11 Things You Should Be Doing On Twitter As A blogger

I am not going to lie to you today. Twitter and I are not the best of friends. I have never quite been able to crack it's shell, but I know enough about the platform since using it for as long as I can remember. I have had multiple accounts on Twitter over the years, and I am growing and learning every single day.

Twitter is a great platform for bloggers everywhere to connect with their audience and like-minded individuals. Now that you can say more with Twitter's release of 280 characters, what should you be doing to optimize your space and tweets on Twitter? Today on the blog I am sharing 11 things you should be doing on Twitter. If you aren't already, head over to my account and give me a follow so we can chat with each other while you are in the Twitter mood!

A week ago I shared some quick Twitter tips with y'all, but today on the blog I wanted to specifically chat about this platform so anyone who is interested in utilizing Twitter for their new blog can do so with ease.

11 Things You Should Be Doing On Twitter As A Blogger | Have you been considering your Twitter strategy as a blogger? Today on Amanda Cross Blog I am sharing my advice on eleven things bloggers should be doing on Twitter. Are you doing these things?

1. Scheduling Out Your Promotions As Much As Possible

Now, I am not going to lie I am not a perfect person when it comes to scheduling my promotions (in fact, my inner self is saying, "Girl, when do you ever schedule out your promotions?" Hush inner self.) This is a do as I say not as I do moment, y'all. I find that when I am actually on top of things and I schedule out my promotions, I get a lot more interaction from Twitter. Shocker, I know.

There are SO many platforms out there to help you with your scheduling. Platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer, SmarterQueue, and MeetEdgar to name a few. For a new blogger, I really like Buffer's simplicity. There are many to choose from, but I think I most often go back to that one.

2. Sharing Each Blog post As Many times As Possible (Especially On the First Day)

So many people share a blog post once on Twitter and get upset because like one person clicked on it. Yeah that sucks, but Twitter is not the platform for longevity. While a tweet lives on your profile forever, it doesn't survive on the Twitter feed that long. 

So, you want to continuously push your blog throughout the day and at different times throughout the day. Here are some ideas of what to share:

  • An initial post letting your readers know a post is live.
  • A few posts with quotes from the post.
  • A few posts with comments about the post if you have any.
  • Some retweets of other people sharing the post if you have any of those.

Share social proof and get people excited about reading and sharing your post for you.

3. Adding RT Accounts When You Post your Content


Another easy way to get more views on your blog is by adding RT accounts to your tweet when you share it. The other day I sent out a tweet about my new post how to get over a blogging slump and I @'d my favorite RT account FemaleBloggerRT. This is a RT account for female bloggers of all types.

Mind you I have an audience size of around 200-ish on my Twitter for this blog.

As you can see with the help of hashtags (but mostly FemaleBloggerRT) I was able to get my impressions to be 5x the size of my actual audience. I got four retweets and four likes on this one Twitter post which allowed me to tap into the audiences of the people who retweeted me. Now, I only got five link clicks from this, but for an audience size of 200-ish, I think five link clicks on a single tweet is pretty impressive.

There are tons of RT accounts, and you can and should experiment with different groups to see which ones help you find your best audience on Twitter.

4. Taking The Time To Live Tweet Throughout The Day

Twitter isn't all about promo promo promo. You also need to take the time to give back to your audience and tweet with them throughout the day. It doesn't take a ton of your time, but it makes all the difference in any Twitter strategy. Taking fifteen minutes spread out throughout the day to share your day on Twitter is crucial. Share inspiration, share your witty/funny thoughts, share a story from your life, etc. Now that you have 280 characters per tweet you can really make an impact with the words you type there.

5. Using Your Twitter Analytics To See What Followers Respond To

Twitter Analytics is a literal goldmine for you as a blogger. You can really make an impact once you know what tweets you create that get a response as well as what your followers are interested in. The great thing about Twitter Analytics is that they collect them anyway, so even if you turn them on for an account while you are creating an article about Twitter, they will be there. Admittedly, I have used Twitter analytics more for my other blog The Happy Arkansan, but Twitter Analytics is so rich and valuable.

Not only can you see what your Twitter users respond to that you tweet, but you can also see what they are interested in generally. For example, here are the top five interests of my Twitter followers for this blog:

  1. Marketing
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Technology
  4. Tech News
  5. Startups

I also see that about 68% of my Twitter following is from the United States, 11% are from Texas (specifically), and 67% are female. All these stats will help me craft better tweets for my audience.

6. Adding Pictures & GIFs To Your Tweets To Make Them Stand Out more

You have the ability to use pictures and GiFs in your tweets, use them to the best of your ability. Make sure they are relevant, obviously, but in a world where everyone get's 280 characters, just creating longer messages won't always help yours stand out. So, say what you want to say, then add a relevant picture or GIF to it.

Pictures stand out and make people instantly want to click your link or check out your profile. Some people love to use Twitter cards when sharing their posts, and I think they are cool sometimes, but I feel like I get the most traction when I use an image for my posts instead.

7. Searching For Your URL to Find & Like tweets That Share your Site

Not everyone who shares your posts will tag you in the post. Things fall through the cracks and they may not know who to tag or care to tag you. So, a great thing to do is use the search feature to search for uses of your URL. I like to search through this every few days so that I can like and retweet other people's tweets when they share my blog posts.

This builds a relationship with your potential audience and gets them to notice your account just in case they didn't know about the existence of your Twitter account when they shared your post.

8. Replying To As Many Of Your Mentions As you can

If someone mentions you on Twitter, you should try to respond as promptly as possible. I understand that isn't always possible. Try to be on your very best Twitter behavior when it comes to replying though because the more you reply, the more messages you get back from other people.

When people see you actively responding to other people, they will want to chat with you too, so don't hesitate to take a few minutes out of the day to ask questions and get responses.

9. Joining Relevant Twitter Chats As Often As Possible

Twitter chats are a great way to meet new people, grow your audience, and influence. Twitter chats usually take place over an hour where you answer a set of 5-10 questions about predetermined topics. You can connect with other Twitter users and really grow connections with a lot of people. You don't have to join every Twitter chat each week, but I really like to join them when possible.

Here are some relevant chats for bloggers:

Remember, things change with the drop of a hat. You should always check these out to make sure they are still running and chatting each week. I will try to keep these chats as updated as possible.

10. Connecting with As Many Of Your Followers As You Can

Once you get a follower, connect with them, then continue to connect with them over time. You may want to create a few private lists so you can easily go through and connect with your followers or you may just want to take five minutes each day to go to your followers list, pick a few random people, and interact with their latest tweets.

Either way you slice it, you should be interacting with the people who choose to follow you and what you have to say.

11. Utilizing Popular Events & Hashtags To Amplify Your reach

Twitter has always been great about making sure that people knew what was trending on the platform. Do not exploit this but you should definitely utilize these things. When an award show is happening, live tweet with your audience. When you see a funny hashtag trending, make your own tweet on the subject (that is relevant to what you normally talk about.)

It is important that you get your profile in front of new eyes, and using the trending section to your advantage is a great way to do that. Don't piggyback off a tragedy, obviously, but there are so many other trending hashtags to utilize to get in front of new audiences and grow your influence on Twitter.


Twitter is a great place to make a connection with your audience. Now that you have 280 characters, you can have twice the fun on the platform. What will you do to fill up that space? I hope that today's article will help you create your Twitter profile and use it to the best your ability.

What is your best Twitter tip?