How To Write A Post For SEO While Being Human

Welcome to the last installment for SEO Month on Amanda Cross Blog. I am so excited to bring you this installment because I think that it is an important skill to be able to write in a way that humans and search engines understand. 

Let's take a quick look at our SEO Roadmap. As you can see, all of our spots are filled in now. After you have finished reading this post go back to the other parts in this series so that you can see what else we talked about (and we talked about A LOT, because I definitely get carried away with the content I provide each week.)

  1. Search Engine Optimization Basics: Using Keywords
  2. How to Submit Your Site To Search Engines (And Why It's Important)
  3. How To Properly Use Backlinks & Social Media For SEO Growth
  4. Writing A Post For SEO While Being Human (You are here!)
How To Write A Post For SEO While Being Human | Creating  content for your blog readers while being SEO friendly can be difficult. Click through for my  best tips on creating content that resonates with people and search engines so that you can grow your SEO presence and your audience  as well.

Humans First, Let The Search Engine Catch Up Later

You need to write for your human friends first. We have talked about this at length, so if you saw my post about keywords you would know how smart search engines are. Once it sees real people commenting, visiting, and loving on your content it will know to place importance on your content.

You obviously care about search engines, but you can't give all your energy to worrying about ranking in the search engine. A big part of your energy needs to be spent on making sure that your content is readable and valuable for your readers. Search engines don't take too kindly to things like keyword stuffing, small uninformative content, etc. So your best bet is to write the best content that will impress the most people and let their love of your content drive your SEO growth.

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Be Valuable

Last week I asked you a very simple question: What value do you bring to the table? Hopefully you were able to answer that question with ease because you bring a lot of value to the table. People and search engines need to see the value in your site and a lot of that comes from the length of your content and how people engage with that content. 

I am a huge fan of giving y'all everything I have. Recently when chatting with someone for a freelancing gig I told them exactly that. My style is generous. That's why my tag line is Generous Content Creation and why I started the hashtag #GenerousCreative on Instagram a few weeks ago.

In my eyes, you have spent your time on my blog after finding it however you did, I want to leave everything on the table for you. I want to give as much of my knowledge to you as I can adequately put into words. This is not the strategy that everyone chooses to take, but it's my strategy, and I hope that is one of the reasons you love my blog so much.

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Do your Keyword Research

During the very first post for SEO month we chatted all about keyword research and how to do this research for your blog. Keyword research is very important because it combines two elements--figuring out the kind of content that would work well for search engines as well as people. With those great keywords you will be seen more in search engines and help the people who are looking for the content around those keywords.

I am not going to give you another lecture on keyword research because we spent an entire blog post on this topic just a few weeks back, but I just wanted to let you know that keywords are very important to writing a great blog post that gets you noticed by search engines and people. 

Create Content Series/Categories (& Interlink Them All)

Next we are going to chat about creating series and categories. Google wants people who have authority on a topic. You showcase your authority by creating a large amount of content about a topic on your site. The best way to do this is to create a series around that topic or a blog category around that topic.

How To Create A Content Series

Creating a content series is simple and easy--it just takes a bit of planning on your part. Creating that series about SEO, Pinterest, or whatever topic that you talk about will help you create authority so you want to make sure that your content is well planned out. 

Creating a series is awesome, though, because it helps you get and stay in a certain mindset. Knowing that for the entire month of June I would be chatting about SEO helped me stay in the SEO mindset. Basically all the content I was consuming while writing these posts was SEO related and I was surrounding myself in SEO content. 

It also helped me write all of my content faster and I was done writing content by June 10th. I was scheduled three weeks out which felt amazing. Series are great because they thrive when you plan in advance which makes you more likely to get stuff done. When you create a series you have a roadmap to follow, which takes the guess work out of your day to day blogging life, if planned correctly.

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Why You Should Interlink Your Content

Whether or not you decide to create your series you still need to be interlinking your content. Interlinking is so helpful for any blog because:

It keeps people on your site longer

Once people realize that you have other great content about the same topic--they want to click over to that other content. Creating those links for people gives them a reason to fall in love with your blog because they know that your content is great. You want to show people a lot of content on their first visit because it can potentially spiral into return visits. So, if someone has a great time with their first visit, there will likely be a second and third visit.

It Creates Internal Links

Google looks at a lot of things when it determines your blog's worth for SEO ranking and part of that is internal linking. Internal links really help to showcase how your blog is structured and creating those internal links will help Google understand a lot about your site and the kind of content that you create.

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A Tip On Interlinking

Create a spreadsheet or document with all the titles and blog URLs for the content on your site. Take a few minutes while you are creating content to interlink content. Creating this spreadsheet is so helpful because it helps you get familiar with the content that you have produced. Sometimes we produce amazing content on autopilot and we forget that we have even created the amazing content that we have. I currently use a document because it's easy to add my latest article to the top of the content pile.

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speed Up your Site & Make It Pretty

Google looks at a lot of elements to your site and two of those things are site speed and time on your site. So, therefore, you want to speed up your site and make sure that it's not a giant eye sore. Not trying to be rude here, but people like pretty and fast sites. We are in a world of GO GO GO so you need to make sure that your website does the same. 

Google is amazing and they even have an easy tool that you can use to test your page speed for your blog. The test is performed on desktop and mobile which is so helpful because so many people use mobile now to look at blog content. Once you enter your URL it only takes a few seconds for the test to run and give you your blog's results and some ideas on how to optimize your blog's page speed.

Now for design, keep it simple y'all. Make sure that your font is easy to read, make sure your background is easy to see on (I suggest a white background and black main text personally.) If you are like me and you have a pretty colorful brand, you can add that to your brand in other ways (like with buttons, graphics, headers and subheaders, etc.) You want the bulk of your site to be easily readable so that you can attract your ideal audience.

Be Yourself

Last, but certainly not least, be yourself. People are attracted to your personality. People want to get to know the real you. If you are stuck in this mindset that you have to be like everyone else, you won't get anywhere in the blogging game, and you won't appeal to humans. If you spend your whole life trying to be like other people--what good will that do for you? What good would that do for your readers who depend on you to be you. If I fall in love with you as a creative, I don't want the watered down version of someone else.

Being yourself is easier said than done though, especially as a creative. We cling to these online communities because more than likely we don't have people like this in our lives. Get back in tune with yourself, even if you have to do that at the end of every single day. Do things that you love and talk like you like to talk. It's like zeroing yourself out every single day.

Before you perform any activity with a scale it's important to make sure that it is zeroed out. The scale has had all of these outside influences impacting it and you don't know exactly what has happened to it. As a precaution you take the time to get that scale back to zero and get it centered in performing it's task again. After your zero out a scale you can use it like normal.

Take that time to zero yourself out. You have been impacted by interacting with people in your niche and people in the Facebook groups you love. This is great, but it can cause you to be off-centered in what makes you unique. So discover that again every day and you will be golden.

This is important to SEO because people come back to your site, share your content, and engage with your content when they know that it is coming from a genuine and authentic place. The best way to win your readers trust is to be unapologetically you. Whether you are generous, blunt, hyperactive, etc. people want you!

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of the road for Search Engine Optimization month on Amanda Cross Blog. We have chatted about tons of amazing topics and read thousands of words about SEO this month. I hope that these tips have been helpful for you as you discover and grow your SEO presence online.

Please let me know what your favorite takeaway from SEO month was! I will see you again next Monday as we start a new series on the blog and this series is picture perfect.