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I am so excited that you are interested in learning more about my new interview series. I am still figuring out all the details of these posts. Before I officially send your questions to your inbox I thought I would do a rundown on exactly what will happen if you say yes.

I am still building my blog up so my pageviews aren’t as amazing as I would like them to be. I can’t promise a drove of people will see your interview and go straight to your blog, but I can promise the following:

You will:

  • Be able to send me the code or link to a landing page for your email list. I will add this to the interview multiple times so as more people visit the post you will hopefully get more email subscribers. I will not actively share my own email list throughout the post, although I have an email list opt-in at the bottom of every post and an exit intent pop up that will advertise my list.
  • Get backlinks. Your site will obviously get some backlinks with this post which is great for SEO.
  • Get a spotlight in my newsletter & social media accounts: I will be sharing your picture and story in my newsletter and across my social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Be interlinked with other interviews: As I get a few interviews under my belt I will start interlinking past and future interviews with your interview so that your page gets more exposure even as your post isn’t the current interview.
  • Get the ability to pick a couple of topics of conversation: If you want to be interviewed about some specific topics let me know and I can include that information in the interview questions

I will:

  • Get two posts a week: I have wanted to go up to two posts a week for a while but I don’t have the time to focus on writing two lengthy posts each week. Doing weekly interviews will really help me boost my posting schedule without adding too much work to my plate each week.
  • Get to ask you questions: I will take into consideration what you want some of the topics to be and I will ask questions related to that topic and other topics I find fascinating about your website.

If this sounds good to you let me know to start working on your questions by sending me a list of the topic(s) you want me to focus on when I send your questions as well as a little bit about yourself. I will look at those and craft the best questions for our interview if I believe your blog is a good fit for the interview series. Get in contact with me by using the form below:

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Show Your Expertise And Get Interviewed On Amanda Cross Blog | If you are a blogger and/or business owner with focus I want to interview you on Amanda Cross Blog. Click through to find out more details about this process so we can grow our blogs together and you can show your expertise