How To Use Guest Posts Strategically On Your Blog

There is a lot of talk in the blogging world all about guest posting on other people's blogs, but we often don't hear about how to use guest posts on our own blog. I have been accepting and seeking out guests posts for a while now, and I love them. They always add something special to my blog and I want to share why I share other stories and voices on my own blog as well as how to set up your guest blogging program for success.

How To Use Guest Posts Strategically On Your Blog

I Want to see the world from a new perspective

Okay, so I am going way back Panic! At The Disco style on y'all. One of my favorite songs from P!ATD is "New Perspective" Brendon Urie is (and always has been) bae. This song is definitely a bit vulgar, but the point about seeing the world from a new perspective is so important. One of the main reasons that I love writing and getting guest posts is so that I can share my new perspective, or my readers can be exposed to new perspectives on my blog. There are so many voices out there, and if they want to help my audience, I am all for it.

I'm Not knowledgeable on every single topic

Okay, I am going to share a shocking thing with y'all, I am not knowledgeable about every little thing. There is SO much that I do not know about college life. I have a very narrow amount of knowledge on the whole process. I can niche my blog to really cover the topics I am knowledgeable about, but sometimes I want to get out of that and be able to share different advice from more knowledgeable people. As much as I have great knowledge about the advising process from planning for my own advising meetings with advisors in college, wouldn't you much rather hear about advising from an advisor if it was an option? Usually when I share a guest post on this blog It's because I want to share a more knowledgeable persons take on a subject. 

For example, a few weeks ago I was approached by Anna of The BOSS B.I.T.C.H. Blog and she wanted to create a guest post all about car maintenance and breaking down the tasks you need to keep your car in top shape. This post was awesome, and I think helpful for my readers, but never in a million years would I be able to write a piece as in depth as Anna, and I probably wouldn't even know where to start with that piece.  Anna gave my readers a lot of value, that I just would never be able to give them.

Create Connections

When you use guest blogging strategically on your website you can begin to grow some fun new connections or strengthen existing connections. By asking your favorite blogging friends or acquaintances to guest post on your blog you are providing a wealth of connection and blog love. Blogging is a social activity and it's so much better when you have blogging buddies. Offering your blogging buddies the chance to talk in front of your audience is such a great way to expand your relationship with them.

Creating Content When You Don't Have Any

We all get blogging roadblocks in our lives and having a few guest posts stored up can be so helpful. It's not a good idea to be without content on your blog, but you can easily enlist the help of a blog friend or two to provide some great content for you. This is great if you will be on vacation, sick, or extremely busy. Taking the time to get a few guest posts in the wings will be so helpful for you when you are down on your blogging luck.

Setting Up Your Guest Blogging Program

Setting up your guest blogging program is so important. You want to think about what you want your goals to be and what you want to accomplish with each guest post. Here are some of the things that I think you should require:

Word Count 

It is so important that your guest posts match the content that you would put on your regular blog. It would be seriously strange if your guest posts didn't match the quality of blog content you normally put out. For my blog I want each post to be at least 300, I don't think you can get a good blog under that word count. I would really love blog content that is in the 800-1000 word count range though because that is usually where my blogs are.


Making sure your guest blog meets the target you normally set is very important. I target millennial women who value their education and career. It is specific, and I want my guest bloggers to understand that target as well. I wouldn't want someone to guest post on my blog and submit a blog geared towards millennial men. Guest posts are just as much about directing people to your site as it is about directing people to your blog friends site. This might be your readers first time visiting your site and you want to make a great first impression.

Grammar and Spelling

Grammar and spelling are really important to any blog. You want to make sure that your guest blogger believes in that too. You also don't want to be stuck editing the new post for hours, because what's the point in that. You got a guest blogger so you could save time blogging, not to hire yourself out as an editor for other people's horrible blog writing. Make sure that your guest blogger takes grammar and spelling seriously.

Final Thoughts

Guest blogging is such a fun way to add something new to your blog and work with connections (new and old). I love guest blogging. If you ever would like to guest blog for The Happy Arkansan click here. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on guest blogging in the comments below. Do you have a guest blogging program on your blog?