10 More Powerful Blog Tasks You Can Complete In 10 Minutes

When I published the first post in this series about a month ago I was already plotting part two to this post. This post is definitely one of my most popular blog posts on this blog to date so I am so excited to bring you 10 more powerful blog tasks you can complete in 10 minutes. If you haven't seen part one yet, I highly encourage you to check it out before or after you read this part.

10 More Powerful Blog Tasks You Can Complete In 10 Minutes | Are you ready for 10 more powerful tasks that you can complete in just ten minutes for your blog? We often complain that we don't have enough time in the day to rock our blogs, but  there are SO many things you can do in just ten minutes. Click through for ten more things you can do when you only have ten minutes.

1. Create Blog/social media graphics

If you have a good handle on your social media scheme creating blog and social media graphics for upcoming posts should take no time at all. You should be trying to get to a place with your blog where all of your blog and social media graphics look similar. It's okay to experiment for a while, but you shouldn't always be in an experiment phase.

When you get to the place where all of your social media graphics look similar it will save you so much time. For example, creating a Pinterest graphic for this blog takes no time at all because I use the same scheme for each and every image that you see on this blog. I currently use Canva For Work so all of my images are saved on Canva along with my color palette for Amanda Cross Blog. It's so easy for me to just pop on over to Canva, open up the file for Amanda Cross Blog, change out the picture, color, and text and be done. Voila! In less than ten minutes I have some amazing blog graphics that I can use on the blog.

You goal should be to simplify your graphics creation so that you can easily create each and every social media and blog graphic. You should be able to create beautiful and unique graphics for your blog without taking a long time once you are clear about how you want your images to look.

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2. Sign Up For A new Affiliate program

If you are serious about affiliate marketing as a monetization strategy you should be trying to join some great programs that you know will resonate with your audience. The first time you apply for an affiliate program will be the hardest, but especially if you apply to affiliate programs through a place like ShareASale you can cut down your affiliate program application time by a ton. Once you apply for a ShareASale account and answer all their questions they store that information and make it a million times easier to apply for future ShareASale programs. Most likely if you apply while logged into your ShareASale account you will only have to answer a couple of questions.

Take a few minutes to sort through affiliate programs or go to one of your favorite websites to see if they have an affiliate program (so many places do now a days.) Fill out the application and wait to be accepted. Affiliate programs can be a really nice source of income when you don't have your own products to sell so consider joining affiliate programs for fashion brands, course creators, service providers, beauty stores, or anything in between. Know that digital products by default have a higher commission rate, but they also can be priced higher too.

At the end of the day, you know your audience and you have to use that knowledge to sell them the content they love and will purchase.

3. Do Research For A Future Post

Your content shouldn't just come from your head if you can do a little research on the topic. Researching your future blog topic, even if it is just for ten minutes can be really beneficial. There are many routes that you can go in order to do the research:

  • Head to Pinterest or Google and search for blogs on the topic. See what other blogs have said about this topic before  you and see if this is something you want to pursue/what would be the proper way to pursue it. How are their blog's about the topic laid out? This will will help you when you create your outline in the future.
  • Go to Amazon and look up books about the topic. Chances are with how many books there are in the universe, you can probably find a book about the topic. Obviously, you can't read the entire book in 10 minutes, but you can skim the first bit of the book. I don't suggest buying the book, just use Amazon's Look Inside feature. I love this feature because you can usually read the Table of Contents and the first chapter or so without buying the book which is usually all you need if you just want to do some quick research.

Don't forget to save any articles you read for later either by making a spreadsheet or by bookmarking the page. You may want to reference the material later on, use the material in the post, and you may even want to add the content as an additional resource on your blog post.

4. Pitch A Brand

If working with brands is a part of your monetization strategy then you should have some brands on your dream brand collaboration list. You should also have a media kit already made and ready to go. If you don't have a media kit already made I really encourage you to check out FohrCard. They have a nice site that can help you make a basic one pager media/press kit just by connecting your social media accounts.

There are many ways that you can pitch brands this:

  • Through a site like SocialFabric: If you are just starting and you aren't 100% comfortable with pitching a brand directly, you could pitch through a site like SocialFabric. SocialFabric is great because they are very open with who they work with. Other sites like TapInfluence are awesome for sponsored posts, but the brands come to you, you don't go to the brand.
  • Use the contact form/contact email to pitch directly: If you are more comfortable pitching brands directly, you should definitely go straight to the source to get your sponsored post opportunity so that you can bypass these companies and get more of the income. Most sites that work with brands charge the brand to host their influencer search on the site which means you are getting less of the sponsorship pie that way. If you go straight to the source you can cut out the middle man and make more money.

Pitching can be difficult, but I trust that before you start this process you are working hard to understand what the brand means to you and how you can serve that brand best.

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5. Interact With brands You Love

If you aren't in pitch mode for any brands yet, another great thing you can do is take 10 minutes to interact with the brands on your dream collaboration list. Here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Reply to their Instagram or Snapchat story.
  • Comment on their social media posts.
  • Retweet them on Twitter.
  • Share a photo from their page on Instagram.

By interacting with the brand before you pitch, you are building relationships with various brands. Especially if you can get the brand to know, like, and trust you--you are well on your way to starting an excellent relationship where you can follow up later with an actual pitch when you have ten minutes in the future.

10 More Powerful Blog Tasks You Can Complete In 10 Minutes

Take all of these amazing tasks with you by downloading my 20 Powerful Tasks Checklist. This whittles down all the content discussed in the two blog posts into just three pages of content so it's easier to digest and take action on.

6. Create A e-book

I know what you are thinking, creating an e-book is kinda impossible in ten minutes. It can be if you are working from scratch. Beacon is one of my favorite tools for creating e-books at the moment and they make it ridiculously easy to create e-books from past content, especially if you are on Wordpress with their plug-in. Even if you aren't on Wordpress you can create beautiful e-books on their platform by copy/pasting a recent or older post. In my sidebar there is even an e-book that I made out of my ideal client blog post that I give away for free on my sidebar. I made that quickly and easily with Beacon and you can make similar e-books.

Beacon is great and it even has a free option. For less Beacon branding you can pay for a higher plan, but I don't mind the branding and didn't want another fee added to the top of running my blogs so I kept the free plan.

Beacon is incredibly easy to use and can help you turn those old blog posts into fun e-books that you can use as lead magnets or just to be nice and give to your subscribers. PDFs are extremely valuable because they allow you to take the reading experience off the internet and onto devices like iPads and other mobile devices. If you have a couple of posts, especially ones in a series I highly recommend that you check Beacon out because you could be bundling those posts into an e-book, creating a landing page, and getting tons of great subscribers from that content.

Alternatively, you can just use a site like Google Drive along with Canva to make your e-book cover if you want an even simpler interface to make your e-book. To make the checklist that goes along with this post I used the Google Drive and Canva method.

7. Promote your Recent Post

So, you only have ten minutes, eh? Well, let me tell you, one of the best things you can do during those ten minutes is promote your recent (or even a past) post. Let me tell you why, it's easy! I know what you are thinking, is it Amanda, is it really easy? It's easy if you don't spend your time doing things that don't help. It's so important to try out different content promotion techniques, and then double down on what works until it doesn't work any longer.

My favorite ways to promote my recent posts are:

  • Add my posts to all my Tailwind Tribes.
  • Add my posts to all of my Pinterest boards and group boards.
  • Add my posts to Facebook Group promotion threads or to Facebook Group walls if they allow it.

My entire promotion strategy revolves mostly around Pinterest and Facebook Groups because that works for me. Every once and a while I will Instagram about my new post or tweet about it, but I tend to stay with the trends that are working the best while avoiding ones that aren't as fruitful.

What works for me, may not work for you though, so it's important to play around and post on different social media networks so you can find the network that works best for your blog. One of my favorite posts about content promotion is How To Promote Your Blog With 107 Content Promotion Tactics on the CoSchedule blog. This post is so helpful and filled with amazing blog promotion techniques so if you are stuck on what to try to promote your blog this post can be really helpful.

8. Order Stuff For A New Post

Depending on the type of blogger you are, you may have to order things frequently. For example, if you are a book blogger you may want to order a new book to read or if you are a fashion blogger you may want to order a new basic top to wear with your outfits. Obviously, you don't want to spend every waking free 10 minutes you have ordering stuff, but it's also an important part of being a blogger depending on the type of blogger that you are.

When you are purchasing anything from props to clothes to books, really take into consideration what you are buying. Maybe take ten minutes to browse Amazon and just add things to your wishlist. Take time to think items through and if you are still dying to buy that book or that top, buy it in a few days when you have another ten minute block of time to spare. Do the same for any shop you buy your blog items from. This will save you a lot of headache, because let's be honest, who returns items frequently?

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Turn your scrollers into subscribers with my FREE mini master class. You don't want to miss the opportunity to check out this awesome class that teaches you the basics of creating a blog that is amazing.

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9. Check Out Your Analytics

First things first, I must say DO NOT BECOME A CONSTANT ANALYTICS CHECKER. Checking your analytics can become a full-time job if you let it, and you don't want this to be your default task when you have an extra ten minutes. This blog combined with my last I have shared 20 tasks so don't fall on this one every time.

Checking your analytics can be extremely beneficial if you let it be. It can be a way to make sure you are on track with your goals, a way to see how you can better improve blog performance, etc. How you choose to use your analytics is up to you. I wouldn't make checking your analytics a daily phenomenon if you can help it.

If you have yet to install Google Analytics on your site, I really encourage that you do. The analytics provided by Google are super helpful and it's always good to have a second opinion versus the analytics you may get on Wordpress, Squarespace, or Blogger. Take the time to install your code so you can get access to the treasure trove of information that Google can provide and take 10 minutes every blue moon to really dive deep and understand what Google is telling you.

10. Catch Up On News In Your Blog's Category

Catching up on news is one of my favorite ways to spend ten minutes. If you have yet to set up Google Alerts, go to the website and set up some alerts on keywords for your blog's category. Google Alerts is awesome because it pulls from tons of new sources like blogs and news websites. This is awesome because it then rolls up all of that information and sends it to you daily at a time that you recommend. When you have some time I really encourage that you look through all of those Google Alert emails and read the stories they provide. Current news can be really great information for what you write on your blog, publish on LinkedIn, tweet about on Twitter, etc.

There are other ways to catch up on news from a simple Google search when you need news about a topic to simply browsing social media for influencers in your niche to see what they are discussing. Either way it goes taking the time to stay up to date on all the news in your blog's category is important so that you can stay hip to current conversations and provide insight for your readers on those topics.

Final thoughts

Thanks again for joining me for another edition of 10 Powerful Blog Tasks You Can Complete In Ten Minutes. I hope that this continues to remind you that even if you only have a few minutes here or there you can accomplish so much for your blog. It's all about picking a topic and deciding that you can do more than you think in the short amount of time that you have.