be amazed the connection you could forge with your audience.

For example I have done "inspiration" months on my Instagram page for The Happy Arkansan multiple times. I would share a quote a day and share how it might or should resonate with my readers. I started the first one after I lost my aunt in February of 2016. I wanted to turn my sadness and fear into hope and smiles so I decided to make March of 2016 inspiration month. Each day I did a tiny microblog of inspiration for my readers to get them through the month of March so that they could go into April refreshed and ready to tackle the last full month of the school year.

Obviously you don't have to microblog for a full month. Your version of microblogging can be more simplistic like deciding that every week or so you will take the time to share your story in a microblog fashion on Instagram or Facebook. Obviously microblogging is difficult to do on a platform like Twitter, but even then you can tell stories in a thread like fashion by tweeting back to back (although I would have your tweets planned as much as possible so you can copy/paste instead of writing your entire story as you go.)

10 Interesting Ways To Share Content Online

6. Sharing Content As An E-Guide Or E-Book

Your content is worth sharing and worth paying for. You can also use the e-guide or e-book as a way to attract email subscribers. Creating an e-guide or e-book can be as complicated or as uncomplicated as you would like it to be. There are two main types of e-guides/books:


This is when you take something you have already done and repurpose it into an e-book or guide. For example, think about the ConvertKit magazine we talked about earlier. They repurposed content they already wrote, tied it all together and wrapped it up in a pretty bow, and then got people to exchange their email address for a copy of their e-book or magazine featuring all their posts at once. So if you are writing a blog series you can do the same. Once you are done sharing the entire series you can include a link to download the entire series as a PDF in exchange for an email. Overtime not everyone is going to see the blogs in the order that you shared it. A lot of people won't see the post at all until after you have finished the entire process of writing all the blogs because by default your blogs will become more popular overtime. So give people the opportunity to read your posts even when they are not tethered to their laptops.

You can also share this as an entirely separate beast by creating a landing page that people can use to sign up for your e-book. Then create a pin directing people to that landing page and share an image directing people to that landing page in your sidebar. Really let your readers know why they should love to see your content.

brand new content

If you have more time to sit down and write an e-book or e-guide you can write your guide using brand new content. Obviously I would take a step back and think about the kind of stuff you are already sharing to make sure that your readers would take kindly to your new e-book or e-guide especially if you plan on selling it.

I decided to make a Pinterest for Beginner's guide because I had posted a ton of content about Pinterest this year and my readers seem to like the content that I am putting out about Pinterest. Make sure your e-book or e-guide doesn't come out of left field so your readers think purchasing or subscribing for it would be a good idea.

7. Sharing Content In A Webinar

Webinars are a great way to build your email list and/or sell your products. Depending on where you are in your blogging journey you may want to produce a webinar and get people to sign up for it. You could do a webinar in many ways--again using repurposed or brand new content. You may want to take one of your most popular blog posts and turn that into a webinar or you may want to come up with original content based on a product you want to sell in the future. It is important to make sure that your webinar lines up with what you sell now or will be selling in the future so that your webinar doesn't come out of left-field (and so that you are doing unnecessary work and building an email list that won't be engaged with the content you are trying to sell.

The great thing about webinars is that you could also decide to repackage the content after it's done as either a list building tool or a paid product. Most webinar providers allow you to save the content by either keeping it on a certain video platform or downloading it to your hard drive. Once you have the webinar recording in your hand you can do with that recording what you like. Many people use past webinars as list building tools. if your webinar is in line with what you want to sell you could easily make the transition to your paid services after viewing and getting something from the webinar recording.

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8. Sharing Content In An Email To Your Audience

If you are not sending emails to your list you are ignoring a precious resource for your brand. Emailing regularly with your list is so important (even if you have a tiny list for your brand.) If you have not started an email list yet, I really encourage that you take the time to do so. I have a number of articles about email marketing for you to check out.

Growing and nurturing an email list is key to success as a blogger, in my humble opinion. I am not alone in this opinion either. If you have not started growing your email list you should start doing so. It will help you in the future and the sooner you start building it the larger it has the chance to become.

So share your content in an email form. You can either talk about something you are talking about on the blog that week, something you have talked about on your blog before, or something you want to talk about in the future to gauge interest about that topic with your ideal audience and email list.

9. Sharing Content As A Lead Magnet Or Content Upgrade

This is a bit different from sharing content in an email. Creating a lead magnet can be as complex as an email course or as simple as a one page PDF. Creating your content as a lead magnet can be a really awesome way to grow your email list so that you can easily follow through with step idea #8.

Some of my favorite things to do for lead magnets are:

  1. Toolkits. I really love creating toolkits. They take a bit of time, but can be really beneficial email list building tools. Create a toolkit featuring some of your favorite tools in a particular subject. So your favorite tools for small businesses, beauty, or anything else you write about.
  2. Master Classes: You can film a quick 20-30 minute mini-master class about a particular topic. I have a couple of mini-master classes that I use to build my list such as one on creating blog posts that convert and one on which social media account you should focus on.
  3. Quizzes: A month or so ago I introduced y'all to the tool Interact via an in depth blog post about the tool. Quizzes are a great way to grow your email list and an interesting way to share content if you build the quiz from scratch.

I think that all bloggers should be trying to grow their email lists so I encourage you to spend some time growing your email list through sharing content as a lead magnet or content upgrade.

10. Sharing content in a Facebook group

There are so many ways that you can think of sharing content in a Facebook Group. You can create your own group and be in complete charge of growing it and sharing content within that group OR you can make posts in other people's groups and share content in that way.

When you are sharing content in another person's Facebook group be sure to be valuable and not too sales-y. In one of the groups I am in there is a copywriter who always gives excellent advice. Their tips work because they feel good. When you read their tips it feels valuable versus like you are being sold copywriting services. That may very well gain them copywriting clients, but it feels like they are just giving great advice.

Sharing content in Facebook groups can be a great way to find clients, get eyes on your blog content, and just make friendships. I really encourage that you make a Facebook group and/or join many Facebook groups so that you can build those connections with business owners who are on Facebook.

Final Thoughts

Today on the blog I walked you through 10 ways that you can share content with people online besides your traditional one-off blog post. Content creation is so important and it can be more strategic than your normal everyday blog share. I hope that you loved this post and it gave you some ideas on how to shake up your content creation strategy.