The Best Stock Photos For Female Bloggers

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

Ever since I have started using stock photos, my life as a blogger has been a million times easier. I still take a lot of my own photos, but I often use stock photos as backgrounds in my social media images (especially Pinterest images) I can't wait to share some of the places I get my stock photos from. Some of the places listed in my list are solely sites for stock photos while some of them are bloggers who happen to have released a few sets of stock photos that I really admire. I hope you get some great use out of these stock photo sets today.

The Best Stock Photos For Female Bloggers | Taking your own photos as a blogger can be can be an option, but if you are a short on time, using stock photos is a great solution. Check out this post for 10 of the best sites for stock photos for female bloggers.

1. IvoryMix

Okay, I have been obsessing over the styled stock collection that is Ivorymix lately. Ivorymix has a ton of great features. Not only can you pay for the stock photos a la carte, you can get a membership as well.

What I think is so cool is that every month Kayla does a giveaway for a custom set of stock photos. Winners gets to collaborate with her to design the photos. Each winner gets to keep 8 photos for herself while the other handful gets split with her constantly updated free stock library and her paid stock library.

You can get her free stock by signing up with your email. She also has a ton of other resources on her freebies page so you should definitely check it out. By signing up to her email list you also get a discount code for her paid stock store so that's pretty legit too. You can get her paid stuff as well. She has a $10 a month membership found here. Or you can use her shop to shop by things such as color, collections, or deals.

2. Haute Chocolate

The next place to get awesome stock photos is Haute Chocolate. This is a newer place for me, but I am still obsessing over all the fun colors in their collections. This is mainly a place where they sell their stock photo membership, but you can get a couple of really cute freebies by signing up for their mailing list. To sign up for their mailing list check out their website and click on the Get A Free Sample button.

They have over 1,000 images in their library and it's updated monthly. They have so many cute images in their library though. You can get a few different memberships on their website:

  1. 3 month membership for $75.
  2. 6-month membership for $125 (you get a month free.)
  3. 12-month membership for $225 (you get 3-months free.)

Sign up here.


3. Fempreneur Styled Stock Library

This is another newbie for me, but another one where I am loving their library. They have a library of 40+ images available for free when you sign up for their mailing list. The best way to do that would be going here and filling in your information.

One interesting thing about their library is that they have three plans: Instagram Library, Styled Stock Library, and Instagram & Styled Stock Library. With the Instagram Library you get access to a private Instagram account where you just screenshot and regram the images from the Instagram account making sharing easier. The Instagram only membership is $10 per month; the styled stock membership is $15 per month; and the membership with both is just $20 per month. In order to become a member click here.

4. Helene In Between

Helene in Between is the first blogger I am mentioning for her awesome stock photo skills. She doesn't have a website devoted to stock photos, but she has released a number of awesome stock photo packs. Whenever I hear that she has released another stock photo pack I get genuinely excited. Since March of this year she has released four stock photo packs and they have seriously become some of my favorites to use. Check out these four packs by checking out her blogs:

  1. 15 Free Stock Photos For Your Blog and Instagram
  2. 15 Free Stock Photos: The Bloom Collection
  3. Free Stock Photos
  4. Free Travel Stock Photos

I am always hoping she will release more soon! The travel collection (where I got the section header picture from) has been extremely cool to use as of late.

5. Turquoise & Palm

This one is new to me as well, but I am obsessing over their free and paid stock photos. I am loving their library. When you sign up for the Turquoise & Palm newsletter you are given a free set of stock photos in return. It's a pretty sweet deal. If you want access to some stock photos right away go to their website, scroll to the bottom, and enter your name and email in the box that says Get Free Images Every Month. You will soon be given lots of great free stock photos.

You can also become a member of their stock photo site. They have two plans.

  1. $19 per month
  2. $180 per year (which turns out to be $15 a month instead so you save a little.)

Sign up here to become a member.

6. Bloguettes

Bloguettes was my first introduction to the stock photo market. Late last year I subscribed to them for a few months and I really loved their stock library. Their structure has changed a bit since I was a subscriber but it's still filled with lots of lovely stock photos. Not only do they want you to be able to have pretty pictures on your blog, they also want to teach you how to be a better blogger while they are at it.

They have two different packages:

  1. The B-Team Membership: This membership for $29 a month includes 15 stock photo downloads from their huge constantly updated library, one free webinar a month, lots of discounts on workshops/one-on-one events, and much more.
  2. The Stock Photo Only Membership: This membership for $75 a month includes 45 stock photo downloads a month from their large library. They say that this membership would work well with the B-Team membership or as a standalone membership.

Sign up for Bloguettes here.

7. CreateHer Stock

Okay, I am just going to say it. I adore CreateHer Stock. I included this on the list because it is such a diverse stock photo site. As an African American woman, it's hard to find stock that matches me. CreateHer Stock really focuses on using African Americans in the stock photos making it easy to share lots of diverse photos on your blog.

They have a number of ways you can get free and paid stock photos.

For free stock photos you can:

  1. Sign up for their mailing list for free stock photos monthly, and a batch of stock photos as soon as you sign up. To sign up check out their website and under the Awesome People section there is a place to subscribe with just your email.
  2. Check out their free gallery where you can get up to 10 downloads. You enter your email address, but as far as I can tell this doesn't subscribe you to their list.

For paid stock you can sign up for their monthly subscription. Their price is just $7 per month so it is ver reasonably priced compared to some other stock photo sites I have seen.

8. Miranda Nahmias

Miranda Nahmias is one of my favorite bloggers to follow because I adore reading her income reports and seeing how fast she is growing her blog. I also love her free stock photos. She has only put out a few but I really adore the ones she has put out thus far.

In order to get these free stock photos check out her blog The Ultimate Roundup Of Newsletters That Send You Free Stock Photos (+50 Styled Stock Photos) to download the following stock photos and so much more. Plus, on this post she gives you a great stock photo resource in case you want even more photos than what today's blog post got you.

9. Wonderlass

Wonderlass is another blog that offers beautiful stock photos. I love that all her photos are bright and carefully created. Her bright photos really go well with the personality of my blog so if you have a spunky, sassy, and/or happy blog personality these photos will work great for you. 

Check out this post How About 15 Free Styled Stock Photos?! You just have to enter your email and name in order to get access to tons of great photos. She also loves to send out random stock photos to her email list once you are subscribed so be sure to check her out.

10. wonderfelle Media

I was going to end this list with 9 companies, and then I happened across Wonderfelle’s Styled Stock Society while doing some research for the additional resources section and I decided that I needed to share Wonderfelle’s Styled Stock Society with y'all right now. I am utterly obsessed with this stock content. The photos are so crisp and beautiful. You need these photos in your life.

First and foremost, you can get a taste of her free content by checking out this link. You will get 10 gorgeous and breathtaking stock photos by signing up to her mailing list.

If that isn't enough, she has Wonderfelle’s Styled Stock Society, and the prices are out of this world for the value and beautiful photos she has. Her site is a little different in that she is not giving you a library, she is giving you 30 styled stock photos each month. So over the course of your membership, you will get a certain number of stock photos, but not any of her past stock photos. This is still a great deal if you break down things cost-wise though.

  • $25 for a 3-month membership.
  • $39 for a 6-month membership
  • $69 for a 12-month membership

Go check out Wonderfelle’s Styled Stock Society right now!

Why do I need stock photos?

Okay, I probably asked the same question forever. For the longest time I didn't include a photo, or I just pulled one from Google Images and shared a link to the website I pulled the photo from. That isn't really acceptable.

1. You Need images

If you are like me and your blog posts are a million miles long you need images and you need section headers. Images allow you to give your readers something pretty to look at and something to break up walls of text. I don't usually use a million images like in this post, but I do use at least a Pinterest graphic.

If you want your images to be shared across multiple platforms (especially Pinterest) you need some form of image on your site. Even if the image isn't a perfect Pinterest image, you need something there. Stock images are perfect because they are very pretty images you can share.

2. pulling photos from google images and sharing a link won't always cover your behind

Just because you give a blog attribution as a place where you got your blog images, it doesn't mean that will cover your behind from getting sued. Stock images are great because they are giving your permission to share their stock photos. Stock photos usually with a commercial component but be sure to read each company or bloggers guidelines before you use their stock photos. I feel so much more confident sharing pictures on my blog now that I know that I have the license to use a plethora of awesome stock photos. 

3. stock photos makes your life a million times easier

Taking and editing your own photos is kind of a pain. If you can get away with sharing a few stock images here and there to cut down on how much you have to take your own photos, why not? Stock photos make the blogging/creative industry a little easier.

4. You would be surprised how many photos you can get out of one stock photo

One last thing I adore about stock photos is how versatile they are, which also makes your life a million times easier. One stock photo can be sectioned off and used in so many ways. One stock photo can easily turn into 3+ photos depending on which section of the photo you use, if you want to overlay stuff on top of it, what text you put with it, etc. They are pretty magical like that.

Additional Resources

Here are a couple of other awesome bloggers talking about how magical stock photos are and where to find more of them. 

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Final thoughts

If you run a blog, you need to learn how to utilize stock photos, it's just as simple as that. I hope this blog was helpful as you begin to navigate the world of using free and paid stock photos to strengthen your blog content. What was your favorite stock photo site?