5 Ways To Uplevel Your Blog Content

Content upgrades are an amazing way to make your blog better by getting people form your content to your mailing list, but people need to feel value coming from your brand before they feel comfortable giving up the ever important email address. You can get people to feel that comfort by making kick ass content. Today we are going to talk about blog uplevels so you can create the blog EVERY person wants to tell their friends about and everyone wants to sign up to learn more information from.

5 Ways To Uplevel Your Blog Content | Are you a #BlogBae? Learn how to sprinkle something a little extra on your content so you can take it to the next level with a blog uplevel. Are you ready for your blog to take the next step?

So, what is a Blog uplevel?

I am defining this as a piece of extra content that you attach to your blog and giveaway, but you don't ask for an email, you just giveaway free value. This is free value on top of the already amazing free value that your blog content is, and if you do it right, it shouldn't take that much extra time to do it. The thing with uplevels is, they are meant to go hand-in-hand with a content upgrade or beside the thing you are selling. They are there to make people even more confident in your brand, in case they need a little convincing even after you offer them your amazing blog content. Today I am going to show you five great things you can use to uplevel your content.

Blog Uplevel #1: Record A video tutorial

Video is everything in 2017, and if you can record a short video tutorial for your readers that is related to what you are discussing in your blog posts, you will have some loyal readers!

You are not teaching your readers the world here.

You want this to be valuable, but you also want it to be succinct. I would say, don't make your tutorial longer than 10 minutes long. This is a blog post, after all. If you want to teach them more in-depth content make a video library as an opt-in or share an e-course. Don't waste your readers time, but don't give them too much of your time. A few weeks ago I shared a quick tutorial about how to schedule pins with BoardBooster. This quick tutorial showed you exactly what to do, without taking up a million minutes of your time. That is the perfect tutorial. Teach one thing, and teach it well.

What is your blog post about as a whole? How can you laser focus in one one of those topics or how can you give a brief overview of the entire subject? Both of these will work as excellent blog uplevels because I think that both can be done well.

If you decide to focus on a general topic you may want to follow the outline of your post and say a few things about each section of your blog outline.

If you decide to get laser focused you should choose one section of your outline and break it down even further.

Blog Uplevel #2: record an audio of your blog posts

I am obsessed with making audio versions of my blog posts. Squarespace makes it really easy to upload your audio file directly to your blog posts through their audio content block, on Squarespace you can even add a download link so they can download your audio file. You can also use a place like Soundcloud to host your audio file if you aren't on Squarespace like I am. 

As far as where to record your audio, if you have a Mac you can easily record audio using QuckTime Player or Garage Band. I have used both to record audio for my blog. If you are on a Windows PC you can use the sound recorder that usually comes with your computer. 

If you have a really clear speaking voice and you like to talk, add a layer of audio to your blog and speak it. People love audio versions of blog posts because people are busy, they want to be able to listen instead of read, and some people just don't like reading.

If you have an audio version of your post, be sure to inject your personality into the reading. Don't read the post verbatim, add a little bit of yourself into it. Don't be afraid if you change the words as a bit as you are reading it. As you are reading the post your brain may think of better ways to discuss the content you wrote. Speaking is a lot different from writing/reading so as you record your blog post, naturally some words will change.

Blog Uplevel #3: Add a template

People adore templates. Tell them exactly how to do the thing you are discussing. What are you teaching them in the post? Create a template that is similar to that and offer it to them for free.

For example, if you are showing your readers about the importance of working for their worth as a blogger, as a template you could share with them some swipe copy of the exact thing you would say if they wanted to find out if a company had a budget for a project. This is a topic that comes up often, and bloggers often don't know how to get money from this type of situation. If you sit down and share with them the exact wording you would use, I promise that they would find that inherently valuable.

What templates do you think would help your ideal reader handle the topic you are discussing? If I had a template as an uplevel for this blog post I would probably share an editable template for a free printable. I would design something in photoshop and then share that as a template. 

Blog Uplevel #4: Add in a spreadsheet

Ahh, spreadsheets. Every person wants to be a million times more organized than they actually are. If your provide your readers with a spreadsheet, this is a good way for them to feel a million times more organized, and actually become that. For example, a few months back I posted about Facebook group marketing. As a blog uplevel to that post I shared my Facebook Group Marketing Sheet with my readers. This sheet allowed them to track their activity in Facebook group threads without wading through their blog post feeds. 

Multiple users in a Facebook thread ended up talking about how I offered the download. One user said:

"Some great ideas there Amanda, and so nice not to have to jump through hoops for a download! Pinned."

While another user said:

"Thank you Amanda. Your post is timely and immediately actionable. I really like your idea of tracking activity. There is so much going on some days it feels like drowning. You've offered a lifeline. Kudos!"

If you can add something to your blog that will help your readers and potential readers feel more comfortable and get more done in their blog/biz, why wouldn't you do it? 

There are SO many spreadsheet options that you can choose, mine have all come from situations happening in my life where I thought "It would be nice if I could have a sheet that would streamline this process." I made those sheets, and then I shared them with those who needed them as well. If you have a spreadsheet that you have made for your blog or life that you think your readers need, share it with them!

Blog Uplevel #5: Add a free printable

Lastly, you could add in a free printable. There are so many ways you could go about this. You could do this on Canva or you could do this on Photoshop. All you need to do is find something you want to make as a printable. People love quick free downloads. Here are some ideas for printables you could include:

  • A cute inspirational quote print
  • A daily/weekly/monthly chore sheet
  • A planning sheet

I recently did a planning sheet on my other blog The Happy Arkansan. This is how I shared the download with my readers. I essentially made a cute download on Canva and then I connected it to an even cuter image I made on Canva using Squarespace's clickthrough URL feature. On Squarespace you can have your click through URL as content on your blog like products and pages, a file download, or an external link.

An example of a blog uplevel I did on my other blog The Happy Arkansan

An example of a blog uplevel I did on my other blog The Happy Arkansan

Just offering your readers something quick throughout the post will be extremely beneficial for you and your blog. If you can put together something quickly that your readers can use to take the next step on your blog, you will be in good shape.

Remember, it's all about the next step

Do not let anyone enter your site without a clear next step. People bookmark your site and then forget about it. People get a freebie and then they forget about it. Make your next step clear, and your next step should be an email address. Get people on your email list. Pinterest followers are great, Instagram followers are cool, but email list subscribers are the most important.

What do people do as soon as they wake up, right before they go to sleep, and probably a million times throughout the day? Check their email. If you can get your scrollers to trust you enough to give you their email address, you can do so much with that.

Pro Tip: Don't go overboard with emailing your subscribers. Sometimes during a launch you need to share more than one email a week, but don't make it a habit.

Final Thoughts

A blog uplevel is great because it provides amazing value for your readers and potential readers, but don't give away all of your goodies for free. Leave some for the dedicated people who subscribe or purchase your blog's products. Create that balance between giving yourself to your readers and getting from your readers. The best creators are able to strike a beautiful balance between giving and receiving. You want your readers to respect you and know you will always go above and beyond, but you also want them to feel comfortable giving back to you.

What blog uplevel do you want to implement on your next blog post?