How To Use SEO Trends To Write Topical Blog Posts

At the end of August, I wrote a blog post called 40 Holiday Blog Post Ideas. I wrote it a long while before any of the major holidays, I mean, it is just now Halloween and I did that for a reason, that I even mentioned on the post itself, Google, but also for all the over-preparers who start thinking about the holiday season way in advance.

Today's blog is going to be about how you can somewhat predict SEO trends to create blog posts that are topical and interesting to your readers and potential readers.

How To Use SEO Trends To Write Topical Blog Posts | Writing articles that are relevant to your potential audience doesn't have to be difficult. Click through for my best advice on how to use trends in SEO to write topical blog posts.

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SEO is such a blessing, but it can also be a curse if you haven't planned lots of equally topical blog posts. Over the summer on my other blog The Happy Arkansan, I wrote a really topical blog post on what to pack for college, and that went well and brought a ton of traffic to the blog, but no one is searching what to pack for college right now. I will probably see another uptick next summer, but for the time being, that post is basically in hibernation.

So, for some, writing a topical blog post might not be what they want to do. It does bring great, targeted traffic to your blog, but that may not be enough to turn visitors into loyal fans. That does take time, and you may not get that from a topical post that does well on Google.

sEO Check-in for 40 holiday Blog post ideas

Before I get into my main tips and tricks, I wanted to give a bit of an update as to where I am SEO wise with this holiday blog post ideas article.

Amanda Cross Blog 90 Day Stats

These are the stats for this blog on Google Search Console for the last 90 days. As you can see, for the last few weeks, my stats have seen a dramatic increase. In fact, most of the clicks to my blog have happened in the last 28 days.

Queries For The Last 28 Days

As you can see, of the almost 1,000 clicks to my site I have received in the last 90 days, almost 600 of them have come in the last 28 days.

Top 10 Queries

For further proof that this is definitely holiday blog post ideas related, we can also see that 7 of the 10 things that that have given me the most clicks in the past 90 days are holiday blog post ideas related.

Now that you have seen what i am talking about when it comes to SEO, let's delve into how you can do the same.

how to use sEO trends To write topical posts

first, submit your site to google

During the summer i wrote an entire series on SEO and one of the things I taught you was how to submit your site to search engines (i mainly chatted about Google, but I also mention Yahoo/Bing). Before you create any post that you think may be extremely topical, submit your site If Google doesn't know your site exists, it can't recommend it to it's users. Submitting your site takes no time at all, and many people have shared that my instructions made it clearer for them.

Once your site is all submitted you have a much better chance of having your topical content found by Google and other search engines. Personally, I haven't had much luck with search engines like Bing or Yahoo, so I just ignore them personally and focus on Google. I do have my other blog submitted to Bing/Yahoo, but I am not even sure if I can same the same for this blog.

look at The trends

Google has a pretty great website set up to help you understand the trends in their search results, it's literally called Google Trends. Now, this website can't show trends for every single keyword available, many keywords don't have enough searches for them to make adequate trends reports about them.

I couldn't look up the trend report for holiday blog post ideas, but I looked up the report for holiday blog, and I set my parameters to the United States and results from the past five years.

Holiday Blog Google Trends

As to be expected, there is a general uptick in searches around this topic every October-December for the past five years. Then, it drops nearly dead after that. We also see that the trend has definitely gotten less intense over time, there is still an uptick, but people are looking for this a lot less than they did in 2012.

This is a great start, but as a blogger you would never want to base your SEO around a single topic, especially one like holiday blog. What will you do to make sure that your blog stays topical throughout the year? Simple, keep finding topical ideas that peak during the down months of your other popular topics.

Once you understand when a blog post you have written will be relevant you can update and push those articles out on social media as appropriate. You can also anticipate months that will be slower which will help you find content to fill in those months so you have great SEO content for every month.

Start earlier Than you would think

Once your submit your site, Google gets updates with the new content that you put on your site, but it takes Google a hot second to decide what to do with that content after you share it. That does not happen overnight. I would suggest creating a piece of content at least a month before it is really relevant if possible for events that aren't current events, but you know will be relevant such as what to pack for college or holiday blog post ideas.

During that month you should be sharing that blog on social media and getting interaction and backlinks for that post if possible. Google will take all that great stuff into consideration along with a whole slew of other things when it is prioritizing that information for search rankings.

Then, you should be able to see a significant increase in your rankings for that post around the time that it's actually relevant for your readers and potential readers on Google.


These are my best tips for creating a topical blog post that actually catches steam with Google and other search engines. When you take the time to submit your site, understand the trends around certain keywords, and finally execute a plan that gives your content time to soar, you can create a topical blog post that is actually picked up by Google.

What is your best advice for creating relevant articles?