7 Helpful Tips For Starting Your Pinterest Account

I finally decided to do something I have been thinking about doing for a very long time, I decided to split my blogging content and my college life content into two different blogs. It was a long and strenuous process which I will be talking about in detail in the coming months, but we seriously have to get down to business, because I had to start an entirely new Pinterest account this weekend. It's still hard for me to say this, because I have had 1,000s of followers for what seems like forever, and since I made a new account for the blogging side of my content, I am starting at zero.

There is freedom in the number zero though. Zero followers, zero followings, zero boards. There is also a feeling of being trapped in that number. Zero means new beginnings and it can also mean new endings. I have learned a lot through growing my Pinterest account for The Happy Arkansan from 0 to 4,500+ followers and I plan to use some of those lessons to work on this account. Here are some of the lessons I have learned, and I hope these help you if you are starting from zero on your Pinterest too.

7 Helpful Tips For Starting Your Pinterest Account | Are you starting a blog Pinteres t account from scratch? Me too! Click through to see the lessons I am taking from growing my first Pinterest account to 4,500+ followers when making my new account.

Tip #1: Pick A Niche

Having a niche is something you really want to consider doing. It can be hard to niche because you think it will stifle your creativity, but having a niche can be really freeing and it really does help you become more creative. If you want to niche your blog you need to think about a couple of things.

Think about what you are good at and how that combines with what your ideal audience wants to learn.

You need to have an ideal audience for your blog and you need to bring them content you can actually teach them. Picking a niche is important because it allows you to make an easy to navigate Pinterest account. It also allows you to create the go-to Pinterest account for your ideal audience. Instead of being the swing through account for every person with a Pinterest page. You want to draw in your ideal audience and get them clicking over to your website. The more your audience is attracted to your brand, the more they will click around.

Tip #2: Create A Bio With Great Keywords

The next thing we need to talk about is your bio. You should be taking advantage of your bio because this a great place for people to decide if they want to get to know you or not. You want to have a few things in your bio.

Have Keywords In Your name 

This is REALLY important. This is how you are found in sections like the "People" section of the search results on Pinterest. It's really easy to add some keywords you want to rank for in your name section. Do this and it will help your profile out immensely! Not only that, but it could even help your profile rank on Google, win-win!

Have A Clear and Representative Profile Photo

You want to invite potential followers to follow along with you. Don't be faceless, don't be a logo, show some humanity. You are attracting other humans to interact with your profile, not just companies. The best way to attract other humans is to show your humanity, so pick a nice smiling picture and showcase you not your logo.

Utilize the bio

Lastly, you want to utilize the bio. Who the hell are you, anyway? What do you stand for? Who do you help? Let people know because the keywords in your name simply aren't enough to let people know who you are. Show them in your biography.

7 Helpful Tips For Starting Your Pinterest Account

Tip #3: Only Follow Relevant People

The Pinterest account for my blog The Happy Arkansan was first my personal Pinterest account that I changed into a Pinterest for Business account. You can see how this might create a fiasco for my smart feed when I actually started using it for The Happy Arkansan. Sometimes it is easy to use, but then other times it gave me a bunch of irrelevant things because I was following so many random friends. 

With this account I got the chance to pick my people wisely and I suggest you do the same. When you fill your following list with irrelevant accounts, you get an irrelevant smart feed. The smart feed is important because it makes pinning content to Pinterest easier. The smart feed is based on content Pinterest thinks you will like and they take that from the information you feed it, like:

  • Who you follow and what they pin.
  • What you pin on Pinterest.
  • What your Pinterest boards are about.

The Smart Feed is more complicated than those three bullet points, but at it's core this is what the content they show you is based off. Yes, starting your Pinterest account from zero sucks, but it's also amazing because you can really decide who you follow and build a Smart Feed that makes pinning content easier.

Tip #4: Fill Out Your Boards

Next we are going to discuss filling out your boards. I really suggest starting with a handful of boards, especially boards you can pin your content (or potential content to.) Do a bit of brainstorming to see exactly what would make sense for your blog's niche. What boards will you add to your account? Then fill those up, I suggest at least ten pins per board as soon as you add the boards to your account. I suggest ten because this way all of your board slots are filled on the images it creates for your Pinterest boards.

Only Make Relevant Boards

When you make your Pinterest account they will suggest a million different boards for you. Don't go with those boards. Pick only relevant boards. Here are the boards I made for my blog:

  • Amanda Cross Blog (Where I will pin only my blog content.)
  • Blogging | Blogging Tips | Blogging Advice (Where I will post blogging advice)
  • Social Media (Where I will post social media advice)
  • Email Marketing (Where I will post email marketing advice.)
  • Home Office Ideas (Where I will post home office ideas and inspiration)

Obviously I will be creating more boards overtime, but I will be updating you on that during the next part of this series.

Make only straightforward board titles.

This is important, because board titles are how you rank in the "Boards" section of Pinterest search results. You can't possibly rank when your board titles are spelt strangely or they don't make sense. You must remember that above being a social media network, Pinterest is a search engine.

Don't Forget Those Board descriptions

Board descriptions are extremely important, and Pinterest doesn't really make a big deal of them, because the average user of Pinterest isn't trying to rank. You are using Pinterest as a solopreneur, though, so you want to make sure that you use the proper board descriptions.

Tip #5: Get BoardBooster, Like Right Now!

Once you have some initial pins on your account so your Pinterest account looks a bit full, add BoardBooster to your account. A lot of bloggers debate between BoardBooster and Tailwind, but I have found that I love BoardBooster a lot more, becuase of the interface of adding pins with BoardBooster. Check out this quick tutorial down below of how you schedule content with BoardBooster. I swear you will love this service.

Tip #6: Try To Find Group Boards To Pin To

The next step to the process is finding group boards to pin to. I love group boards because they really grow your reach when you have no following. I love BoardBooster because it has a great feature called Group Boards To Join. This allows you to find all sorts of amazing group boards to join in all sorts of different blogging niches. You will adore this feature, and it will help you grow your blog by pinning your content to accounts with a different (and hopefully bigger) audience than yours.

Join A Tailwind Tribe

While I do love BoardBooster over Tailwind, one thing I do love about Tailwind is Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind Tribes are sort of like group boards, but they are essentially a hub centered around a certain topic. People add their content to the Tailwind Tribe and then they pin other people's content in exchange for dropping their Pinterest pin. You can easily join along and do the same so you can grow your potential audience.

Click Here To Learn More: Best Tailwind Tribes For Bloggers To Join by VA Blog Training

Tip #7: Pin Your Content Like Crazy

The last tip you must follow is pinning your content like crazy. Yes, it is very important to pin other people's content, but it is equally important to pin your own content. As I discussed in the article One Hack To Get More Pinterest Clicks you need to pin your articles as much as possible and curate boards that make sharing your content easier. Most of the boards I have on my new Pinterest account are boards that I can pin my own content to which makes it really easy to share my content across boards and reach different people.

I know that pinning your content may not make much sense when you have five followers, but keep pinning your content. Pinterest rewards people who pin often so keep pinning and make sure your Pinterest descriptions are great. Pinterest will reward you for your efforts.

Check Back in March

In about a month from now on March 6th I will be sharing a new blog post with an update on how well these strategies have been working for me, what I have added to it, or any bumps I have experienced using the strategies I am discussing here. I hope this blog post was helpful for you as you begin the process of making your own Pinterest account.

What boards do you have on your Pinterest profile?